General Hospital Spoilers April 17 – 21: Spencer and Trina Almost Have Sex, and Molly Learns Having Kids Could Be Problematic

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, April 17 to Friday, April 21, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Robert berating Sonny, Alexis being shaken, and Molly getting unexpected news.

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In the weekly spoiler video, Trina’s family continue their desperate search for her and Spencer warns her that Victor has something worse planned than he ever imagined.

Monday, April 17

Monday’s GH recap: Ethan reappears, much to Holly’s shock

Holly Sutton reunites with an old friend when Emma Samms returns.

Chase voices his gratitude.

Robert berates Sonny.

Carly and Joss offer their help.

Alexis receives a touching offer.

Blaze and BLQ speak up at the hearing for Chase.

Holly is stricken to see Ethan.

ethan lovett returns to general hospital

Tuesday, April 18

Tuesday’s GH recap: Tracy buys Ethan

Chase learns his fate.

Chase is back in PCPD.

Holly is in danger.

Holly buys Ethan but doesn’t have the cash.

Willow makes a momentous request.

Alexis is shaken.

Tracy Quartermaine returns!

Tracy, Felicia and Holly kick ass and take Ethan away.

felicia holly ethan at auction

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Wednesday, April 19

Wednesday’s GH recap – Nina asks a big favor of Carly

Curtis has a lightbulb moment.

Victor learns of a setback.

Nina seeks solace.

Ava gives Carly food for thought.

Liz compliments Austin.

Nina cries, realizing her daughter is going to die sooner than they expected.

Trina damages the Haunted Star’s engine. 

Spencer gets to spend time with his brother.

Trina is captured.

ava asks carly about the wedding

Thursday, April 20

Victor has bad news for Spencer.

Curtis seeks help from Drew.

Ava and Portia connect.

Carly tries to make peace.

Ned vents to Brook Lynn.

ned warns blq GH

Friday, April 21

Friday’s GH – Trina and Spencer almost have sex

Drew and Curtis confer with Laura.

Sonny surprises Dante.

Gladys badmouths Cody.

Cody talks to Sasha about Gladys using her.

Sasha offers Gladys her credit card for a spa trip.

Molly gets unexpected news. She has endometriosis, which can affect her attempts at having kids. 

Sasha offers encouragement.

trina snuggles into spencer on haunted star

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