There’s an Attack as Peter’s Transported to Pentonville, and Austin Confronts Maxie About Louise

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Thursday, February 3, 2022 episode. Today, Austin confronts Maxie, Sonny apologizes to Drew, and Spencer tries to say goodbye to Trina. We also have Monday’s GH recap where Harmony confessed to forging Willow’s birth certificate and Anna saved Tracy.

Sonny strolls into Charlie’s Pub and impresses Phyllis with his optimism. He heads to the bar and thanks Britt for her discretion. She reminds him confidentiality is a big part of his job. She notes he seems better. He’s almost forgotten last night. Drew arrives and things get cold.

phyllis questions sonny drugs general hospital recaps

Phyllis gets Sonny to sit down. She says Nina is concerned about him. He assumes she wants to talk to her about him going off his meds. Things got heated at The Savoy and Nina drove him home. Nothing happened between them, he assures her, and he’s back on his meds. She asks if his wife knows Nina got him through that. He doesn’t want Carly to come back to him out of obligation. Phyllis suggests Carly might be more receptive if he was forthcoming about the issues with his brain chemistry.

drew britt talk sonny GH

Drew joins Britt at the bar and he tells her about Sonny laying into him last night about not being Jason. She tells him to cut Sonny some slack. They both miss Jason. The doctor tells him her mom is on the way to play matchmaker for her. She says he’s lucky no one has claims on his heart… or do they? He insists no one does. Britt brings up Sam. The bartender serves him a bourbon courtesy of Sonny. He turns and the mobster raises his glass to him.

sonny drew at charlie's pub general hospital recaps

Drew walks over to Sonny and Phyllis gives them space. Corinthos explains he wasn’t himself last night. He apologizes for taking out his problems on him. Drew says he was right about one thing: he is no Jason, but he doesn’t want to be. Sonny says that great people can’t be replaced. Oscar and Jason were one of a kind.

Back at the bar, Britt and Phyllis discuss “Mike.” Britt admits that she and Nina are friends and shared a brother. They aren’t that close but share things that bond people for life. The doctor wonders what the right thing for Nina to do is.

Phyllis returns to Sonny. He says that if things went so well with Drew, there must be hope for Carly.

britt drinks with drew general hospital recaps

Drew returns to Britt and they joke about her Swiss-German mother being late. Before she can leave, she suggests he see where he stands with Sam. He doesn’t poach. Besides, it’s about what Sam wants. “What about what you want?” he asks.

spencer goodbye trina GH

Spencer shows up at the gallery to say goodbye to Trina. Ava reluctantly leaves them alone. He’s been trying to reach her since he left the cabin. She’s been ignoring his texts. There’s a lot he’s determined to tell her before he has to say goodbye. He’s realized that Esme planned to ruin their weekend. When his world was turned upside down because of his father, Esme was the one who made him think he mattered. “Of course, you matter!” she blurts.

laura in white general hospital recaps

At Kelly’s, Esme worries about what is keeping Spencer away. Victor tells her that Cassadine’s keep their own timetable. Laura barges in and sends her away so she can talk to Victor. She doesn’t want him around when her grandson returns. Nikolas pops up to echo this. Victor claims he doesn’t want to make a scene and promptly exits.

ava with nik general hospital recaps

Esme wonders to Kevin about where Spencer is. The rest wonder why Victor was so happy to have an excuse to leave. Ava shows up and announces that Spencer is at the gallery with Trina. Esme does not look pleased and heads out. The adults wonder if they should follow her to the gallery and then worry about the strings that Victor has attached to all of his help. They talk about all the betrayals between Peter and Victor and Laura worries that they are still working together.

Outside, Victor makes a call and tells someone to let him know the moment a package arrives.

esme catches spencer almost kiss trina general hospital recaps

Back at the gallery, Trina assures Spencer that everyone thinks he’s amazing. That’s why they are all so disappointed in him. He says that being sent away might not be a total waste. Taking her hands, he says that Kevin encouraged him to say goodbye to the people who matter most to him. As he leans in to kiss her, Esme arrives and interrupts just in time.

After she suggests they all let what happened in the cabin stay in the past, Nikolas, Ava, and Laura file in. Nikolas tells Spencer how much they will miss him. Esme encourages him to acknowledge his father is trying and reminds him she will be interning at Spring Ridge. As she kisses him, Trina looks disappointed.

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At the Quartermaine estate, Maxie seems worried when Anna informs her that Valentin has found a lead on Louise that the police haven’t. Austin flashes back through all of Maxie’s strange behavior over the past months and to what he overheard between her and Brook Lynn. It finally clicks. Rather than explain, he simply says he’s noticed how happy everyone seems to be that Peter is leaving.

austin pissed truth about bailey general hospital recaps

Once Anna departs, Austin tells Maxie he was hoping she kissed him because she found him attractive. But now he knows she did it to distract him. He remembers everything that happened in the woods and knows Louise is Bailey. She confirms it. The doctor doesn’t understand why she would do something like this.

austin maxie talk louise GH

Maxie gives him a detailed account. She’s able to live with her decisions given what’s at stake. His feelings are a little hurt that she didn’t trust him, but he thinks she’s the bravest person in the world. No one could blame her for trying to save her baby. He was a stranger before so he can understand her not trusting him. “You’re not a stranger anymore,” she says. He assures her she can trust him.

sam plays video games general hospital recaps

Sam (temporarily played by Lindsay Hartley) stops by Maxie’s to see Spinelli. They sit down and discuss her relationship with Dante. He points out that she ended her relationship with Jason because of the danger he faced. Even if she and the cop like the same pizza toppings, Dante faces similar dangers. But now Drew is back and she had a stable life with him.

They play videogames and she mulls over Drew’s return. She finally admits that she’s crazy about Dante, but she has a history with Drew. He reminds her of all the things she planned and hoped for. Spinelli says she now has the chance to see where things could lead.

felicia likes mac naked general hospital recaps

At General Hospital, Felicia drops in and tells Mac she’s there to bid Peter bon voyage. She’s determined to see him finally out of their lives. He can’t let her watch him taking Peter away. She mildly begs so he gives in. Anna arrives and gossips with Felicia about Maxie and Austin.

peter throws weight around dante general hospital recaps

Peter complains to Dante about his shackles being too tight. The cop tells him to say his final goodbyes to freedom. “How about, ‘til we meet again?” Peter says. Dante tries to get threatening but Peter says cops don’t scare him. “You know nothing about me,” Dante warns. The cop claims he wants August to live long enough for everyone to forget him. Peter is confident no one will.

Dante and Mac lead Peter out. They bump into Anna and Felicia on the way. After they exit by elevator, Anna tells Felicia that Valentin got a lead and then disappeared.

prison truck stopped general hospital recaps

In the prison van, Peter tries to get under Dante’s skin. The cop refuses to respond. There’s an accident in front of them because of black ice. They pull over. Mac decides to call the state police. Suddenly, the van shakes. They skid off the road. Getting out, Mac and Dante see all the tires have been punctured. They pull out their guns as a vehicle drives toward them.

victor makes call GH

Victor gets a call telling him his package has arrived.