General Hospital Spoilers May 22 – 26: Carly Tells Sonny About Drew’s Plan and Willow Goes Into Surgery

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, May 22 to Friday, May 26, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Tracy dining with Chase, Diane warning Carly, and Curtis surprising Portia.

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In the weekly spoiler video, Dex tells Joss he’s so sorry. She asks why he’s making it sound as though he’s leaving and he tells her, “I am.” Meanwhile, Nina tells Carly, “And to think I felt guilty.”

Carly asks what she felt guilty about. And last, but not least, Michael says to Sonny that he wants things to change. Sonny in turn says we don’t want to be kept from our family.

Monday, May 22

Monday’s GH recap: Tracy tells Chase off

Nina vents her frustration.

Gladys meets with Selina.

Tracy dines with Chase.

Tracy tells Chase to either ride into the sunset with BLQ or cut her loose.

Joss confronts Michael.

Gregory matches wits.

Sonny proposes.

Gregory tells Tracy off.

Carly and Drew are in cahoots.

nina worries about willow and carly

Tuesday, May 23

Tuesday’s GH recap: Chase serenedes Brook Lynn

Sonny is insistent that Nina marry him.

Nina refuses to marry him and then he whips out a ring. She says yes.

Ned wants to prove his innocence.

Ned is grateful.

Spencer picks a fight.

Joss updates Trina.

Chase makes a romantic gesture.

Carly encounters Olivia.

Carly blames Ned for turning her in and Olivia tells her that she’s the one who did the crime.

Hot men have a steam bath – Dex and Spencer.

Trina has advice for Joss about Dex.

sonny's big rock he proposes with

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Wednesday, May 24

Wednesday’s GH recap – Molly fights with TJ over her lies

Ava offers congratulations.

Avery wants to be a flower girl.

Portia and Jordan clear the air.

TJ presses Molly.

Molly admits she’s been having pain during sex and said nothing.

Kristina and Sam are at war.

Curtis and Drew catch up.

Diane warns Carly. She’s probably going to jail.

tj yells at molly for lying to him about painful sex.

Thursday, May 25

Thursday’s GH recap: Curtis tells Portia he is moving home

Kristina and Sam have a frank talk.

Molly and Sam and Alexis and Kristina talk about Molly’s endometriosis. 

Nina is determined.

TJ confides in Stella.

Stella has comfort for TJ.

Curtis surprises Portia.

Sonny shares important news.

Ava questions how realistic it is to expect Drew to give up Carly.

Carly and Sonny discuss his engagement.

Carly tells Sonny Drew has a plan that’s a longshot. 

curtis tells portia it's over

Friday, May 26

Friday’s GH recap: Willow goes into surgery

Stella comforts TJ.

Diane and Nina clash.

Anna seeks out Robert.

Drew is suspicious.

Ned pleads with Olivia.

Willow’s loved ones rally around her.

anna worries about holly missing

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