Willow Loses Her Bone Marrow Donor, Sonny Discovers Something in Britt’s Papers, and Martin Tells Esme To Find An Alibi

General Hospital recap for Monday, January 9, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Nikolas asks Alexis for advice, Dante tells Jordan he doesn’t think Esme is the hook, and Spencer moves into Sonny’s penthouse.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Liesl almost killed Esme before learning she’s pregnant, Spencer was rocked to learn Britt is dead, and Willow found a donor.

On an elevator at General Hospital, Willow tells Michael how excited she is about what the future holds for their family since she got a bone marrow donor.

They wait in the corridor and she looks forward to being able to tell people about her condition once it’s been solved.

willow michael wait GH recaps soapsspoilers

He tells her she doesn’t need to protect his family. They love her too.

“Even your father?” she asks. He says Sonny can be her family if she wants but he wishes people would start pressuring him to reconcile with him.

He can’t fake respect for the man. He’s not the man he once was.

She’s sure he’s infatuated with Nina because she just reflects back what he wants to see. She thinks Sonny needs him to remind him of who he was.

As Dante and Jordan head to Esme’s room, Martin stops them and explains they are not allowed to speak to his client.

Dragging them over to Terry, he tells the doctor to explain why. She sides with the cops and then offloads the issue on Finn.

Once he, the lawyer and cops walk off, Terry breaks down to Liz about the sudden death of Britt.

terry upset GH recaps soapsspoilers

She gets called away to an appointment and thanks Liz for being a friend.

Terry joins Michael and Willow in her office. Willow’s bloodwork shows the chemo has not had the effect they’d hoped for.

terry bad news willow GH recaps soapsspoilers

The baby is still strong, but what’s next will be hard. It would be best to deliver the baby before the bone marrow transplant.

Terry leaves them to talk it over.

Willow isn’t sure she can go through with this.

Terry returns with bad news. Their donor’s doctor did not clear them for the operation. They have to keep looking for a match and consider other treatments.

willow and michael sad again GH recaps soapsspoilers

Down the hall, Finn checks Esme over and then lets the police question her. Martin reminds her she doesn’t need to say anything.

finn liz corner GH recaps soapsspoilers

Dante shows her pictures of her victims and lists her crimes. Esme has no idea what they are talking about.

portia and dante talk to esme GH recaps soapsspoilers

The cops exit and Martin promises he will set her free. She’s skeptical.

He points out the evidence against her is very weak. If she had an alibi, he could probably persuade the police not to charge her.

In the corridor, Dante points out that just because she doesn’t remember anything doesn’t mean she’s innocent.

They still have lots of evidence on some crimes, but h doesn’t think she’s the hook.

They go over the evidence and how unlikely it is that Esme did the killings. If they could figure out where she has been hiding, they could eliminate her as a suspect.

Down the hall, Finn corners Liz and tells her he knows how hard it must be to see Esme.

finn liz corner GH recaps soapsspoilers

She doesn’t think he should pretend to care. He explains that just because things didn’t work out between them, doesn’t change how he feels.

Before she can tell him something about Esme, Jordan interrupts and asks for a statement.

She and Dante admit that they think Esme may not be the hook. Britt’s statement about the attacker didn’t suggest it was a pregnant woman.

If they are wondering where she’s been, Finn suggests they search Wyndemere.

Liz looks worried. Finn points out Spoon Island would be the best place for her to hide.

Alexis arrives at Kelly to meet Nikolas. She brings up Spencer but he wants legal advice. Martin is busy defending Esme.

nikolas alexis talk esme GH recaps soapsspoilers

Alexis wonders why he cares about Esme’s legal trouble. He explains he’s the father of her unborn child and needs help protecting the baby.

She’s appalled. He’s heard all the lectures already.

The prince wants full custody. She refuses to help take a child away from any mother.

He admits he’s not a sterling father, but he’d be a better parent than Esme.

She accuses him of just wanting to atone for his mistakes.

alexis lerans nikolas baby with esme GH recaps soapsspoilers

He admits he wants to give his baby what he couldn’t give Spencer.

After lecturing about giving up on his son, she agrees to find him a lawyer who specializes in difficult custody cases.



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At Wyndemere, Sonny tells Victor he won’t let Spencer stay in his “pit.” Victor refuses to let him put his great-nephew’s future in jeopardy.

Spencer insists he’s free to be where he wants.

sonny annoyed victor GH recaps soapsspoilers

Victor thinks he should be with his family after the loss of Britt.

If it were only him, Spencer would stay, but not with Nikolas. Given he got Esme pregnant, he’s the last person he would seek consolation for.

victor relents GH recaps soapsspoilers

After Spencer goes off to pack his things, Victor tells Sonny they can help each other if the mobster is willing to put his pride aside.

He explains that he returned to Port Charles to reunite his family and strengthen them against any threat. The Cassadine urges him to push Spencer to repair his relationship with his father.

Sonny isn’t sure that being around Nikolas is good for him. The prince has failed as a father.

Victor can’t disagree with that, but his nephew does love Spencer.

When he brings up Sonny’s relationship with Michael, the mobster threatens to kill him if he mentions his family again.

Victor repeats his request for help but Sonny doesn’t think that Spencer or Nikolas are willing to work for it.

victor cares spencer GH recaps soapsspoilers

Spencer returns with a bag and explains that Dimitrios will send the rest now that the north tower is open again.

He and Sonny exit.

Nikolas mopes in and his uncle asks him what’s been going on in the north tower.

In her penthouse, Nina sobs as she goes though a box of Britt’s things. Ava arrives and her friend explains she needs to sort through the stuff.

ava nina talk britt GH recaps soapsspoilers

Liesl is a mess and napping in her room. Ava encourages her to take a minute to grieve.

Nina can’t believe Britt is gone. She tells her about the Huntington’s. Ava guesses that’s why she had a big party.

When the topic of Esme comes up, Nina gasps when her friend explains that Nikolas knocked her up.

nina barfing after hearing nikolas baby with esme GH recaps soapsspoilers

Ava is so angry there are no words for it. She’s determined to get the divorce over with as soon as possible and get her revenge.
If she pulls it off, there will be a reward for Nina too.

She explains that after her meeting with Victor, she’s sure she is going to get Wyndemere. Jerome flashes back to recoding Nikolas’ confession.

ava revenge plan GH recaps soapsspoilers

Nina admits she’s going to miss having her there. Ava feels the same, not that she would have believed it a few months ago.

Nina recalls how many people she has lost. Ava has lost plenty of family too.

In tears, she tells her that it’s meant so much to her to have a friend.

Nina assures her that her room isn’t going anywhere.

They admit it’s weird that she is dating the father of Ava’s daughter.

Sonny shows up and explains he just dropped Spencer off at his penthouse. Ava is glad he has him. She adds that he apologized to her.

After declaring she’s going after Wyndemere, Ava takes off.

willow and michael sad again GH recaps soapsspoilers

Sitting down, Sonny looks at Britt’s paperwork spread out on the table. He’s startled by what he finds.

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