Spencer and Esme Have Another Fight About the Sex Tape and Then He Notices Her Pregnancy Test

General Hospital recap for Thursday, March 24, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Jordan turns down Curtis, Sonny and Nina dance, and Laura learns what happened to Luke.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Curtis learned Marshall was lying to him and Marshall had a confrontation with Sonny.

curts asks jordan help GH

Curtis visits Jordan at the PCPD and tells her he really needs her help. They discuss Marshall. He explains that he only inferred his father was in witness protection and he’s learned something that could contradict it.

His father has a sealed arrest record so he asks her to let him know what’s in it. “There is no way,” she says, reminding him that would be illegal. He points out that violating ethics and the law is hardly unusual for her. She’s done it for family and friends. “You and I aren’t that any more,” he adds.

Jordan tells him he is being unfair and orders him not to come into her place of work and tell her what to do. She’s willing to help him in any way other than what he’s requested. He can’t be bothered and walks out.

willow not honest michael GH

Willow visits Michael and asks about his night in the cells. He’s not sorry he hit the reporter but is sorry that Nina can use this against them in court. He asks what held her up at work.

She explains that she fainted at work. She’s been wearing herself thin and didn’t want anyone to worry. Harmony immediately showed up to look after her. She’s grateful that her mom showed herself so devoted but isn’t sure what inspired it.

After Jordan gives Michael permission to leave, he apologizes to Willow for delaying their vacation. He offers her a candlelit dinner and they kiss.

Jordan calls Robert to talk about the case.

harmony shares problem alexis GH

Harmony surprises Alexis in her office. She wants to talk about Nina’s request that she help her with the Wiley situation. It sounds like it could cause some conflict with her daughter. Alexis wants to stay out of this and suggests she do the same.

After thanking her for the advice, they discuss Shawn leaving. Alexis admits things got tense between them before he left. She doesn’t want to talk about that so she talks about Molly and TJ moving out.

When Harmony admits she’s been living in a motel, Alexis offers to co-sign a lease for her or give her a loan. Harmony thinks that would be crossing a line and put a strain on their friendship. Alexis suggests she stay with her so she can save money for a deposit.

sonny nina important talk GH

Nina runs into Sonny at Charlie’s. Phyllis was seeing a distributor and he offered to cover. It’s better than sitting in an office by himself. He wonders if there is anything he can help her with.

When she sits at the bar, she says he shouldn’t help her with the Wiley situation. Flashing back to his most recent fight with his son, he agrees. But her pain matters to him. If this goes to court and he doesn’t take a side, it will be interpreted as him siding with her.

She will understand it if he sides with his son against her. But she wants him to understand that she will do whatever she has to to keep Wiley in her life. Nina suggests they stop discussing this.

They discuss drinking. He hasn’t refilled his decanters at home. She’s proud of him. He knows it won’t be easy. They talk about Phyllis running Charlie’s. Having her there will almost make it feel like old times.

Their time there wasn’t the truth of course. But now it’s up to them to decide what’s real. She notices a stack on old 45s. He explains Phyllis wanted to play old music and they remember when they danced at the Tan-O.

She recalls one of the songs and tries to sing it. He finds it on his phone and plays it. Taking her hand, they dance. As they spin around the floor, they flashback to Nixon Falls and stroke each other’s hair.

When they get close to kissing, he says he’s got to go. Curtis interrupts and she takes off. Curtis asks Sonny for a favor.

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Laura hugs Spencer and welcomes him back to her penthouse. He worries about being a convicted felon. His father suggests he worry later and explains they have dinner reservations. Spencer stares at Esme. She announces she’s just leaving.

nikolas has question GH

The mayor asks if the couple want to talk. Nikolas invites her to join them for dinner. His mother is taken aback when he mentions Victor will be there. When she gets a text, she claims she has to go to a meeting with the traffic commissioner and takes off.

Spencer asks to speak with Esme in private. His father exits. Esme admits to Spencer that Laura almost talked her into thinking they could have a future. He points out that he could hardly run after her following their fight at Spring Ridge.

When she assumes this means he thinks she’s innocent, he backs up and says that’s not the case. He’s seen she has a side that is capable of extremes. She points out that what she did to Ava was because of him. For all she knows, the sex tape could have been his doing.

She doesn’t believe this, of course, but points out that he had about the same degree of means and opportunity as she did. When she wheels her luggage out, her bag spills. He picks up a pregnancy test and turns pale.

At the Metro Court, Victor assures Johan that they have nothing to worry about. They did nothing illegal with Drew and Carly revealed that he was faking. He’s worried about Anna and Felicia digging into Luke’s death. Someone needs to take the fall for that.

Ava shows up and Victor sends Johan away. When Ava sits down, she tells Victor that she wants something and usually gets what she wants. She’s usually upfront about her selfish motivations and suggests they be allies.

Nikolas joins them as they sip martinis. He tells them about the tension between Spencer and Esme. The prince admits that there is a long way to go between he and his son healing their relationship. Victor says that’s unacceptable.

The family has to come together while they still can. Nikolas wonders what that’s supposed to mean. His uncle claims he’s just venting because of the situation with Valentin.

Nikolas is sure there is more. He and Ava push him for details of what he’s been planning. Victor strokes his ring.

sam anna ask drew help GH

Anna shows up at Sam’s penthouse with news for her and Drew. She tells them she found proof that Luke was murdered. Sitting down, she tells them what she learned in Austria. The man responsible killed himself and the WSB is now officially involved.

Anna has been deemed too close to the situation and pushed out. The WSB also want to steer this away from Victor since he used to run it. If they want to expose the Cassadine, Drew is the best chance.

He admits they hit a snag and they explain how Carly blew their operation. They tell her about Operation Demeter. Anna has never heard of it and there is nothing about it in the files.

Laura joins them and Anna explains that Luke was murdered. Anna says there’s no evidence Luke was specifically targeted and the WSB will treat him as just another victim. They can’t connect this to Victor.

Victor must realize that the walls are closing in on him. That puts them all in danger.