General Hospital Spoilers October 18-22; Sam and Dante Make a Discovery & A Mysterious Man Watches Curtis and Portia

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, October 18 to Friday, October 22.

Monday, October 18

Anna comes to Valentin’s aid. Sam and Dante make a discovery.
Curtis and Portia are surreptitiously watched by a mysterious man.
Nikolas and Ava celebrate at The Savoy.
Jason and Britt learn disturbing news.

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Tuesday, October 19

Nina seeks support from Curtis.
Terry receives a surprising phone call.
Finn and Liz have an awkward cross.
Jason announces he’s leaving town to help Britt.
Olivia meets Ned for dinner.

Wednesday, October 20

Sonny connects with Spencer.
An idea dawns on Nina.
Willow voices her concerns about Michael.
Monica advises Austin to make peace.
Brook Lynn feels vindicated.

Thursday, October 21

Joss and Cam arrive at Spencer’s arraignment.
Michael makes a bargain.
Robert tries to get the truth from Victor.
Anna is presented with a proposition.
Jason and Britt arrive in Greece.

Friday, October 22

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Jax makes an admission to Michael.
Ava reminds Nina of the ace up her sleeve.
Anna apologizes to Valentin.
Maxie shares Brook Lynn’s concerns.
Sasha runs interference when Gladys ruffles feathers.

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