General Hospital Spoilers June 12 – 16: Ned Awakens From His Coma and Sasha Visits Willow

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, June 12 to Friday, June 16, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Olivia weighing an important decision, Drew making an offer, and Ava acting as the voice of reason.

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In the weekly spoiler video, the Ashford-Robinson family seems to be pulling back together but the same can’t be said about the Quartermaines. As the family worries about Ned’s recovery, Nina panics about what he might remember.

Monday, June 12

Monday’s GH recap: Tracy takes her lies back

Sonny and Nina are interrupted.

Ned’s in a coma.

Finn questions Tracy’s story.

Tracy finally admits she lied about Drew.

Austin cautions Ava.

TJ assesses a patient. 

Chase is caught off-guard when Tracy orders him to arrest Drew.

ned and olivia hospital

Tuesday, June 13

GH was pre-empted today for news coverage.

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Wednesday, June 14

Wednesday’s GH recap: Ned’s coming along

Gladys is anxious.

Sasha wants to stop Gladys.

Jordan supports a friend in need.

Taggert spirals.

Drew updates Carly. They don’t both need to go down. He’ll do it for them both. 

Curtis celebrates his birthday. 

Trina gifts Curtis something homemade.

olivia lashes out at carly

Thursday, June 15

Thursday’s GH recap: Nina’s ready to spill her guts to Sonny

Spencer delivers a gift.

Nina is a bundle of nerves.

Nina decides to tell Sonny the truth and takes off her ring in preparation.

Sonny questions Gladys.

Jordan Asks Zeke to Forget Their Romantic Tryst.

Drew makes an offer.

Ava senses an opportunity.

Gladys asks Sonny for help with Sasha.

Portia makes it clear she disapproves of Spencer.

portia corners spencer trina

Friday, June 16

Friday’s GH recap – Ned thinks he’s Eddie Maine

Cody seeks Sam’s help.

Olivia weighs an important decision.

Sasha checks in on Willow.

The Quartermaines are left reeling.

Ned thinks he’s Eddie.

ned wakes up

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