General Hospital Spoilers March 27 – 31: Milo Returns, Epiphany Dies, Ava Faces an Enemy, and Dex Makes a Gruesome Discovery

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, March 27 to Friday, March 31, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

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Coming up on GH includes Lucy in a rage, Liz in shock, Scott opening up to Laura, and Nina an Carly putting their differences aside.

In the weekly spoiler video, Victor is excited to get his hands on the code, but Anna and Valentin are worried that everything is about to go sideways.

And catch what comes first in the General Hospital Spoilers for March 20 – 24.

Monday, March 27

Monday’s GH recap: Maxie wants Dex to dance at the ball

Trina attempts to run interference.

Anna worries that the plan has failed.

Laura and Liz have a heart-to-heart.

Liz and Joss chat about what happened between Joss and Cam.

Cam talks with Esme about life and invites her to his party.

Dex checks in with Joss.

Spencer is incredulous.

Marshall voices his appreciation.

Marshall asks Spencer to be good to Trina.

joss and liz close moment

Tuesday, March 28

Tuesday’s GH recap – Eileen is murdered

Lucy is outraged.

Maxie’s tired of Lucy.

Cam wants Esme to stay at the party though everyone hates her.

Cam advises Spencer.

Liz gets a shock. Something is wrong with Epiphany.

Scott opens up to Laura.

Diane assists Robert in finding Eileen, but she’s long gone.

Victor gets Eileen to confess and then kills her.

scott says goodbye to cam

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Wednesday, March 29

Wednesday’s GH recap – Everyone cries as they say goodbye to Epiphany

Port Charles bids an emotional goodbye to Epiphany.

There are flashbacks.

Milo returns.

There are fireworks on display.

Monica calls Liz. 

Liz learns that Epiphany asked for her to become head nurse after she left to do her residency.

fire works epiphany memorial

Thursday, March 30

Spencer meets with Victor.

Selina offers up information.

Dex makes a gruesome discovery.

Drew updates Anna and Valentin.

Ava comes face-to-face with an enemy.

victor spencer talk esme GH

Friday, March 31

Friday’s GH recap: Victor learns where Lucy is

Lucy is frantic.

Lucy goes to Maxie to help with the ball.

Spencer has misgivings.

Ava meets with Austin.

Nina and Carly set their differences aside.

Ava sees Nicholas’ baby.

ava and esme talk about nicholas

Maxie and Felicia handle a setback.

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