General Hospital Fall Previews: Holly Returns, Laura Gets Heroic, Joss Meets a New Man, and is Cody a Scorpio?

What’s ahead for this Fall on General Hospital?

Co-Head Writers, Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor dish on what’s going down with all of the residents of Port Charles on General Hospital this fall with Soap Opera Digest.


Anna and Valentin’s delicate plan

Although they have been dancing around it for months, Anna and Valentin remain committed to one another and the bond is only set to grow now that they are working together to save Charlotte from Victor.

Things could get trickier than they’d wish for their scheme since it relies on using Lucy, who could easily cause their delicate planning to backfire at any moment.

anna valentin date GH


Holly shakes things up

Holly’s return to Port Charles is destined to shake things up, especially for Robert.

Whatever mystery she’s in the middle of will soon be the center of his life.

emma samms returning general hospital abc

More tension for Nina and Sonny

Sonny and Nina finally seem to be verging on a little stability in their relationship, but that’s likely to be illusory.

He is still dealing with trying to position Dex in his business and Nina is getting increasingly paranoid about someone close to the Corinthos.

This is sure to cause more friction for the couple as she has to decide about telling him of her worries or keeping them to herself.

nina talks carly in their lives general hospital


Carly confronts her past…will Drew be in her future?

Now that her business is gone as well as her marriage, Carly jets off for a corporate retreat.

When there is an emergency stopover, she has time to reflect on her life and what role Drew could play in her future.

carly confront past GH

Liz tries to reclaim the past

Liz can’t avoid facing the time that she keeps losing blocks of time.

She takes the initiative to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

As she digs for the truth about some family secrets, Finn hardly knows how to handle what looks like very self-destructive behavior.

liz accept finn apology GH

Ava and Nikolas on tenterhooks

Although the tension between them continues to mount, Nikolas and Ava are more bonded than ever given that Esme’s body still hasn’t shown up dead or alive, and someone clearly wants the Jerome out of the picture.

Will the prince be able to stop her from being attacked again?

nik forces ava to move home GH


Could prison increase the passion for Spencer and Trina?

As Spencer heads off to Pentonville, Trina is left behind with a lot of mixed emotions.

No matter how much she may enjoy spending time with Rory, her feelings for him don’t run as deep as they do for the Cassadine.

Spencer’s absence might wind up making her passion for him intensify.

spence there for trina GH

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Laura pulls out all the stops

Laura returns after sorting out the mess that was made of her mother’s life in Italy.

Look forward to the mayor being pulled into a new plot that will force her to get heroic.

laura concerned GH

Sam and Dante diverted

Sam and Dante keep trying to carve out a future for themselves.

Unfortunately, their pasts seem to be getting in the way, not least of all Cody.

dante sam eager GH

Could Cody be a Scorpio?

Cody settling into Port Charles is leading him to places he wasn’t expecting.

Not only is he drawn to Britt, it looks like he may have family ties he was unaware of.

Felicia encourages Mac to find out whether or not he may indeed be Cody’s father, but the cop is afraid of what the truth might be.

cody talks pizza gh


Michael’s misstep

As Willow continues to avoid leukemia treatment for the sake of her baby, Michael keeps gambling on taking down Sonny’s organization with the help of Dex.

This scheme is proving a lot more complicated than he may have imagined and could soon have repercussions for his family that he didn’t see coming.

willow bad new michael GH

A new man for Joss?

The distance continues to grow between Cam and Joss.

Although the fallout from Esme’s antics already caused them plenty of stress, that didn’t seem to help them bond more closely.

Instead, their relationship has been weakened and a new guy in town could be the one to ruin it entirely.

joss hugs cam tries to cry general hospital abc

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