Spencer Searches for Dirt on Esme, and Amy is Shocked Her Brother is Dating Terry

General Hospital recap for Monday, May 9, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Valentin tries to get sympathy from Carly, TJ complains about Curtis’ methods, and Joss and Trina look for a distraction.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Willow had to digest that her life is a lie and Nina threatened to drag her into the mud.

At General Hospital, TJ asks Curtis if he has a plan to find Marshall and bring him back. Curtis has no plans to go after him. His nephew lectures him for his methods dealing with Marshall. He respects that he’s the head of the family, but were all his tricks worth losing another chance with his father?

As they walk, Curtis justifies investigating his father. He had to know to protect the family. TJ doubts the truth was worth it. Marshall was making an effort and he will miss him.

Curtis insists it was Marshall’s choice but his nephew says this was his uncle’s unilateral choice and they were all forced to live with it. TJ is surprised when Curtis explains that Marshall was not involved in anything illegal but put in a mental hospital.

This makes TJ worry. He’s not ready to give up on him and plans to find him and bring him back.

On the patio, Carly reminds Valentin about what he did to Nina. If anyone is responsible for costing her a relationship with her daughter, it’s him. He doesn’t want to litigate the past.

Valentin isn’t defending anyone’s choices, he’s just appealing to her compassion. She has everything Nina’s ever wanted. “Last I checked, she has my husband,” Carly says.

He points out Nina has no children. Carly points out she has plenty of money and defenders. Valentin says that everyone has exploited Nina. Carly says everyone has been.

He continues pushing her to feel for Nina. “Carrying on isn’t a miracle. It’s called life,” she quips. He points out she has a big family and Nina has three people. She starts asking him about Phyllis and if she was there when Nina gave birth.

Chet joins Terry at a table with a box. They sit down, toast, and flirt. He tells her about his work with other veterans and she admires him. He tells her how hard it was to tell her about his prosthetic legs.

She says it wasn’t a turn-off and she could understand. She was also nervous telling him about herself and would have been devastated if he had decided dating a trans-woman wasn’t for him. They talk about how important it is to be seen and loved.

As they discuss work, they continue flirting. After they agree to a second date, she mentions she had a dust-up at work at GH. Chet says his sister works there, Amy.

At Kelly’s, Cam asks Spencer how his plan to exonerate Trina is going. Spencer admits he hasn’t found anything incriminating about Esme yet. Even her secrets have secrets.

In the kitchen, Spencer admits to Cam that he is running out of ways to avoid sex with his girlfriend. He doesn’t want to have sex after all she did. “Dude!” says Cam. Spencer admits that she has made it impossible to search her belongings.

Cam tells him he needs to tell Joss and Trina the truth. His friend insists he needs more time. Cam is sure there must be some physical evidence linking Esme to the crime. He encourages him to head back to the house and search while she is at yoga.

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At Wyndemere, Esme opens a letter from her old nanny, who seems happy to hear she is not pursuing a relationship with her biological father. A tear runs down her cheek and she heads to the closet, saying she intends to be happy and placing the letter in a box.

Joss and Trina go to the yoga studio. She’s glad someone is there to help her get back into shape. Rory arrives. As Trina watches him stretching, she says she’s going to grab life when her trial is over.

Joss notices and teases her. Trina insists that he’s okay and mentions how she nearly pepper-sprayed him at the gallery. The cop comes over to chat with them. He tells Trina that he went to the museum but it wasn’t as good as the Jerome Gallery.

Joss makes an excuse to leave them alone. He tells her he would have enjoyed the museum more if she was there. He admits that it isn’t appropriate for them to be together when she is under investigation.

Esme arrives and eavesdrops to them flirting. Joss returns and the cop takes off. Trina accuses her of trying to hook her up with Rory to keep her away from Spencer. Joss just wants her to have someone she deserves.

Trina tells her that she gave Spencer another shove away when he and Esme showed up at the gallery the other night. Joss thinks she should ask the cop to help them but Trina won’t put him in that position.

Joss vents about the sex tape and tells her that Esme brought this fight to them. They need to find evidence that proves she’s guilty and put her in prison.

Esme stops by Kelly’s looking for her boyfriend. Cam makes excuses to keep her there. She wishes she had a boyfriend as loyal to her and he is to Joss. He makes excuses for Spencer and assures her that he has her back.

Esme thanks him but tells him how alone she feels. She misses having friends and is sorry they got off track. He tells her he will always treat her as she deserves. As she hugs him, Joss arrives and orders her to get her “tentacles” off of him.

Spencer heads back to Wyndemere and sneaks into Esme’s room. He rummages through her stuff. When he gets to the closet, he finds a box from three season ago.

Nina joins Ava at Charlie’s and tells her she was just strategizing with Scott. Ava is surprised she wants to fight against Willow given her mother just died. She brings up the story Smoltz has been writing.

The reporter called her about Avery, wanting to hear all about how she was born. The forced labor, kidnapping and all. Diane will likely bring that up in court. Nina wasn’t in her right mind then.

Ava didn’t tell Smoltz anything but if she is called to testify, she will have to. She quizzes her about how successful she has been in resisting Sonny. Nina admits they danced.

Ava wonders if that’s a euphemism. Amy walks in and starts complaining about how terrible her life is. Joining them uninvited, she vents about Dr. Randolph. Nina asks her what Man Landers would advice.

Amy heads off to get a drink. Ava starts venting about the “teenaged she-devil” she’s been facing. She picks herself up from moping by thinking about how hard it would hit Carly if Nina married Sonny.

They turn back to the case and Nina says she’s determined to go at Michael and Willow with everything she’s got.

She didn’t want this fight but now she’s in it and Carly better hope she’s not in the line of fire. They turn around and find Carly behind them, smirking.

As Amy leaves, another nurse bumps into her and says she just saw Chet on a date with Terry. Amy’s jaw drops.

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