General Hospital Spoilers April 25-29: Esme Makes Threats, Trina Responds, and Gladys’ Curious About the Memory Card

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, April 25 to Friday, April 29, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Brando tries to keep Sasha from losing it, Nikolas throws his energy into some grand gestures, there’s another emergency at the hospital, and it’s too late for some.

Monday, April 25

GH recap -Harmony attacks Carly and throws her in her trunk.
Michael disowns Sonny.
Marshall still refuses to answer Curtis’ questions.

Willow finds a visitor at her door, and the conversation takes a turn when Michael arrives.
Curtis tells Marshall it’s too late.

Carly seeks out Alexis at home.
Brook Lynn is upset with Chase.
Diane makes a compelling argument.

sonny gets disowned gh

Tuesday, April 26

GH recap -Harmony confesses to Alexis and then threatens her.
Sasha urges Nina to think about what she’s doing.
Sonny vents about Michael.
Lucy and Liz talk the supernatural.

Alexis and Carly find themselves in a dire situation.
Sonny’s upset by Dante’s inquiry.

Willow is concerned about Michael’s decision.
After a disagreement with Finn, Lucy offers a suggestion to help Liz.
Sasha shows up at Nina’s in the nick of time.

carly in trunk out cold general hospital

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Wednesday, April 27

GH recap: Sasha runs Harmony over.
Sasha is photographed taking drugs.
Sonny talks to Curtis about Marshall.

Sasha is blindsided at a Deception celebration.
Maxie questions Austin’s intentions.

While Sonny gives Curtis advice about his father, Portia and Drew worry how Marshall’s plans are affecting him.
TJ gets an unexpected gift from his grandfather.
Nina shares her concerns with Brando.

marshall musical gift for tj general hospital


Thursday, April 28

GH recap – Harmony is rushed to the hospital.
The paparazzo offers Sasha a deal.

Laura warns Nikolas about Esme.
Esme overhears Spencer and Trina.
Sasha and Gladys make a horrifying discovery.
Nikolas sets up a grand romantic gesture.

While alone at the gallery, Trina alerts to the sound of the door being closed.
Dante meets Willow and Michael at the Metro Court Gardens.
Sam rushes to General Hospital.

esme shocked in yellow drapery general hospital

Friday, April 29

GH recap – Esme gets in Trina’s face and gets a threat in return.

Joss arrives at General Hospital and comforts Carly.
Willow tells Michael she doesn’t want to be alone.

Brando tries to calm Sasha.
Sasha tells Willow she’s responsible for the accident.
Ava and Nikolas have a fight and then make out.

Ava comes to her senses and refuses to make love with Nikolas.
Esme eavesdrops on Spencer.
Spencer manipulates Esme.

General Hospital May Sweeps: Willow’s Past Catches Up, Relationships Doomed, Britt Crashes & Can Esme be Stopped?

trina yells at esme spencer gh


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