General Hospital Spoilers November 7 – 11: Britt Confides in Austin, Joss is Almost Caught With Dex

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, November 7 to Friday, November 11, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! Ahead includes lots of action.

Michael confronts a suspicious Nina, Cody makes a major choice, Victor has new orders, Jordan searches for a fugitive, and Trina gets some surprising information.

And catch what comes first in the General Hospital Spoilers for October 31-November 4.

In the weekly spoiler video, Michael turns to TJ and Willow to demand some answer right after she learns her cancer has reached stage four.

Monday, November 7

Monday’s GH recap: Esme tries to escape

Esme gets creative.

Nina shares her suspicions with Sonny.

Michael chases Nina and Sonny off without a word.

Victor thinks he’s hit paydirt.

Terry encourages Liz.

Willow confides in TJ.

Finn asks Terry about her trip with Liz.

Terry tells Liz she’s in stage 4 with her cancer.

tj wants willow tell truth GH

Tuesday, November 8

Tuesday’s GH recap: Finn learns Liz killed Reiko

Scott gets a blast from the past.

Sam updates Britt.

Michael confronts Nina.

Finn is floored.

Liz admits she killed Reiko.

Sam learns about the diamonds and fills Terry in.

Cody is excited to learn about the diamonds.

Nikolas gets an unpleasant surprise.

Laura asks why Nikolas and Ava are divorcing.

Esme escapes.

Willow cries on TJ’s shoulder as Michael watches.

There’s a massive accident and a shooting.

valentin fake doctor kiss anna GH

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Wednesday, November 9

Cody makes a big decision.

Mac and Dante are called to duty.

Michael gets shocking news.

Mac opens up to Felicia.

The Hook strikes again.

Big news! Steve Burton returns to Days of our Lives

cody talks about mac or leo father general hospital

Thursday, November 10

Thursday’s GH recap: Esme denies attacking Nik

Liz is in danger.

Liz has a fall and gets a concussion. 

Willow shares her concerns.

Nina attempts to make amends.

Willow tells Nina to drop dead.

Jordan gets a lead on a fugitive.

Dex gets stitched by Joss.

Dante brings Heather back to PCPD.

Victor issues new orders.

Ava chokes when she learns Liz saw Esme.

nina bummed that willow said drop dead general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Friday, November 11

Friday’s GH recap: Cyrus warns Laura

Britt confides in Austin that her disease is back.

Spencer receives a new visitor. Trina.

Sonny is summoned to the PCPD by the US Marshall Whitten.

Anna voices her gratitude.

Anna and Valentin share tender moments.

Trina gets eye-opening information.

Joss hides Dex in her room.

vanna ring general hospital soapsspoilers

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