Selina Blackmails Britt, Liz Finds Something Disturbing, and Ava Gets the Losing End of an Ultimatum

General Hospital recap for Monday, April 4, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Brad has a job interview, Britt has a meeting with Selina, Ava is shocked to find Esme at Wyndemere, and Gregory has dinner with his sons.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Spencer was questioning Esme’s motives and Trina entered a not-guilty plea.

At Liz’s place, she tells Finn he’s looking dapper for a man who has been sleeping on a couch. She says Joss and Cam are visiting Trina while she’s out on bail. He admires how they are handling everything with the video.

She’s glad no one is going through this nightmare alone. The doctor assures her he will be by her side the whole time. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

He asks her if she wants to come to dinner with his father. She’s sure Gregory would appreciate some alone time with his family. Finn says his dad likes her and thinks she could do much better. Liz says he would be wrong. The doctor tells her she’s amazing.

Laura arrives as Finn heads out. The women talk about how Cam is holding up. He’s doing better than his mom. They rehash what’s happened to Trina and how the kids assume Esme is behind it all. Laura can’t comment but has faith the PCPD will uncover the truth.

Liz hopes they do since she doesn’t have the energy for another crisis. She tells her the latest about the weirdness in her life. They’ve cleared Jake but he has been off lately.

She admits that she is furious her parents contacted Jake behind her back. Laura understands, even if she doesn’t understand many of Jeff’s choices. Liz says they are worried about the world, not their daughter.

Laura doesn’t want to minimize the good Jeff does, but that doesn’t mean that Liz doesn’t need them and that they’ve missed important things in her life. She worries that holding onto ill will could be bad for her.

Maybe this could be the time to let them back in?

liz freaks out painting GH

As soon as Laura leaves, there’s a noise and the lights go out. “Don’t forget me,” says a man. She wakes up. That was just a dream.

But when she looks at her drafting table, she finds, “Don’t Forget Me” written across a painting.


At the Metro Court, Amy is thrilled by Brook Lynn’s song and grateful she is using local talent. Chase arrives with Violet and stares over at them. Brook Lynn tries to escape but Violet corners her and asks about her baby.

Maxie calls her over to look at pictures of Bailey on the phone.

Amy suggests that Chase sing the song with her. Brook Lynn insists he doesn’t want to be involved. The nurse thinks they are being idiots.

Chase and Brook Lynn cross the room. They go over why he already refused to sing. He’s still worried about what it would do to his image. Gregory arrives and his son introduces him to Brook Lynn.


Gregory already knows who she is. They rehash her role in Chase being suspended until Violet runs over to him. He leaves to get their table. Chase starts apologizing and telling her that his suspension was not her fault.

Finn arrives and the cop joins his family at a table.


When Gregory and Chase are left alone, the cop grills him about bring rude to Brook Lynn. He stands up for her, what she did, and the sacrifices she made. Gregory guesses he has feelings for her.

Violet and Finn return.

Gregory crosses the room and apologizes to Brook Lynn for being rude. His son straightened him out. She’s sure he was just looking out for his son. He’s looking forward to getting to know her better. She and Chase exchange a glance.


Gregory speaks with his sons and Violet, who tells him that Finn has been stay at Liz’s.


In Terry’s office at General Hospital, Britt asks her to go into Brad’s interview with an open mind.

He bumbles in, telling Terry she’s more beautiful than he remembered. He’s early so Britt leads him out.


She admits this is a long shot but he has the chance to make his case. He needs to prove that he’s a great lab tech. Li pops up and orders Britt to go with him. Britt informs Brad that tonight is the night of her meeting with Selina.

She assures Brad she will be fine.

Back in her office, Terry gets a text from Chet. He’ll be away for another month. They hope they can get together when he returns.


When Brad is allowed in for an interview, he’s informed it would only be as an orderly, not as a patient advocate as he wishes. He admits that he’s made mistakes and he’s paid for them.

Brad wants to start over.

amy call security brad GH

He’s made a better impression than Terry expected.

She will have to talk to Lucas first and will let him know. Once Brad leaves, he thinks things could have gone better. Amy pops up and starts yelling for security after seeing him.

All the screaming brings Terry back, who gets Amy to be quiet. Brad walks off and Amy begs Terry not to let Brad work there. “Nurse Driscoll, please get back to work,” the doctor orders.

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Britt meets Selina at The Grill. She’s bought out the entire restaurant so they can speak privately. The doctor finds this excessive for a friendly dinner. “We are not friends,” Selina reminds her.

The doctor tells her that Brad really wants to start a new life at the hospital. Selina doesn’t think much of him doing menial labor rather than working for her.

She knows Brad listens to her, so Britt has to listen to her. Britt wonders why. “Because I knew your father,” Selina says.

That’s news to Britt and she doesn’t see what that has to do with her expectation that she will help her manipulate Brad. Selina knows what she and Faison were doing in Lisbon in 2016. She’s sure it’s something the WSB would be happy to hear about.

The doctor accuses her of bluffing but Wu says she has all the proof she needs to send her back to prison. In exchange for her silence, she has to pull Brad’s strings for her.


As Spencer settles into Wyndemere, he tells his father that he’s surprised he left his room intact. He assumes that means he expected him to crawl back. Nikolas reminds he’s his child and he wanted him back. That’s something Spencer will learn to understand if Esme really is pregnant.

Nikolas admits that he was shocked and scared when he learned Spencer was his son. But the first time he held him, there was a love that he’d never experienced before.

“Those were the days, huh?” his son says.

Nikolas still loves him and will be by his side with Esme if she is pregnant.

Ava is startled when she arrives and finds Esme lounging around. She threatens to throw her out. Esme tells her she might want to run that by her husband. Nikolas invited her and Spencer to stay. Ava refuses to believe it.


Esme informs her that she might be a step-grandmother soon. “Nikolas!” Ava yowls. He and his son arrive. The prince asks to speak to his wife alone. Once the doors are closed, the couple argues.

Ava hopes he’s not falling for Esme’s act. He tells her Sonny’s goons went after her. She admits that she urged him to do it because Esme is a monster. Nikolas turns the topic back to the potential pregnancy.


Ava doesn’t care: Esme has got to go. “Sorry Ava but I’ve made my decision,” he says. The Jerome thinks that if Esme isn’t pregnant, they should just send her back to Sonny to deal with.

When she gives him an ultimatum and threatens to move out if Esme doesn’t, she’s shocked that he still sides with the other woman. She storms out.

Esme gloats to Spencer about getting between his father and Ava. He’s more concerned about her taking the pregnancy test. She tries delaying and worries Sonny could come after her again if she’s not pregnant. If it’s negative, she will be all alone.

He promises that she can stay at Wyndemere no matter what the test says. After she goes in and out of the bathroom, he insists they wait for the results together. Once the clock runs down, they check the result.