General Hospital Spoilers July 26 – July 30; Jason Confronts Liz, Spencer Tries Manipulating Ava

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 26 to 30.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of Monday, July 26 to Friday, July 30.

Monday, July 26

Jason confronts Elizabeth.
Finn confirms Anna’s suspicions.
Nikolas visits Alexis at the correctional facility.
Shawn questions Jax about Hayden’s disappearance.
Monica reveals to Britt and Terry who will be GH Chief of Staff.

Tuesday, July 27

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Liz confides in Scott.
Shawn and Curtis reconnect at the MC pool.
Trina wants to be happy for her mother.
Stella encourages Jordan to fight for her marriage.
Spencer ruins Josslyn’s attempt to tell Carly her news.

Wednesday, July 28

Liz is troubled by a shocking turn of events.
Carly expresses her grief about Sonny to Laura.
Brando tells Sasha what he wants for his future.
Gladys is forced to make changes to her life in Port Charles.
Curtis thinks Portia should be honest with Trina about their past.

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Thursday, July 29

Dante confronts Anna.
Olivia gives Brook Lynn some motherly advice.
Nikolas is wary when Sam informs him she’s trying to find Hayden’s shooter.
Liz gets an unexpected surprise from Cameron and Josslyn.
Trina urges Spencer to throw a party at Wyndemere.

Friday, July 30

Michael and Willow struggle with keeping their relationship under wraps.
Brook Lynn is wary of Austin.
Chase pushes himself.
Spencer tries to manipulate Ava.
Shawn is committed to finding out who shot Hayden.

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