General Hospital Spoilers July 4 – 8: Valentin Gives Victor Bad News, Liz and Finn Reunite, and Chase is Oblivious

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of General Hospital Spoilers from Monday, July 4 to Friday, July 8, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Alexis challenges Gregory, Olivia tries helping a friend, and Britt is the third wheel again.

Find out who won in the 49th Annual Daytime Emmys for all four soaps!

Check out the weekly spoiler video to find out how Joss might mess up Cam and Spencer’s plan, what goes wrong when Sasha appears on TV, and why Olivia thinks everything is falling apart.

Monday, July 4

ABC will air a repeat of the General Hospital Thanksgiving episode that aired November 24, 2021.

A recap of that episode: Chase and Brook Lynn were still pretending to be Bailey’s parents. Chase let Finn know that he’s an uncle and was happy that his brother supported him.

Marshall cornered TJ, wanting a chance to explain why he ran off last they spoke.

Dante and Sam watched the Thanksgiving Day parade from their balcony with the kids and got frisky until Drew showed up at her door.

Brook Lynn announced to Ned that Valentin wasn’t Bailey’s father. Meanwhile, Curtis opened up to Portia about Marshall claiming to be his father.

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ned asks drew to call it off GH

Tuesday, July 5

Tuesday’s GH recap: Drew offers to sell Crimson to Nina

Drew has a business proposition for Nina.

Carly is evasive when she crosses with Sonny.

As Spencer and Cam put their plan in motion at the pool, it goes awry.

Everyone is shoved into the pool except Trina, during a faked fight.

Things don’t go as planned when Maxie, Lucy and Sasha arrive for her appearance on the Home & Heart Channel.

Brando almost catches Sasha doing drugs.

Britt is disgusted by Cody.

Cody gets a new job handling horses.

The host of Home & Heart is Haven de Havilland (played by Morgan Fairchild).

Cody enjoys a meal with Dante and Rocco until he spots Spinelli.


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Wednesday, July 6

In Wednesday GH recap: Sasha has a melt down on live TV.
Selina threatens Lucy.
Carly refuses Sonny’s help.

Brando makes a tough decision regarding Sasha.
Sonny presses Nina on what’s wrong.
Cody interrupts Michael and Willow at the Quartermaine stables.

While talking with Kevin, Britt receives an unexpected item.
Drew explains to Carly.

sasha taken hospital general hospital

Thursday, July 7

Thursday’s GH recap: Victor and Valentin exchange threats

Chase refutes Finn’s assertion that BLQ is into him.

Chase doesn’t have a clue.

Ned thinks he knows what’s upsetting Brook Lynn.

Ned shows BLQ that her video with Chase singing went viral.

Alexis asks Gregory why he hasn’t accepted her challenge to write for her.

Laura expresses concern about Anna’s relationship with Valentin, while he meets with Victor in the park.

Kevin brings an unexpected visitor to Liz.

Liz sees her son but after, blows off some steam.

valentin shares news with dad general hospital

Friday, July 8

In Friday’s GH recap: Valentin attempted to drug Laura.

Anna got dirt on Valentin.

Liz reunited with Finn.

Ned and Olivia have different assessments of Cody.

As Britt and Terry connect over work and dating, they’re interrupted by an unexpected arrival.

Having overheard Anna place a phone call, Victor confronts her.

Laura is worried by Valentin’s request.

Brook Lynn and Chase agree they need to talk.

Alexis and Gregory verbally spar.

britt liz argue GH

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