Spinelli Makes a Mysterious Deal, and Esme Blows Up When Ava Makes New Demands

General Hospital recap for Thursday, June 9, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Brando worries about Sasha slipping, Cody has a suggestion for Britt, and Joss and Trina try coming up with a plan.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Sonny threatened to kill Dex and it was revealed Dex has been working for Michael.

ava asks nikolas thinking GH

At Wyndemere, Nikolas flashes back to having sex with Esme when Ava interrupts, noting how absorbed he is. He claims he just has a lot on his mind.

She’s relieved they managed to avoid ending their marriage. They are both glad they are sharing a bed again. She’s sure they will work things out.

Spencer corners Esme and she tells him she’s not moving out now that things are better between them. He thought she might have regrets but she tells him his father has been wonderful.

esme spencer love GH

They burst in on Nikolas and Ava. Esme declares that love is all around. She and Spencer have errands to run before car shopping. Before they can leave, Ava wants to hash things out.

Ava thinks they should all make an effort to get along. Esme thinks they should all be closer. The Jerome tells them the allowance depends on who Spencer and Esme both behave. He’s not impressed she’s changing their agreement on a whim.

nikolas comes between esme ava general hospital

“Don’t you dare try to control me,” Esme warns. As the women get into it, the prince stops them and Spencer offers to agree to her eleventh hour change. Esme walks out in a huff and Ava needs a drink.

When Nikolas leaves to get some ice, Esme says she was hoping he’d come find her. She admits she’s overwhelmed by what happened. Everything is so complicated. He tells her that they were hurting and looking for comfort.

“It doesn’t mean anything more than that. Right?” he asks. She confirms that no one ever has to know and she doesn’t want what happened to complicate his life.

He asks if he needs to pick anything up from the pharmacy. She claims she has it all worked out. She assures him that if he needs to tell Ava the truth, she will make sure he’s not alone.

Meanwhile, Spencer tells Ava he has repaid his debt and she needs to end his restitution at the gallery. It’s hurting Trina, who is seeing Rory. Ava guesses he still has feelings for Trina and they are only getting more intense.

joss encourages trina GH

Joss stops by the gallery to see Trina. She tells her about her plans for them to travel to Europe in the spring. Trina would love to go but she could be in prison. Joss is sure she will be found innocent and this would give her something to look forward to.

They talk about how things look for the school report. Trina is still afraid of getting expelled. Joss says it might only be a suspension. When Trina mentions Rory, Joss starts digging.

Her friend tells her about Taggert interrogating Rory after a date. Even with that distraction, she is still worried about all the trouble she is in. Joss assures her she will always be there for her…she’s not sure she can say the same for Cam.

Trina wants to know what’s going on. Her friend admits there seems to be something Cam isn’t telling her. His attitude makes no sense. She worries that he knows something but is holding back.

Joss says they can break Spencer and Esme up themselves. Trina says they can’t. If they do, it will drive Esme out and she’ll disappear. That’s why Spencer needs to stay with her.

They need to think of something more creative. They get a text saying that PCU’s decision about Trina has been made.

spinelli sam advice GH

Sam finds Carly at the Metro Court and tells her that she may have a lead on Esme. Spinelli shows up. They notice he has new clothes again. Carly admits she was used to his old outfits.

carly asks sam what got GH

They rehash the skydiving incident. Sam explains that Cody is an old friend of Dante’s. When Spinelli steps away to take a call, the women agree that something has been off with him.

Sam explains to Carly that she is trying to track down Esme’s old nanny. Carly hopes they can get some dirt. They get back to worrying about how odd Spinelli has been acting. Across the room, he is frantically waving papers at a man.

women worry spin general hospital

After the man exits, they rush over and demand to know what is going on. He assures them all is under control. Sam doesn’t believe it. He tells them he’s seeing a therapist. The man was from the collection agency his doctor sent after him.

He runs off. Neither of them believe him. What billing issues could be have? Carly thinks they should take him hatchet throwing to get the truth out of him.

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cody lectures britt GH

On the patio, Cody tells Britt that she should sue the Metro Court or Society Set-Ups for orchestrating such a dangerous marketing ploy. She should sue their socks off and even suggests he could be a witness.


Cody tells her about Zelda, who runs the corporation and wonders how many “washed up women she’s preyed on.” She could win a big settlement. Britt wonders if he’d want a cut of that and shoves him into the pool.

zelda meets britt general hospital

As he climbs out, Zelda shows up. She’s been looking for both of them but needs to speak to Britt first. The doctor vents and Zelda offers to give her six months free and maker her a top priority.

Zelda leaves, handing Cody a check on the way. He curses after seeing it. Zelda shorted him. He and Britt continue taunting each other until she strolls away.

spin pays off zelda gh

Zelda meets with Spinelli on the docks. He hands her a wad of cash. She tells him Britt won’t be a problem. “Good. No one can know what I’m really up to,” he says.

At Sasha’s, Gladys catches her taking a pill and slaps the bottle out of hands. Brando walks in and wonders what just happened. Sasha points out it was just aspirin.

Gladys makes an excuse. Her son wonders what she thinks his wife was taking. Sasha explains his mom thinks she’s relapsed and just overreacted. Gladys adds that some of Sasha’s behavior reminded her of how he acted when he was on drugs.

sasha insists no drugs GH

Brando wonders if this is the reason his mom has moved in and asks his wife if she is using again. Sasha insists she is clean and Gladys admits she was worried. Brando guesses it was more than worry and thinks they should talk to Kevin.

brando learns sasha drugs general hospital

His mom tells him to back off and reminds him of how he used to lie to her. She didn’t want to fail Sasha the way she did him. He asks for a moment alone with his wife.

Brando tells her he will stick to their vows no matter how dark things get. So he needs her to be honest with him.

They sit down and she assures him his mom has just overreacted. She doesn’t need drugs when she has him. Her life is good and he’s her drug of choice. He’s still worried.

She wants to have a party to celebrate their marriage. He reluctantly agrees.