Spencer Accuses Esme of Being a Psycho who Drugged Trina Before Setting Her Up as Trina’s Trial Goes Sideways

General Hospital recap for Monday, July 18, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Trina worries as her trial doesn’t go well, Cody talks to Dante about his date, and Willow gets an ultrasound and what could be bad news.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Nina learned of Willow’s pregnancy, and Trina’s trial started, while Brando vented about Sasha’s addiction.

At General Hospital, Willow learns from TJ that she has an elevated white blood cell count. She’s not worried, but he tells her she needs more testing.

It could be chalked up to anxiety or another medical explanation.

Willow starts to worry. He says it predates the pregnancy and to keep her appointment with Britt. “Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it.”

willow horrified sick general hospital

Elsewhere, Brad wants to get a drink at Charlie’s, but Britt has one more appointment. He hurries her to get finished with her patient but she can’t join him tonight.

She reveals she double booked herself and has a date. He knows there is still something weighing on her. She says he doesn’t seem trustworthy.

Brad asks a million questions. She calls him hot in a scruffy way, they dislike each other and have nothing in common.

Brad can’t believe it’s parachute guy. Brad’s kind and says if she chooses to give him a chance, “Good for you.”

They know it’ll end up in disaster. She looks at her watch and rushes to see her patient.

britt embarrassed likes cody general hospital

Michael and Dante spar at the club while Cody appears. They talk about how Leo thinks he’s a legend and Cody jokes with Dante about how terrible he was with horses as a kid.

Michael tells Cody his wife’s pregnant. Cody congratulates him and they discuss both knowing her OB, Britt. Dante shares how Cody met Britt as the skydiver at Metro Court pool.

cody dante gym general hospital

Michael goes and Dante says his brother is the best. Cody thought he was but Dante points out that he’s the one dating Britt Westbourne when he told him not to.

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In the steam room, Cody tells Dante that he knows he’s “not going to feel too good” about knowing they’re going on a date. Dante shrugs.

It’s like the forbidden fruit for him to have told his friend to stay away from her. It’s just like Cody. He tells another of their past stories about how Cody likes danger. Cody laughs. “If there isn’t any danger, there isn’t any fun.”

He asks why he wouldn’t date her. She’s beautiful and successful. Cody calls Dante different from the kid at Bensonhurst. “I grew up, maybe you should try it sometime.” Cody says he’s trying to get his future in gear.

Dante hopes his match doesn’t turn into a dumpster fire.

cody dante steam gh

At Windemere, Spencer tells Esme that if she wants to know who her birth mother is, she’ll tell the judge the truth. Esme says the evidence is stacked against Trina.

Spence knows but the also know Trina didn’t record the revenge porn. “Because you did.”

He talks about how incredibly cruel she is. She was when she torched Ava’s car and again with Trina.

spence yells wife general hospital

He was warned he was dangerous and even so, he wanted to believe in her. When the video came out, she couldn’t want to show it to him and pretended to be horrified.

He knew it was her. He saw it on her face. That’s when his trust cracked. He thinks her pregnancy scare was just her trying to hang on to him, knowing he was on to her.

She denies it. Spence screams that it was her, all along! She stares, blankly. She calls him angry, lost, and self-centered. She can’t believe this is how she repays him while everyone was against him.

She calls him sad and pathetic to think he could go back to Trina.

She claims she couldn’t have planted the phone if she wanted to because she left — with him. Only Trina could have. Spence details how she went back to the cabin to retrieve the phone since he’d forgotten something.

And then she put the phone into Trina’s purse. Esme says there’s no proof. How could she have known Trina couldn’t handle her booze? Spence recalls seeing the Tramadol in her box. “You’re psycho.”

He knows she drugged Trina to set her up. If the dosage had been off, she could have injured or killed Trina. He gets in her face and she shoves him and thinks he’s got it figured out.

He thinks she’s smart enough to clear Trina without incriminating herself. She doesn’t believe he found her mother but he shows the “evidence.” He asks what’s more important.

Ruining Trina’s life or finding her mother. She alludes to not choosing her mother and takes off, looking defeated and in shock.

esme yells spence about trina general hospital

In court, the ADA questions Joss about security cams inside the cabin.

Joss says there aren’t any so she has no proof that Trina didn’t take the sex video of her and Cam.

Diane cross examines Joss and asks if she or Cam consented to the video. Joss says no. Diane says she knows her bestie could never have done that. Joss knows.

joss court general hospital

The ADA objects due to conjecture. Joss corrects her and becomes emotional. Trina knows right from wrong, and sticks by you when everyone else turns and runs.

Carly and Trina smile. Joss tells Diane about the black market phone found in Trina’s bag that looked like hers and how she believes it was Esme Prince.

She gives some background about Esme and the ADA says that there’s no proof that Esme was involved in gaslighting Ava.

Diane asks about her GPA first year in college. Joss tosses her hair as she says it was 4.0.

jordan stand trina gh

Jordan takes the stand and quickly rushes through bringing Trina into questioning, how she would do anything to help Joss, though she had an identical phone to hers in her purse that she couldn’t account for.

The ADA makes Jordan read aloud that the phone is tied to the revenge porn, and it suggests it’s tied to Trina Robinson. Trina touches her neck, clearly stressed.

Diane learns from Jordan that anyone can leave a false tip at the PD, and yet Trina came in on her own, and was cooperative. She opened her own purse.

trina in court gh

The ADA doesn’t like how things are going and calls Rory to the stand. She gets Rory to admit he caught Joss and Trina in a bar, underaged, to drink. She says the bartender works there.

She gives him a list of crimes such as petty theft, trafficking and selling electronics that the bartender has on his rap sheet. Rory reads it aloud.

He sells cell phones, like the one found in Trina’s bag. Trina’s shocked at the news and Rory looks downcast. Diane tries, to no avail, to provide more reasonable doubt. The judge calls it a day and everyone disperses. Portia tells her daughter to hang in there.

trina hang in there gh

Back at GH, Britt meets with Michael and Willow. She asks Willow to do a brief examination alone and Willow looks on, worriedly. Later, they do an ultrasound and hear the baby’s heartbeat.

They’re in awe. Afterward, TJ goes to Britt to discuss Willow.

britt tells willow no worry gh