Sonny and Selina Make a Deal, Jennifer Smith Plans to Bid on the Ice Princess and Runs Into a Familiar Face

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, April 6, 2022. In today’s GH episode, . Anna, Sam, and Dante look for the Ice Princess, Marshall crashes Curtis and Portia’s housewarming, and Esme accuses Spencer of loving another girl.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Liz took drastic action against her stalker and Sasha took drugs when she felt pressure at the Deception launch.

drew meets family gh

Drew arrives at Portia and Curtis’ housewarming. He tells them how beautiful their new home is and wishes he’s bought it. Stella and TJ are there too, discussing him moving into a specialty.

Trina listens as Curtis and Drew discuss her case. Drew is sure she must feel good knowing that everyone thinks the case against her is bogus. Curtis says unfortunately she’s more concerned about the one person who hasn’t realized that yet

curtis drew have battle GH

The men chat about Marshall. Curtis explains that he tried to get his hands on his father’s sealed arrest records but has had no luck.

Drew thinks it’s good Sonny turned down his request because he doesn’t want to owe the mob anything. Curtis thinks back to Selina’s business offer.

Trina admits to TJ that she is trying to compartmentalize. She just wants to scream about how she is innocent. He knows how it feels to be falsely accused. Her life is spiralling out of control.

Trina tells her mom that everyone thinks she’s innocent but she can’t stay focused on that. All she can think about is that Spencer might suspect her.

Her mom explains that part of growing up in learning the pain of putting your faith in the wrong person. Trina assumes he just wants to think she’s guilty to justify his relationship with Esme.

Stella tells Portia that in her day people didn’t move in together so quickly. But at her age, she realizes that people should take happiness where they can find it.

She suddenly flashes back to stealing Curtis’ divorce papers.

Stella is glad she didn’t listen to her when she was being overprotective of Curtis. They discuss Trina situation. Stella tells her there is only so much she can do. Marshall shows up with wine.

TJ explains that he invited Marshall. He enters but things are pretty cool. Marshall assures Drew that he has not forgotten about his job offer.

After he steps away, Curtis tells his father about his vacation plans. Portia has always wanted to go to Buenos Aires and asks if he’s ever been.

Coughing, Marshall says he was there a long time ago and then heads to the porch where he starts fumbling with his pills. Stella follows him out and demands to know what he’s doing. When she asks about the pills, he insists they are only heart mediation.

stella marshall worry consequences GH

She tells him she’s in this way too deep and doesn’t want this to blow up in her face. Her relationship with her family can’t be collateral damage if the truth comes out. He makes it clear that if anyone is Curtis’ family, it’s him. This leaves her in shock.

When Stella stumbles back into the room, she collapses.

Selina meets with Sonny at the gym and comments on the musk in the air. He says they can make an appointment if she wants to talk. She tells him Jordan has been keeping an eye on her so official meetings are a bad idea.

Selina explains that she plans to expand the gaming in the city. That won’t infringe on any of his business but she wants his blessing. “What if I say ‘no’?” he asks. She’s never brought up gambling before.

He agrees to take a cut as long as no drugs are involved. If he finds out that drugs are involved, he will shut it down. Wu agrees to his terms and they shake on it.

sonny says no Gh

When she brings up his divorce, he doesn’t want to talk about it but informs her that Brick will be taking over Jason’s position.

She says that’s good news given all the rumors about the new family taking over the west coast and expanding in their direction.

She gives him her word she will keep him in the loop. After she leaves, he shakes his head.

At Wyndemere, Esme assures Laura that she is not behind the sex video. Nikolas says they need to keep an open mind about the case.

Ava saunters in and announces some things are more important than her feelings about Esme “This is my damn house too,” she says.

Esme and Laura give the couple some space and enter the foyer as Spencer arrives. Laura tries to keep the peace and offers to take them out but they need to talk. She leaves them alone, asking them to be kind to each other.

Immediately, Esme accuses Spencer of falling in love with another girl. He tells her his feelings are complicated. She wonders if there is a path forward for them now that he knows she is not behind the video. Getting distraught, she threatens to leave the country.

She doesn’t want to be roommates. She wants what they used to have. He’s not there yet but thinks they should give it time. They hug.

Meanwhile, Nikolas tells his wife he’s glad she’s decided to stay. Whatever Esme has done, she doesn’t deserve to be on the end of Sonny’s wrath.

Ava tells him Esme is a “conniving reptile” and she will never be okay with her living there, but she won’t let her drive her from her marriage.

If anyone is getting kicked to the curb, it will be Esme, not her. He tells her that Esme moving out is not an option. She reminds him of what they are capable of. Ava thought he was smarter than this. He’s insulted that she thinks he’s naive.

ava nikolas ultimatum GH

His wife makes it clear that as long as he chooses to protect Esme, they will not be sharing a bed. He doesn’t respond well to ultimatums. He’s not saying Esme is completely innocent but he wants to stand by his son.

Ava makes it clear that she will staying in one of the spare rooms to keep an eye on things.

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Johan joins Victor at the metro Court, the Cassadine asks him to keep an eye on things while he goes to Europe to take care of things. Johan points out it looks like he’s fleeing the country.

He reminds Victor that all eyes are on them and this will looks suspicious. Victor is sure the suspicion will fall on someone more likely soon.

When he spots Laura, he crosses the room to see her.

victor laura upset GH

He offers to buy her a drink but she says there’s not a martini dry enough. They argue about the Spencer situation and his offer to handle his potential offspring. She wants something better for those kids than what he can offer.

Victor assures her they both want something better for the future of their family. He thinks she should imagine a world where they work together toward a common goal.

Anna calls Valentin and leaves a messaging asking when he will get back. She goes into Sam’s penthouse and is told they have found something that could prove Luke was murdered.

She and Dante explain that Spinelli has been monitoring the dark web. They discuss the theft of the Ice Princess. It appeared on a black market auction today. Now they need to find out who is selling it. That’s likely the person who killed Luke and they could lead them back to Victor.

Anna explains that Duke left her a large sum of money she turned into crypto currency they could use to get into the auction. Dante urges her to be cautious about this.

The tram crash seemed to be politically motivated and it’s unclear these two things are related.

After entering their information, they get invited to join the auction. They find out it’s in French Polynesia. Anna runs off to take the WSB jet down there. On the way, she calls Valentin and worries that he’s been unreachable.

jennifer smith ice princess General Hospital

In French Polynesia, Jennifer Smith (played by Holly Gagnier) is on the phone saying she shouldn’t be there much longer because she has important business to tend to.

Although she’s committed to moving on from her dead ex-husband, she insists the Ice Princess belongs with her.

If she wins this auction, it will only be a matter of time before they can expand their operations east and take over Port Charles.

As she orders a drink, Valentin appears in a uniform, mustache and French accent and asks if he can sit with her.