General Hospital Spoilers May 9-13: Harmony’s News has her Reeling, While Valentin Schemes

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, May 9 to Friday, May 13, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Valentin is scheming with an old ally, Drew is shocked by what he saw Carly doing, and Spencer turns to Britt for some help.

Meanwhile, Trina vents to Ava about her situation. She needs proof that Esme set her up and Ava proposes a scheme to get under Esme’s skin, in order to trip her up.

Trina’s supposed to flirt with Spencer. Trina hints that she was with Spencer at the cemetery, something that could help her case, but hurt someone she cares about. She can’t hurt someone she cares for and isn’t sure she can go through with it.

Monday, May 9

Hannah Choi appears as Nurse Julie, who gets an eyeful of the extracurricular activities of one of the hospital’s chiefs of staff.

GH recap: Spencer digs for dirt on Esme.
Amy is shocked to hear her brother is dating Terry.

Valentin pleads for Carly’s compassion.
Trina and Joss look for a distraction.

Carly is on a fact-finding mission.
Terry and Chet’s date goes well until she learns something that throws her for a loop.

Nina and Ava discuss the potential outcomes of the visitation hearing.
Curtis and TJ clash over what to do next about Marshall.

Joss isn’t the only one who notices the attraction between Rory and Trina.

Tuesday, May 10

GH recap: Willow wants to know who her biological mother is.
Carly swipes Nina’s wine glass.
Spencer confronts Esme about her father.
Trina asks Ava for help.

Nina and Carly face off at Charlie’s.
Alexis visits Willow to talk about Harmony.

Ned confronts Drew and Michael about their plans for ELQ.
Spencer searches Esme’s room for evidence.
Joss and Trina are furious at Cameron for his behavior.

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Wednesday, May 11

GH recap: Liz gets a message from the spirit world.Nina has a fight with Michael and Willow in the grave yard.
Carly tells Drew about Willow being Nina’s daughter.

Drew confronts Carly about what he saw.
Willow tells Michael she’s made a decision.

Spencer and Esme feel each other out.
Things get heated when Nikolas comes upon Laura with Sonny.
Liz brings in a medium to help figure out what’s happening.

Thursday, May 12

GH recap: Ryan orders Esme to seduce Nikolas.
Felicia bonds with Nina.
Carly heads to the hospital for a DNA test.

Spencer seeks Britt’s help.
Felicia gets an unexpected visitor while babysitting.

Michael and Willow are surprised by what they find in their home.
Esme gives Ryan a status update, and he doesn’t like what he hears.
Finn brings his concern about Elizabeth to Laura.

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Friday, May 13

Friday’s GH recap: Willow learns the truth about Harmony

Olivia, Ned and Brook Lynn prepare Leo for his performance, as Drew, Sonny and other parents gather for the school festival.
Dante and Sam come to Willow and Michael with news.

Valentin and Martin strategize.
Jordan checks on TJ, while Curtis does the same for Nina.
Carly and Joss catch up over a mani-pedi.

TJ’s ready to go to Brooklyn to find his grandfather.

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