After Scott Trashes Michael on the Stand, Willow Confronts Nina — & Esme Finds Vulnerable Nikolas Drinking

General Hospital recap for Friday, May 27, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Ava and Nikolas tear into each other, Amy asks Chet not to go, and Rory flirts with Trina.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Diane grilled Sonny on the stand and Scott reminded Michael of what he did to Claudia.

In the courtroom, Scott calls Michael to the stand and reminds everyone that he killed Claudia. Diane objects but Scott thinks they should question the fitness of Michael as a parent.

They go over the details of Michael beating in Claudia’s head while she was holding his sister. Michael only served a few months for it. Diane gets tired of Scott’s sarcastic retelling of all this.


Scott brings up how Michael snatched Avery away from her family. Michael insists he was only protecting his sister. The only person Wiley needs protecting from is Nina.

Scott says that Nina and Nelle are victims of Michael. Nina nods along.

Diane and the judge urge Scott to wrap this up. He needles Michael until he gets angry and repeats that he bashed Claudia’s head in.

diane cross examines GH

When Diane cross-examines, she brings up Nina’s sparse visits to Wiley. He insists that he is not opposing her visitation to harm her, but only because she’s been consistently untruthful and is emotionally unstable.

Nina squints. Sonny shakes his head. Diane enters Michael and Nelle’s criminal records into evidence. Recess is called and the attorneys are called into chambers.

sonny listens in court GH

As everyone files out, Nina turns to Sonny. She tells him she wanted to take the high road, but Michael made that impossible. She hopes he can understand.

Carly corners her son and he tells her that he’s going to be forced to answer for this… by Wiley.

As Nina tries to leave the courtroom, Willow corners her and tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Spencer arrives at the gallery and finds Trina and Rory discussing paintings. He knocks something over and asks if it’s not a good time. She tells him he can’t serve his restitution today.

Rory decides to leave to catch some rays. Trina glares at Spencer. As he sits down to work, they talk about art until he explains that Ava has let him draw from his trust fund again.

She wonders what he had to do for that. He explains he and Esme have to move out and claims he is doing that for his father’s sake. He adds that he will work things out with Nikolas.

Trina finds this hard to believe. He reminds her she has better things to worry about. When she is about to storm out, he asks what’s wrong. She tells him she has a life and walks out. He fumes.

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At Wyndemere, Esme calls Spencer to leave a message and says she’s packing up to move out. “Come home soon,” she says, before hanging up and adding, “Before I get into trouble.”

Sitting down, she writes a letter to Maggie, telling her that everything is going swimmingly.

Spencer abruptly returns and tells her about Liz having a breakdown. She guesses he’s really angry about having a fight with Trina. He doesn’t want to discuss Trina.

esme argues with spencer GH

Things get tenser as they bicker about the other woman. He suggests they take a ride but she wants answers.

Spencer refuses to discuss this but she can’t understand why he keeps returning to a woman who looks down on him while she is willing to do anything. If he walks out, she might not be there when he returns.

He asks if that’s a threat. Resorting to ultimatums doesn’t work for him. Being taken for granted doesn’t work for her. He should no better than to think that everyone will stick around.

Slamming the door, he walks out and she smiles to herself.

Nikolas strolls into the Metro Court and asks Victor if he can speak to his wife alone. Victor feels like he should stay to referee. The couple begins bickering about Spencer and Ava’s feelings.

Nikolas explains to his uncle that she has driven his son away again. She thinks they should have left Esme to Sonny’s mercy. The prince thinks they should be compassionate but his wife accuses him of arrogance.

Nikolas accuses her of manipulating his son. It all sounds like obedience training to Victor. He wishes she’d been more patient.

Victor knows that Spencer has some maturing to do but being around his family should accelerate that. He doesn’t think their in-fighting should ruin their marriage and suggests they compromise.

Ava doesn’t compromise on trust and Nikolas tells his uncle their issues are not his. After Victor exits, Nikolas tells his wife that coming between him and his son has hurt him.

ava and nikolas bicker GH

Ava insists she’s done them a favor by giving Spencer the chance to show them who he really is. They have bigger problems than Esme and Spencer.

The prince accuses her of trying to force him to choose between his marriage and his family. “If there’s a choice to make, maybe it’s my choice,” she declares.

He doesn’t think that difficult people like them can have easy relationships. Things have never been perfect between them, but they worked. They don’t work for her anymore.

She tells him that love isn’t enough. Deeds count. He can’t believe she’s putting everything on him. She insists she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He better see it before it’s too late.

Once Nikolas leaves, Victor returns. He assures her that his nephew will be back. She worries she may have overplayed her hand this time. The marriage may be at an end.

Nikolas goes home and drinks. Esme finds him and smiles.

At General Hospital, Chet informs Terry that he got a surprisingly great job offer. Amy eavesdrops as he tells Terry it’s his dream job. The doctor wants to take him out to celebrate.

Chet breaks the news that the job is in Chicago. Amy bursts in and says he can’t take it. She explains that she submitted his resume to the headhunter to stop him from dating her boss.

It’s not personal. She just doesn’t want him dating her boss and being all over her life. After she begs her brother not to take the job, she runs off. Chet tells Terry he doesn’t see how he can take the job. “I don’t see how you can’t,” she says.

Rory goes to the pool and reserves some lounging chairs. Soon, Trina shows up and tries to get a chair but has no luck. Rory climbs out of the water in slow motion and she ogles his glistening body.

trina and rory by pool GH

He comes over and she tells him she and Spencer don’t communicate well. He asks her to take a seat with him. He’s already bought her a day pass. She wonders how he knew she was coming.

He was hopeful after dropping the hint he was going to catch some rays. As they sit, she tells him her friend co-owns the place. He orders her a non-alcoholic drink. She thanks him for everything… especially his company.