Willow’s Family Rally Around Her Before She Goes in for Her Procedure, and Drew Digs for Dirt on Tracy

General Hospital recap for Friday, May 26, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Nina tries making friends with Diane, Ned vows to clear his name, and Sasha gives Willow a pep talk.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Curtis told Portia he was moving home, Nina plotted to use Drew against Carly, and Molly told her family about her condition.

Sonny is doing the dishes in Carly’s kitchen. Drew calls her and says he needs to stick around the Quartermaine house to dig up some dirt to use against Tracy.

drew calls carly with news that there is a way out and he'll find out how.

When she gets off the line, he asks about the SEC situation.

carly, sonny and mossy at her house

Joss wanders in, confused to see Sonny there. That’s tense. He takes off.

Carly fills her daughter in on the engagement. They need to get to the hospital because the procedure will start soon.

joss learns sonny is marrying nina

Joss isn’t sure she should be there since she’s fighting with Michael. They argue about Sonny and Nina. Carly shrugs it off as a relief.

Her daughter admits she asked Sonny to fire Dex. Carly says that if Dex wants out, he can ask for himself.

Her mom assumes this has something to do with her fight with Michael.

Olivia congratulates Brook Lynn on reuniting with Chase. Ned wishes everyone was getting out of the dog house. He complains about his wife not believing he’s innocent.

olivia happy for BLQ reunion with chase

Drew shows up to ask if there’s any reason he should believe it.

Ned repeats that he didn’t do anything. All he did was make an empty threat.

BLQ shames them for focusing on this when they should be worried about Willow. Olivia starts laughing when Tracy sides with Brook Lynn and assumes there is some scheme going on.

BLQ says she’s grateful for her grandmother helping her and Chase get back together. She admits it came with a price and is back at work.

Her father is surprised she’s given up her music business. BLQ claims she wants less drama and just wants to write music.

Drew and the other start hinting about how much they’d like Tracy to jet back to Amsterdam. She has no intention of leaving any time soon.

Olivia leaves for work with Ned tracking after her. He tells her they need to talk about Drew and Carly and the fact that he didn’t turn them in.

olivia doesn't believe ned still

She admits she had a tense run-in with Carly last night. He repeats that he didn’t blow the whistle.

Ned sided with Valentin for the sake of the company, but he’s not a snitch and is determined to prove it to her. He kisses her.

ned tells olivia about being lucky

Liv asks him to promise not to do anything stupid.

Once she’s gone, his mom pops up and tells him he’s wasting his time. She tells him he has nothing to be ashamed of and he repeats he didn’t do anything.

tracy never denies blq

Meanwhile, Drew tells BLQ she seems less than thrilled about having her grandmother around. She admits she grandma’s generosity usually comes at a price.

If her grandmother is smiling, it usually means someone is paying.

blq looking glum

Drew starts badgering her about Tracy manipulating her. Tracy interrupts and announces she needs her granddaughter.


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At the penthouse, Nina calls the hospital for an update on Willow’s condition. They can’t tell her anything.

Diane shows up. Nina asks if she can sue the hospital to get information on her daughter. The lawyer suggests she just ask her.

nina wants to let bygones be bygones with diane

She congratulates Nina on her engagement and admires her ring. Nina is hoping Sonny’s friends can be her friends too.

The lawyer tells her she’ll have to settle for cordial. They try being civil.

Nina goes on about how she learned she wanted more in her life than her magazine. She asks Diane if there’s anyone in her life and, if not, why.

Diane makes it clear that questions about her personal life are not welcome.

diane congratulates nina

Nina admits she’s not good at making friends. She wishes she could be with her daughter right now but doesn’t want to make things worse.

Diane admires her restraint and hopes she makes Sonny happy.

Sonny arrives and his lawyer tells them about the DOJ planning to make Carly an offer in exchange for turning on him.

He says that Carly won’t throw him under the bus. He told her she should do it because he can handle the Feds.

Nina asks what will happen if the Feds make her choose between her children and him. He repeats that she won’t give him up.

His fiancée has to leave for work. Once she’s gone, Sonny prompts Diane to tell him what she knows.

The lawyer says there’s a strong suspicion Ned tipped off the Feds. He doubts it and thinks it’s one of his enemies.

Sonny urges her to ask Robert about what he knows. She agrees to think about it. He tells her not to think too long.

diane ponders the SEC case and ned being the one to tattle

When Nina rives at the Metro Court, Olivia spots her ring and congratulates her. Carly seems to be taking it in stride.

Olivia admits she and Carly are at odds because of Ned. She’d like to believe Ned is innocent, but if he didn’t do it, who did?

Nina tells her the rumor is that the Feds are trying to use this to get to Sonny.

Anna joins Robert at the Metro Court. She explains that Holly has gone radio silent and she’s a bit worried.

anna worries about holly missing

He explains it’s all his fault. She left town after they realized they couldn’t recapture their past. They said their goodbyes and meant them.

robert admits he's made a mistake to anna

He adds that she cut a deal with Selina so she could pay off Ethan’s debts. Anna wonders how Diane figures in all this.

Scorpio tries to dismiss this but she’s sure he’s been flummoxed by female attention. Holly has bowed out.

anna listens to robert's problems

He doesn’t think Diane is interested any more. Anna suggests she asks her when she spots the lawyer walking in.

At General Hospital, Michael and the kids watch while Willow is prepared for the procedure.

michael wiley and baby look at willow in hospital

Sasha joins them and Willow is happy to see everyone. Sasha and TJ look after the kids while the couple talk through the phone.

Michael admits he’s scared. They didn’t make it this far to lose each other now. She wishes she could kiss him.

He says she will. This is just the beginning.

Michael walks off and plays with Wiley. After the kid heads home, Joss and Carly arrive. Things are awkward.

Sasha returns to talk to Willow, who tells her she will make it through this. Willow feels like a soldier in a foxhole. She wonders who she will call out for if she dies? Harmony or Nina?

Sasha says that’s not something she’ll know until it happens. Not that it will happen. She urges her to think of all the people who love and need her. Now she knows how precious life is and can fight for every breath.

“No wonder you were such a hit on TV,” Willow says.

Michael and the others return to say how much they love Willow.

joss thinks willow is the best sister in law

TJ announces it’s time and everyone leaves Michael alone to tell his wife how much he loves her. She loves him too.

“I’m ready,” she tells TJ. He tells her she just needs to sit back and relax while the bone marrow does its thing. They start the transplant.

willow has to say goodbye to family

Carly hugs her son and tells him his bond with his wife is stronger than ever. Sonny arrives.

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