As Sonny Makes It Clear That Peter Is a Dead Man, Willow Confronts Nina About What Happened in Nixon Falls

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for Tuesday, December 7, 2021 episode. Recaps go live at approximately 3:00 PM EST. Today, Sonny vows to kill Peter, Willow confronts Nina about what happened in Nixon Falls, and Joss looks for a way to get the truth about Esme. We also have Monday’s GH recap where Carly had a meltdown and slapped Peter while Laura panicked about Victor’s return.

joss talks about jason dead general hospital

When Spencer drops by the gym, he spots Joss and wanders over to say how sorry he is for what happened to Jason. She tells him the whole family is sad, shocked, and angry. He was surprised she texted him to come over. Joss knows Jason wouldn’t want her to mope in bed. Besides, she felt like punching something.

Spencer would like to plan their vacation but Joss doesn’t think that going away with Esme will help ingratiate her. If she wants to get to know her, they can have coffee. Spencer insists that Esme is amazing, and not just because she’s great looking and they have good sex.

spence asks joss cut esme break

As Joss hits the bag, Spencer tells her that Esme lost her parents when she was young. She was always left at school alone and they bonded over their loneliness. They have each other’s backs. After hearing all that, he hopes she can give her the benefit of a doubt.

Spencer reminds Joss that she was less than friendly to his girlfriend. She says he should have been more honest when he came back to town instead of leading Trina on. He know he’s screwed up but it was hardly the first time. She adds it’s unlikely to be the last. As his friend, he wants her to give Esme the chance to show her how she really is.

kids doing homework general hospital

Excited Esme plants herself at Trina’s table in Kelly’s and tells her how much she is looking forward to their trip out of Port Charles. When Cameron comes by the table with Esme’s coffee, she quizzes him about the best local skiing and imagines how the couples can snuggle by the fire while single Trina does whatever.

esme talks vacation

Esme encourages Trina to find a plus one but she insists no one has caught her eye. As Cameron gets back to work, Esme brings up how he and Trina nearly got together but now he’s with Joss. “Ouch,” she says. Trina insists she’s happy for them.

When Cameron finishes work, the three of them chat about how busy they are. Cameron and Trina are surprised that Esme seems so happy to be working at the prison.

Cameron and Esme drop by the gym. Spencer and his girlfriend cross the room. She’s surprised to hear Joss has agreed to let them use Sonny’s cabin. Meanwhile, Joss tells Cameron that she’s not turning her back on Esme and expects that this trip will tell reveal truth about her.

sonny threatens that peter is gone general hospital abc

In the chapel, Willow eavesdrops as Nina tells Sonny that her love for him was the purest thing she’s ever had. He refuses to consider what she did to him and his family was an act of love. Nina says nothing that happened in Nixon Falls was a life she intended. In that respect, they share something in common. When she worries about what trouble Peter can cause, he assures her that Peter is dead since he killed Jason. He insists that they need to move forward and live the lives they have now. “Separate lives,” she says.

carly talks wiley to michael general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Michael and Carly walk the corridors of General Hospital going over what’s happened. He knows they survived without Jason before but doesn’t know how. She says they will handle it just like they did before. He tells her about his trip to New York with Willow and Wiley. She recalls how she and Jason taught him to skate. Michael always imagined that Jason would be there for Wiley just as he was for him.

They chat about Sasha and Brando and the issues with their baby. Before they can ask the nurses for an update, they bump into Willow and notice she’s upset. She doesn’t have the chance to explain because Sonny comes out. He promises the family that he’s going to make sure Peter pays.

Carly and Sonny discuss Sasha and Brando and how hard it is to wait. He needs to leave to take care of something important but refuses to explain what.

Carly heads down the hall and tries to breathe. Epiphany approaches her and pays her condolences. Jason was a remarkable person who she respected. She never doubted that he loved Carly unconditionally. Carly knows that he would want her to move on but she will miss him every day. The nurse hopes that when she misses him, she will remember how happy they were on their wedding day.

Nina walks over to Michael and Willow. They are defensive. Nina insists she doesn’t want to upset anyone; she’s just there to support Sasha. After she walks away, Michael lets Willow know he’s glad her empathy for Nina is minimal and tells her how grateful he is for her.

Carly joins Michael and he asks her about all the tension with Sonny. She insists it’s just tension with Nina. He hopes she’ll be in prison soon.

Nina bumps into Willow, who tells her that she heard her with Sonny.

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maxie wants visit peter tells anna general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Maxie rushes into the PCPD, eager to speak to Peter. Anna tells her that he’s not receiving visitors and doesn’t think she should subject herself to facing him. Maxie refuses to scared of him for another minute.

mac tells peter accidents happen general hospital abc

In the interrogation room, Mac compares Peter to Faison and lectures her for coming to town pretending to be a human being and then manipulating Maxie. As he threatens him, Peter shoots back that if anything happens to him, Louise will stay gone for good.

Mac goes out and tells Maxie that she can’t see Peter. He explains that August claims he knows where Louise is. Maxie declares he’s lying and insists she needs to face Peter herself. Reluctantly, Mac agrees to allow it. Anna tells her she’s very brave.

peter in cuffs on general hospital abc

When Maxie goes in to see Peter, he tells her she is more beautiful than he remembered. She tells him this fantasy he has that they can be together again is ridiculous. After everything he has done, there is nothing she can feel for him but hatred. She can’t be a mother to her child because of him. He has cost her every moment with her baby. Peter claims they can be a family again and he can get their daughter back. She shouts that he needs to stop lying. There is nothing for him and she hopes he chokes on it. When Peter tells her she made him a better man, Maxie says he’s not a man, just pure evil.

Peter brings up Austin and is surprised she’d give him the time of day. Maxie insists this has nothing to do with Austin and even if it did, it would be none of his business. “There’s only one man in your life and that man is me!” he says.

Sonny arrives and Anna bars him from going in to see Peter. Corinthos wants to make sure that August knows what’s coming for him.

Sonny enters the interrogation room and slams the door, startling Peter.