Selina and Sonny Cut a Deal as Portia Agrees to Mentor Epiphany & Finn and Liz Become an Official Couple

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, March 22, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Curtis and Portia celebrate their new house, Ms Wu has a proposition for Sonny, and Finn and Liz make it official.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Michael fights with Sonny, and Willow’s collapse causes issues with Epiphany and a nasty doctor, which prompted her to consider becoming a doctor.

At GCPD, Dante tells Liz they’ve got nothing on her case yet. They discuss the sex tape and she learns Michael was arrested for assaulting tabloid reporter. Liz is disgusted and learns the PD is investigating.

She asks what she can do and he tells her to ignore the paparazzi. She hopes this won’t become a story about a king pin’s step-father. Dante will talk to him.

liz dante at gcpd general hospital

Finn’s surprised to see Chase in his office at General Hospital. He thought his brother would be busy with Brook Lynn. He’s the organizer of the community softball team.

He gets Finn to sign up and asks for his help in rallying more. They discuss Jake video chatting with his grandparents, which confuses Chase. Finn has no idea what the issue is but he’s glad nothing weird has happened to Liz since the portrait.

Talk turns back to Brook Lynn and Chase calls them movie buddies. Finn asks if he’s fine with the buddy part. “Totally,” Chase says. It’s time he got back to living his own life.

Maxie strolls into Deception in need of coffee. Brook Lynn seems off and Maxie tells her she should go see the baby. Maxie will never forget how she kept Bailey safe.

She asks about her and Chase. Brook Lynn shrugs and says he stopped by the house. He made it clear that they’re still friends. Maxie makes coffee and Brook Lynn picks up her song book and

Maxie asks if she’s writing again. She isn’t, since she can’t sing anymore, but Chase told her other people might want to sing her songs. Maxie looks at her pointedly and calls that “very friendly” of him. She grins over her coffee and asks if Brook Lynn wants more.

maxie drinks coffee general hospital

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Lucy gets Curtis and Portia to finish signing the contracts to purchase the house on the beach. They kiss, excitedly as Epiphany and Marshall show up. They flirt and watch Lucy bring Mimosas and drink to the new home.

Lucy has to take off to file the papers. She hands out the keys. She needs to get to Deception or she’ll have to fire herself. Nearby, Epiphany confesses she’s taking the MCATS.

He’s trilled for her. She says she’ll have to work while she studies.

mimosas lucy portia curtis GH

He’s supportive, which makes her think he should get a job as a hype man. Meanwhile, Curtis and Portia talk about Trina living outside the house and how she misses her.

They look over at Marshall and Epiphany. Portia thinks she’s good for him but Curtis isn’t sure his father is good for her. He goes to greet them and tells them about buying the house.

The men clasp hands and Epiphany runs to congratulate Portia. They get into it about romance and Epiphany says they’re just hanging out, and she reveals that she’s taking the MCATs.

Portia’s happy for her and will help her study — mentor her. Epiphany loves that idea. Meanwhile, the men talk about Curtis wanting a meaningful relationship. They talk about Marshall dating his mother and how he tried to “bust a move” while skating.

Instead, he split his pants wide open. They laugh at his memory and Curtis admits Mom never mentioned that. Marshall admits he really did love her. They get back to Epiphany and Curtis thinks he should be honest about his feelings with her.

Later, they go back to their respective tables and Curtis admits he thinks he’s finally starting to get to know his father. Drew calls and tells him that he found inconsistencies in Marshall’s past.

epiphany mcats GH

Ms Wu meets Sonny at his place. She wants he use of the PC Harbor. He’ll get a cut. He laughs and says he’ll consider it if she plays by his rules. No drugs. She says that’s not a problem.

He needs advanced notice on his traffic and gets to pick the points person to facilitate it. He wants to hear from her 48 hours before the first shipment. She brings up Michael’s arrest.

He tells her he’s his problem. “You take care of your family. I’ll take care of mine.” She promises that she keeps a close eye on her family.

She goes and Dante appears, surprised to see Selina there. He’s there to discuss the video of Joss and Cam. Sonny’s angry and wants to take action. Spinelli took the video off of all the websites already.

Dante is shocked that Michael never told him. Sonny lets Dante know that Michael didn’t think Sonny was Joss’s family. In fact, he thinks Sonny’s choosing Nina over family.

He talks about drinking more since Jason died and that Nina helped him to stop drinking. Dante says it’s good. He asks if there’s a future with her.

sonny selina make deal general hospital

Back at the hospital, Britt lets Brad know about the type of man she’s looking for. She likes them sexy, dangerous and reliable. He makes a joke about Jason and then apologizes.

He thinks the man should be able to dance. Britt wonders if they’re still looking for her. He doesn’t want a man right now. He wants a job.

He asks if she’s found him anything. She can’t put him in the lab and he doesn’t have food skills. Later, Liz finds Finn and fills him in on her talk with Dante.

She appreciates Finn’s help with the boys. He’s glad to be there for her, telling her she doesn’t have to be alone. She tells him to shut up and kiss her so he plants one on her. They agree to officially be a couple.

finn supportive GH

Back in her room, Britt reads a few more jobs to Brad. A patient advocate job would be fine. He’d read test results to patients. He likes that idea and pending Terry’s approval, he’s got the job.

The friends embrace until Selina wanders in. She has decided to get to know Britt better since she’s a big part of Brad’s life. Britt’s too busy. When Brad tells her about the job, she tells him it’s not necessary. “My nephew is working for me.”

She reminds  him he agreed to this in return for living rent free. She goes and Britt asks if she should be worried Selina will try to poison her. “No. Um. I don’t think so,” he says. “Just don’t let her take you to a second location.”

selina job brad GH

Back at Deception, Brook Lynn flashes to Chase’s kisses but lies that she’s fine with the friends zone. Maxie reveals Sasha texted and is extending her time away.

Lucy pops in and tells them that Sasha and Brando got married. They happily decide to throw them a party when they return, but until then, they discuss a party for Deception’s IPO. Brook Lynn offers to write a song for them.

Lucy wonders who will sing. Amy? Brook Lynn becomes more confident that she can do this. Later, Chase shows up out of the blue.

maxie at deception GH