Nina’s Devastated by the Judge’s Verdict, Esme and Nikolas Have Sex, and Someone Lands on Britt

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, June 1, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Valentin and Anna flirt on the firing range, Britt gets wasted and rants at the party, Dante has a warning for Drew, and Chase agrees to help Brook Lynn take down Linc.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Esme and Nikolas kissed and Willow ripped into Nina as the judge closed the hearing.

maxie asks what problem is GH

At the party on the patio, Britt gasps when Maxie shows up. The doctor complains about what an ordeal it is. She doesn’t know why she’s there.

Maxie suggests she put herself out there. They both deserve something good. Britt downs more booze. The blonde urges her to look to the future.

Austin and Brad come over and overenthusiastic Britt knocks the cocktail from his hand. As Maxie and Austin give them space, Brad tries to boost his friend’s confidence.

terry listens to britt vent GH

Terry arrives and announces the man she was seeing is gone. Britt grabs a tray of drinks for them and sneers at the server before sending Brad away. Terry tells Britt she and Chet were not even a couple and weren’t in love.

britt rants at terry GH

Britt complains that life offers you something and then snatches it away.

In a corner, Maxie talks to Austin about her kids. He admires how it makes her light up. As they laugh, Britt begins sneering at them. They remind her this is a charity fundraiser.

“Oh my God! I’m a charity case!” Britt gasps. Maxie thinks she should slow down her drinking. The doctor asks Terry and Brad to help her find someone and then begins critiquing all the men at the party.

Sam continues trying to quiz Spinelli about his plans. He spots Drew and calls him over to change the subject. They chat about Scout until Dante joins them. He asks to speak to Drew alone and they walk off.

Sam asks Spinelli why he’s dodging her questions. He admits that he has something new going on but isn’t going to talk about it yet.

dante and drew talk ELQ GH

Dante tells Drew that Michael is planning to use the Aurora and ELQ merger to try and destroy Sonny’s empire. Drew seems surprised to hear this. He won’t stand in the way of a legitimate deal but won’t do anything to harm ELQ.

Drew doesn’t want to see Michael consumed by anger and offers to talk to him.

Brook Lynn admits to Chase that asking him to do something illegal to Linc was going too far… but he overreacted. He points out she’s not apologized. She does.

He’s decided he will help her take Linc down anyway. She says he’s the best and hugs him. He doesn’t want to keep talking around what’s between them.

Before he can explain, Britt screams for everyone’s attention. She begins ranting and screaming about love and cupid. Brad records all of this until someone parachutes from the sky and lands on her. The mystery man is portrayed by Josh Kelly.

As she and the parachuter climb out of the pool, he yells, “Hello Port Charles!”

In the courtroom, Nina worries to Scott about the judge coming back with a decision so fast.

michael and willow thank diane GH

Michael (temporarily played by Robert Adamson), Willow and Diane are eager for the ruling. They are sure Carly would want to be there for it so send her a text.

Carly rushes over from the hospital as the judge brings the hearing back to order. The judge says the law is clear on allowing Nina to petition as she did.

However, the case has been a circus and she is denying Nina visitation. Michael and Willow are relieved. Nina is crushed. Carly looks at the DNA results in her bag.

Once the judge finishes lecturing Scott, the case is closed. He apologizes to Nina, who rushes over to Michael and Willow and begs them to reconsider. That doesn’t go well. She keeps begging.

nina begs michael and willow GH

Willow rips into her again and blames all of this on her. There is no going back from this. She can’t be trusted. It’s that simple. Nina insists that she and Wiley love each other.

His parents repeat they are protecting him from her because he knows no better. Scott leads his client out. Diane’s clients thank her. She tells Michael he held up beautifully and Willow was brilliant on the stand.

The lawyer urges them to enjoy their victory. On the way out, she congratulates Carly on holding it together during Sonny’s testimony.

She joins her son and asks Willow if she has any second thoughts about what happened. Willow is thrilled they never have to see Nina again.

Carly looks down at the DNA results and her son asks what she has. She flashes back to reading them and getting confirmation Nina is Willow’s mother.

Scott apologizes to Nina again but she’s too upset and walks out. She really thought she was going to win.

Nina goes to Nelle’s grave and tells her she’s failed her. She doesn’t know what to do now.

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Valentin isn’t surprised when he bumps into Ava at the firing range. He asks if she’s planning to upgrade from Nikolas to Victor. She says his father is more charming than he is.

Anna pops up to say Valentin has his moments. Ava would warn her about him but doubts she would listen. After she leaves, Valentin admits he was worried Anna was going to stand him up.

valentin and anna on firing range GH

She tells him he’s on his ninety-ninth chance at this point and prompts him to pick up a weapon. “Am I going to need to defend myself?” he asks. As they cock their guns, she tells him they can have dinner if he wins.

anna and valentin talk GH

He’s not used to his new gun so he takes a practice shot. He says one shot is all he needs. After they take some shots, he tells her that he is ready to stay put.

After they finish their competition, she wins and decides that she wants him to spend the evening with her as her prize. After she walks out, he gets a call from Victor.

spencer smug GH

Spencer arrives at Wyndemere and is disappointed to see that Esme’s bags are still there. He makes a sandwich and sends her a text before sending one to Cam admitting he screwed up with her.

ava questions spencer GH

He worries when she isn’t texting him back. Ava shows up and asks if he’s seen his father. They rehash their deal and bicker about his trust fund. He wants his first payout. She says he doesn’t get any until he and Esme are gone.

nikolas shocked from kiss Gh

In the turret room, Nikolas and Esme are kissing. He pulls away and apologizes. She’s not sorry and they get back into it. They rip off each other’s clothes and have sex on the floor.

esme and nikolas after sex GH

After that, he puts a blanket on her and asks if she’s alright. He never expected this to happen. She’s great and has been fighting her feelings for him for awhile. He hasn’t taken advantage of her; he’s saved her.

She feels safe in his arms and is sorry his son isn’t the man she thought he was. Nikolas says what they did was wrong. She repeats that she and Spencer are finished. He never has to know.

She doesn’t want to cause him any trouble after he has been so good to her. They start kissing.

Spencer and Ava arrive outside the door after finding her jacket on the floor.