At Nina’s Hearing, Scott Maneuvers Willow Onto the Stand, Shawn is Cleared, and Martin and Lucy Hook Up

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Thursday, December 23, 2021 episode. Today, Scott maneuvers Willow onto the stand, Martin and Lucy wake up together, Esme asks Cameron and Joss for help, and Laura urges Nikolas to make amends with his son. We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Drew bonded with Scout and Sonny learned that someone else knows Nina and Sonny’s secret.

martin lucy sex general hospital

Martin wakes up in bed at the Metro Court and discovers Lucy there. “You ready for another round?” she asks. He slips on his Santa hat and she squeezes his pompom. After they romp, he tells her that was a Christmas miracle and then asks if she wants breakfast. She says folks will talk. He’s okay with that and starts doling out compliments for all the things she’s achieved. She agrees to breakfast because she hasn’t taken the walk of shame in a long time.

dante visits shawn gh

At Alexis’ place, she tells Shawn that she’s going back to college but worries it’s a ridiculous idea. Dante arrives on official police business. They have discovered the body of a hitman in the Pine Barrens. He was killed by the same gun used to shoot Hayden. In the eyes of the PCPD, he’s in the clear.

dante found real guilty party general hospital soapsspoilers abc

After the cop leaves, they assume Nikolas sent the police to the body. He calls Nikolas, who informs him that he’s sent money to his account. Shawn says the cops have cleared him. They’ve completed their agreement. When he gets off the line, Shawn tells Alexis that this isn’t over by a long shot.

esme complains worst thing gh

At Cameron’s place, he is making out with Joss when they are interrupted by Esme. She complains that the worst thing has happened. They mull over Spencer’s plea bargain. Joss says the worst thing about it is that Esme is walking free in spite of being as guilty as her boyfriend.

Esme loves Spencer and is sure they do too. Cameron asks how they can help. Esme thinks they should create some happy memories for him before he starts his sentence. She asks Joss to talk to her stepfather so they can use his cabin. Cameron says they will talk it over and get back to her. Heading for the door, Esme promises they will have a great time.

joss tells cameron refuses change mind esme gh

Cameron tells his girlfriend that Esme isn’t wrong this time. She reluctantly agrees but won’t change her mind about Esme. They make out.

trina advice spencer general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Trina stops by Kelly’s to get coffee as Victor blows in to ask his great-nephew how he feels about his legal woes being a thing of the past. Spencer has signed the paperwork for his plea. He’ll be going to Spring Ridge for a month and doing community service. Victor says that’s a slap on the wrist and no one could get him a better deal. He’s a Cassadine and he can keep a stiff upper lip. After he sends Spencer off to make his tea, he tells Trina how glad he is that he’s selective in his friends.

spencer wishes he could see through trina's eyes gh

Spencer tells Trina that she’s made him see what a privileged baby he is. She also thinks he’s human. He points out humans can be pretty terrible. Trina says they are also capable of change and she can see that includes him. Holding her hand, he thanks her. Esme sees this from the doorway and starts to huff.

esme sees spencer trina together general hospital

Esme rushes over to announce that she’s moved up the time frame for the couple’s weekend. He says it needs to include Trina. Joss calls to say they agree to the weekend getaway. Spencer and Esme are thrilled and Trina says she would never pass up on the chance to give him the sendoff he deserves.

ned nik laura dine metro court general hospital

At the Metro Court, Laura tells Kevin she’d take more extended trips if she knew she was going to get the welcome back he’s been giving. As they kiss, Nikolas strolls in. He joins them and she explains how heartbroken she was by Spencer’s treatment of Ava, but it doesn’t justify how the prince has treated his son. “You were right about your son, but now I want you to do right by him,” she says.

Laura and Kevin say that Spencer has started to take responsibility for himself. He’s even learned to use the dishwasher. She insists that what he needs now is a loving father, otherwise, who knows what influence will step in to fill the void. This is obviously a warning about Victor.

laura questions nikolas' involvement gh

Laura interrogates her son about his involvement with his uncle. He thinks about Victor explaining that he took care of Hayden and her mother. The prince admits to his mother that Victor helped him back to health and he let him use the compound in Crete as thanks.

Lucy and Martin step off the elevator. He’s still in his Santa suit. They stroll by the table. “Looks like Christmas comes more than once a year,” Nikolas quips. As he gets up, his mother encourages him to restore his bond with his son.

Laura leads Martin into the hall and tells him that Cyrus claimed someone else put the hit out on them. Meanwhile, Kevin quizzes Lucy about how she hooked up with Martin.

When Martin returns to Lucy, he tells her that he doesn’t want the fun to end.

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Obrecht calls Scott at the courthouse. He claims he’s been working on a defense for Nina. She tells him to work harder. When he learns that he can cross-examine any witness the DA calls, he gets a flash of inspiration.

michael court willow general hospital

In the courtroom, Michael and Willow talk to the DA while Sonny and Carly talk about the options. She just wants this Nixon Falls saga over with so Nina will be out of their lives. They shake their heads as Nina walks in. Once she gets to her desk, Willow comes over and Nina thanks her for not saying anything about what she overheard in Nixon Falls.

sonny stand general hospital abc

Nina starts to worry when Scott joins her with a smug look on his face. The judge calls the hearing to order. Sonny is the first person called to the stand. He recounts how he went missing after nearly dying and wound up in Nixon Falls. Corinthos admits that Nina intentionally concealed his identity.

sonny takes stand nina case general hospital

When Scott cross-examines him, he asks why he never pressed charges against Nina. Reluctantly, Sonny says he lost too much time already. Scott points out Michael doesn’t feel that way and he and Willow gave a sizeable donation to the DA before this case came up. Maybe they should be on trial for bribery. This angers the DA, who wants to call additional witnesses to clear his name. He calls Willow to the stand.

victor tells liesl stay out of way general hospital abc

Victor corners Obrecht outside of Kelly’s. After some banter about their former affair, she confronts him for abducting her and dumping Scott off a plane. He asks her to dinner, but she’d rather eat glass. Victor reminds her that he saved her life. Threatening him makes it unlikely he’ll intervene on her behalf again. “I adore you, just don’t get in my way,” he warns. She tells him he never compared to Faison and doesn’t compare to Scott either.