Valentin is Caught When He Tries to Crack Jennifer’s Safe, and Stella Orders Marshall to Keep Their Secret

General Hospital recap for Thursday, April 7, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Harmony gets mysterious texts, Nina gives Sonny a warning, and Michael offers Smoltz a deal.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Sonny and Selina made a deal while Jennifer Smith planned to buy the Ice Princess.

sonny nina talk defense GH

In his office, Sonny calls Brick and tells him he’ll send him the details to finalize their deal. Nina is shown in. She came to tell him something in person but gets distracted by the injury over his eye.

She informs him that Michael and Willow are being served with legal papers. She didn’t want him to be surprised by this. She’s still hopeful that her grandson can have a civil relationship with all of his grandparents.

They rehash her battles with Michael and Carly. She says they treat her like she’s a physical threat to Wiley. “Nelle was,” he points out. He knows that she is nothing like Nelle. Sonny can see the entire Nina and thinks Michael and Willow will too.

sonny and nina talk case GH

He knows that she can see the real him. She fusses over the cut on his head. “You got a soft touch,” he tells her. They kiss. Eventually, she pulls away and urges him to mend fences with Michael. He’s one Wiley’s side and kids need all the love they can get.

After they talk about the similarity between boxing and dancing, she tells him to call if he needs a partner.

stella collapses GH

At Portia and Curtis’ place, Stella suddenly collapses. Portia and TJ run over to her and Curtis calls 911. The doctors quickly realize this isn’t a stroke. They hear the ambulance pulling up and lead her out the door.

Portia tells Curtis she thinks Stella had a panic attack. After everyone else takes off to the hospital, Marshall chats with Trina. He knows how it feels when people misunderstand you. Marshall encourages her not to care what strangers think.

marshall trina discuss lies GH

She asks about what to do with people who she does care about and explains all the things that Spencer has done. He tells her that some lies are morally justified. That’s a judgement call you have to make.

Trina recalls how Taggert lied to her and broke her heart by pretending to be dead. Marshall feels like he and her dad have a lot in common.

stella curtis health GH

At General Hospital, Stella tells Curtis that Portia can stay with her while she consults with a specialist. After she is checked over, Curtis returns and speaks to his aunt alone. He wonders who has her rattled enough to be having heart palpitations.

Curtis assumes Marshall has upset her. Once she’s alone, she calls Marshall and tells him that his plans to confess won’t be good for either of them. If Curtis asks him about his past, he needs to stick to his story.

Meanwhile, Curtis makes a call. “I’d like to revisit your proposition,” he says.

valentin mustache jennifer smith GH

In French Polynesia, a disguised Valentin joins Jennifer Smith at a table and turns on the charm, claiming his name is Captain Francois Olivier. He quizzes her about why she’s there. She tells him it’s for an auction and he asks if she has anyone special in her life.

He tells her he has someone back home but he’s not certain they are destined to be together. As he caresses her hand, she tells him she wants to get to know him better. Valentin says he is on leave and only has one night. She toasts to that.

They go to her cabin. He watches as she opens her safe and dumps something in it. As she heads into the shower, he gets her to describe lathering her body as he looks at the safe.

jennifer catches valentin GH

This continues as he fumbles with the lock. As soon as he gets in, she comes out of the bathroom and demands to know what he’s doing.

At the Metro Court, Willow is frazzled. Michael knows she’s just nervous about meeting with Smoltz. She’s not convinced that meeting with the reporter to offer him a deal is one of Diane’s better ideas. They are served with papers.

Sitting down, they are shocked if not surprised to discover that the papers are from Nina. She is taking them to court for visitation rights. Willow can’t believe how selfish she is. Michael notes this is one more reason to play nice with Smoltz, but they’ll have to be careful.

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alexis won't agree GH

In the lounge, Alexis talks on the phone to her daughter about being asked onto a TV panel to discuss cyber exploitation. Smoltz interrupts and accuses her of stealing the story from him.

She claims she didn’t steal it but he accuses her of taking the low road to the high road. He won’t sue her as long as he can collect on the debt she owes him. Smoltz wants a five part feature.

He warns that his fellow journalists will turn on her if he makes what she did public. She refuses to deal with him so he makes it clear he will take his next story to the competition. Alexis caves and tells him to pass his next story by her first.

victor tells laura committed GH

At the bar, Victor tells Laura that they need to put the past behind them and look to the future and their family’s place in it. If she knew what was at stake, she wouldn’t hesitate. She thinks his attempt to recast himself as a devoted family man is a joke.

After she sarcastically toasts to him, he admits that his family has a lamentable history. He has been trying to make amends. This almost sounds sincere to her. Victor tells her he has had some lonely years recently. He’s spent a lot of that thinking about his family.

laura argues with victor GH

What use is money or power if you can’t use it to improve the lives of your loved ones? He’s more committed to that than she’ll ever know. After she brings up Luke, she gets a text from Kevin telling her he can’t make it.

Laura admits that Victor may be sincere about wanting to do right by his family, but it seems out of character.

harmony asks job GH

Harmony drops by Carly’s office. She’s looking for a job so she can save some money for a security deposit. That way she could get out of Alexis’ way. She assures her she can find the energy to work two jobs.

Harmony keeps getting texts through the interview. For the sake of full disclosure, she admits that she recently went to bat for Nina. In retrospect, she wishes she hadn’t but felt like she owed her. Carly assumes she now knows how Nina uses people.

Carly thanks her for telling her this and asks her to fill out an application online. Once Harmony leaves, Alexis shows up and informs her about the TV spot she was offered. If she thinks it will make Joss uncomfortable, she won’t do it.

Carly can’t answer for her daughter. She mentions Harmony coming to see her for a job. Alexis tells her that Harmony is very conscientious and a hard worker. Carly is more concerned about her having an alliance with Nina. The weird thing is that she said she owed Nina.

michael makes smoltz offer GH

Harmony makes her way into the Metro Court as Michael is arguing with Smoltz at a a table. Willow leads her away. Michael tells Smoltz that he has the lawyers to drag things out in court for decades. The reporter will be broke before he sees a cent of his money.

michael makes smoltz offer GH

Michael tells Smoltz that he will give him an on record account of Nina’s fight with his family and background on the abduction of Avery. That interests the reporter. Smoltz thinks this could be the feature of a lifetime.

harmony willow civil relationship over GH

In the lounge, Willow tells Harmony that Nina filed papers today. Any hope of a civil relationship between them is dead. There is no hope for forgiveness. She doesn’t want a “narcissist” like Nina near Wiley.

Harmony’s phone keeps ringing. Willow wonders why she isn’t picking up. Looking at her phone, Harmony sees the are from Brandon.