General Hospital Spoilers November 28 – December 2: Victor Meets Cyrus and Spencer Rebuffs Nikolas

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, November 28 to Friday, December 2, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

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Ahead includes Dante questioning Heather, Liesl making Cody an offer, Valentin turning to Sonny for help, and the Quartermaine Thanksgiving.

And catch what comes first in the General Hospital Spoilers for November 21-25.

In the weekly spoiler video, the authorities corner Holly while the Quartermaine Thanksgiving takes a shocking turn.

Monday, November 28

Monday’s GH recap: Laura is left by the side of the road

Scott gets an unexpected call.

Heather wants Scotty’s help.

Kevin and Mac seek Ava’s assistance.

Ava goes to see Ryan with the cops and asks for Ryan’s help.

Dante questions Heather.

Victor jumps to the wrong conclusion. He thinks Liz is having sex with Nikolas.

Holly makes a desperate move.

Victor moves in with Nikolas.

Holly pulls a gun on Laura.

Laura is left on the side of the road.

heather paints general hospital recaps soapsspoilers november 28, 2022

Tuesday, November 29

Tuesday’s GH recap: The turkey gets loose at Thanksgiving

The Quartermaines celebrate Thanksgiving.

Sam confesses her concern to Dante.

Sonny reassures Nina.

Jordan confronts Alexis.

Holly is in the hot seat!

Holly goes up in flames when the cops have her surrounded.

Pizza delivery arrives at the Qs.

turkey roaming around quartermaine thanksgiving general hospital recaps soapsspoilers november 29 2022

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Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday’s GH recap: Selina drugs Victor

Holly is safe after duping the authorities with Robert and Felicia’s help.

Brook Lynn faces the consequences of her actions.

Chase is upset with BLQ.

Liesl makes an offer to Cody.

Cody tells Liesl he wanted Britt but ruined that.

Trina confides in Marshall.

Victor is livid.

Holly asks Ms Wu to drug Victor.

Victor is drugged.

Curtis and Portia discuss family matters.

holly safe general hospital recaps soapsspoilers november 30, 20022

Thursday, December 1

Thursday’s GH recap: Willow collapses

Joss opens up to Carly.

Joss wants to go into pre-med.

Carly thinks Joss’s basing a decision on a man.

Dex reveals to Michael that he made out with his sister.

Michael issues a warning to Dex.

Chase and Sasha catch up.

Chase and Sasha decorate.

Valentin seeks Sonny’s assistance.

Nina and Willow clash.

michael helps willow take her shoes off general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

Friday, December 2

Friday’s GH recap: Dante confronts Sonny

Sam and Sasha bond.

Sasha realizes Liam would have been a year old if he had lived.

Spencer rebuffs Nikolas.

Spence doesn’t want to visit Nikolas.

Nikolas learns about Spencer’s pact with Victor.

Drew gets a lead.

Michael has love advice for Drew.

Dante is conflicted.

Joss rejects Dex’s proposition.

Victor meets Cyrus.

Willow needs medical assistance.

angry spencer in jail GH recaps soapsspoilers

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