General Hospital Spoilers January 3-7: Devastating News Hits Port Charles, Tempers Flare as Sam & Alexis Confront an Unexpected Visitor

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, January 3 to Friday, January 7.

Monday, January 3

Carly confides in Drew.
Harmony shows Alexis some tough love.
Victor goes to General Hospital to check on a patient.
Victor and Peter make a deal.
Mac makes a promise.
Maxie looks forward to a fresh start in the new year.
Tracy (Jane Elliot) returns to Port Charles and tells Laura, “Luke is gone.”

maxie new year gh

Tuesday, January 4

Devastating news hits Port Charles.
Curtis and Portia take an important step.
Kevin encourages Laura to open up.
Monica cautions Drew to be careful.
Shawn surprises Alexis.

Curtis and portia look forward to future GH

Wednesday, January 5

Michael and Willow aren’t on the same page.
Alexis doubts her abilities.
Anna and Felicia share concerns about Maxie.
Brook Lynn tries dodging suspicions.
Victor approaches Valentin.  

anna and finn catch up gh

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Thursday, January 6

Dante seeks out Sonny.
Sasha insists she knows how to best cope with her grief.
Brook Lynn and Maxie discuss a new obstacle.
Gladys comforts and reassures Brando.
Tempers flare when Sam and Alexis confront an unexpected visitor.

brando and sasha talk baby brain dead general hospital

Friday, January 7

Sonny and Carly discuss their relationship.
Phyllis sets Nina straight.
Liz prepares for her first official date with Finn.
Ava ambushes Spencer and Trina with new information.
Chase picks up Bailey from Brook Lynn to go meet Finn.

carly learns truth general hospital

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