General Hospital Spoilers March 8-12, Anna Calls Frisco

Soaps Spoilers is helping you catch up with what happened on General Hospital last week before you get those delicious GH spoilers for March 8 onward. It was one of the craziest weeks on the show in a while.  Franco told Jason about the voices he’d been hearing, Anna and Valentin agreed to go ahead with their plan, Obrecht tried in vain to get through to Maxie. And the double wedding began. Anna and Finn were at the altar with Maxie and Peter and Obrecht crashed the festivities. Maxie heard the truth about Peter and as Mac hit Peter in the face, Maxie grabbed her abdomen. The baby! On to next week’s teasers.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of Monday, March 8 -12!

Monday, March 8

Maxie questions Britt’s advice.
Jason says he can’t ignore the facts.
Gregory confronts Jackie.
Anna faces Mac.
Finn bonds with Violet.

Tuesday, March 9

Liz is desperate to help.
Jason makes a discovery.
Alexis asks Val to tell her the truth.
Jordan confronts Robert.
Maxie does what’s best for herself.

Wednesday, March 10

Jordan meets with Liz.
Joss checks in on Cam.
Laura reminds Carly to keep her guard up.
Scott is infuriated.
Maxie makes a decision.

Thursday, March 11

Sam is in disbelief.
Anna and Jackie find they have a lot in common.
Chase sees something he isn’t meant to.
Terry reaches out to Elizabeth.
Joss and Trina help Cameron uncover the truth.

Friday, March 12

Willow is apologetic.
Jason confides in Michael.
Nina and Valentin connect over their regrets.
Anna places a call to Frisco.
Peter comes to terms with his fate.