Sasha Melts Down and Hallucinates On Air, Selina Threatens Lucy, and Carly Shoots Down Sonny’s Offer of Help

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, July 6, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Cody settles in at the stable, Brando has to make a hard choice, and Sonny comforts Nina.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Carly banned Spencer and Esme and Drew tried selling Crimson to Nina.


In the Crimson office, Nina tells Sonny that Carly lost her half of the Metro Court. She explains Drew asked her to buy Crimson but she turned him down because she thought it would have been unethical to take advantage of the situation.

Besides, investing in print media is really risky and she’d be stretched thin. He admires her head for business. Carly used to have one of those too but her judgment seems cloudy.

nina says no GH

He assumes that his ex-wife has been drawn into Michael’s vendetta against him. Sonny says he’ll catch up with her later and takes off.

drew more bad news GH

By the Metro Court pool, Drew admits to Carly that he did something and she’s not going to like it. He’s trying to generate capital to help her hold onto her part of the hotel. But the whole plan is contingent on Nina.

She points out that Crimson is the most lucrative thing he has. He blames himself for the mess she’s in and feels responsible to get her out of it. Carly didn’t ask him to come to her rescue.

Drew doesn’t see it that way. He and Michael never should have imagined Ned would go along with the plan. She tells him not to take responsibility for her choices, especially when he discouraged them.


Sonny shows up and asks for a second. Drew steps away and Sonny tells Carly he heard what she could lose. He offers his help and wants to give her the money she rejected in the settlement. She refuses to even discuss this.

He points out that there will come a time when she has to pay to sit by the pool she used to own. He offered and she turned him down. She shakes her head.

carly sobs lost everything general hospital

Sitting down and putting her feet in the water, Carly weeps. Drew joins her with beer. He tells her crying helps. It’s hard for her to say goodbye to the hotel. Drew points out she doesn’t have to. He heard her turn Sonny down. She insists that it is her responsibility and refuses to take any help from Sonny.

“Carly Corinthos may be down, but she is never out,” he says, toasting to her. She toast to them rising again.


At General Hospital, Kevin and Britt chat about the all-star game. She fills him on the fiasco at the Society Set-ups mixer and complains about how she could have drowned. The doctor admits she’s giving the dating service another try.

An orderly comes over with Cody’s belt and says she was listed as a contact on his patient sheet.

willow holding out GH

Willow and Michael are in the stable. She tells him how much she loves horses. He can get her one of her own. She points out that’s not a recommended prenatal activity. They look forward to her having a baby and kiss.


Cody interrupts and announces he’s the new stable hand. They have introductions and chat about Dante. Michael can’t picture his half-brother on a horse. She introduces Cody to Leo’s horse and he tells them about the importance of the bond with an animal.

When he’s left alone, Cody tells the horse he just wants a place of his own with someone he loves. Britt shows up with his belt. He slips it on and thanks her. She notes that horses seem a lot fonder of him than humans to and brings up being beaten in an alley.

cody payback GH

He claims that was just a misunderstanding. She tells him she’s not his contact and orders him never to put her name on his paperwork. He snipes about her needing matchmaking service and then apologizes, adding he has a way to make it up to her.

He offers to teach her to ride. She’s not interested. They bicker about it until she walks out. He tells the horse she likes him.

Willow and Michael go in the house and talk about how much they like Cody. They admire his bond with horses and she eats a banana while recalling the horse she rode as a child. She lost touch with him when her mom made them move.

Michael assures her that they won’t be moving around. He doesn’t want that for their kids. Port Charles is the Quartermaine home if she wants it.

She never dreamed she’d get to live somewhere so breathtaking. “My home is with you and Wiley and his little brother and sister,” she says. They kiss and then recall how she had to say goodbye to her last baby.

This time around she gets to experience all the good parts of being a mother. He says losing Jonah is heaviness they will always carry but also a blessing of how lucky they are.

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maxie lucy brando on set GH

At the TV station, Lucy and Maxie have to hold Brando back when the hosts of Home & Heart show try prompting Sasha to wear a baby carrier. As the hosts go on about it, Maxie tries to end the broadcast.

They tells Sasha she wears it like an old pro and then pull out a doll. “Ready for the baby Sasha?” they ask. They makes her walk around as they explain the carrier’s features. Sasha begins hallucinating that the doll is alive.


Weeping, she caresses the doll and says, “My sweet Liam!” Brando runs in and tries to calm her. Felty snaps shots and Lucy chases him out. Sasha snaps out of it and freaks out.

morgan fairchild haven gh

Host Haven de Havilland starts railing at Lucy for letting this happen and putting an unstable person on the air. Lucy says they were never told she was supposed sell a baby carrier.

Haven complains that this is a nightmare and they will be suing her since they have to show a re-run. Selina suddenly appears and advises against that. The host runs off. Haven asks Selina how she even got access to the studio.

miss wu threatens haven

Haven claims that this is all a disaster and blames it on Lucy. Selina explains she is part owner of Deception and they can file for damages because she has subjected Sasha to emotion distress. Haven wishes Sasha a swift recovery and walks off.

Lucy doesn’t know what to say to Selina. Wu tells her to keep better control of her talent or there will be consequences.

sasha cries strung out general hospital

Brando and Maxie rush Sasha to the hospital to see Kevin. He asks if there were any signs this could happen. Brando says his mom has been afraid she might be using again.

Maxie hands the doctor her purse. Sasha asks him not to open it but Brando gives permission. He immediately finds drugs.
Sasha apologizes for lying and claims she’s only taken a few pills. Kevin recommends keep her in for 72 hours.

sasha taken hospital general hospital

Sasha doesn’t want that but the doctor advises Brando to give them authorization so she can heal. Maxie tells them to trust Kevin. Brando agrees. The doctor wheels her away as she begs Brando take her home.

nina sobs sasha general hospital

Sonny returns to the Crimson office and finds Nina weeping. She tells him how awful it was to see Sasha have a meltdown on live TV. She’s just grateful that Brando is there to support her. She knows what that grief is like.

As she cries over Nelle, he assures her that he will be there for her from now on.