Victor Punishes Spencer for His Betrayal while Trina Calls Her Mom and the Cops Try to Track the Haunted Star

General Hospital recap for Friday, April 14, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Gregory urges Chase to give BLQ another chance, BLQ calls Maxie to plan the wedding, and Alexis worries about Gregory to Sam.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Spencer held a knife to Obrecht’s throat after Victor announced his plan to kill half the world with a pathogen.

Finn, Gregory, and Chase are working out at the gym. Chase starts venting about Brook Lynn messing with his career.

chase finn gregory work out

Gregory loves his sons and wants them to be happy. Chase explains Brook Lynn did make him happy but then used him and lied to him. He unpacks all that happened.

Gregory thinks she redeemed herself at the Ball. Chase will concede that but she always puts herself first and he can’t trust her.

finn chase and gregory talk blq

Chase knows she has a big heart but she has a habit of hurting everyone. His dad thought he taught them to give people second chances.

Finn asks when Alexis gets hers. Gregory says his relationship with Alexis is not a romantic one.

His sons still don’t understand why he refuses to be her friend now. Gregory flashes back to telling her he’s sick. He tells his sons that she violated his trust.

Finn says that Alexis oversteps. That’s just who she is. Gregory doesn’t think she can respect boundaries.

After Finn leaves for a shower, Gregory wishes things were different with Alexis.

Chase says that if he gets his badge back, he’ll be seeing Alexis more.

gregory asks chase if it's good news

Brook Lynn is watching the kids at the gatehouse. She calls someone and orders them over.

blq calls with a mission

Maxie, from from a dye job, shows up and explains the Liesl situation. They are sure she can take care of herself but Victor is a scary guy.

maxie's new hair

BLQ tells her to plan Willow and Michael’s wedding…tomorrow. That’s shocking to Maxie.

Brook Lynn is sure that this should be a piece of cake. Maxie orders her to brew some coffee.

blq request to maxie

Maxie starts making calls for the flowers and Olivia is taking care of the food. BLQ tells her all Willow wants is a happy day with her friends and family.

Maxie suggests she write a song and get Chase to perform it. BLQ doesn’t think Chase would be willing to work with her.

That’s a surprise to Maxie, who thought he would sweep her into his arms after what she did to Linc at the Ball. She wonders if they can live happily ever after but BLQ says he thinks she’s too selfish.

maxie and blq talk chase

Maxie is sure he will fall for her again. Her friend doubts it. They rehash all that went wrong.

Maxie wonders why she’s giving up now. BLQ wonders if there is more she can do to help him get his badge back.

blq wants to help chase

Sam stops by Alexis’ office and asks if she’s heard anything about Victor. The journalist hasn’t heard anything knew.

alexis has some explaining to do

She heard her daughter was in court this morning and asks what’s up. Why did she bail Cody out?

Sam explains that the necklace Gladys was wearing was stolen and magically appeared in Cody’s pocket.

When her mom offers to stay out of this, Sam wonders if something hit her in the head.

Alexis explains that Gregory told her off. With some prodding, she explains he doesn’t have a drinking problem.

sam asks alexis about gregory

Sam can see she’s going crazy because he’s refusing her help. Her mom can’t sit back and do nothing.

She urges her mom to let him come to her. Alexis has few friends and she and Gregory have a good connection. Now it looks like it wasn’t as solid as she thought.

Sam is sure he will come back when he realizes she has good intentions. Alexis wishes he would talk to his sons about what’s happening.

sam asks alexis why she can't stop herself

Once Sam is gone, Gregory shows up.

gregory visits alexis

Chase is startled when he arrives for the CRB meeting and BLQ stumbles in.

blq surprises chase

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On the Haunted Star, Trina sneaks around the hallways. Some goons hear her but are called away to the cabin.

She steps into the communications room and tries to figure out how to use the instruments.

trina communications room

In the dining room, Victor tells Obrecht that if she doesn’t co-operate there will be dire consequences.

spencer has a knife on obrecht

Spencer grabs a knife and holds it to her throat, threatening her. Victor sits back and tells him to have at her.

He explains that if Spencer kills her, he’ll simply seal his brother’s fate. The guards file in and Spencer backs down.

As Liesl curses them, Victor orders the guards sit her and his nephew down.

obrecht spencer captive

Victor is disappointed that Spencer is as weak as his father. He’s betrayed him and needs to face the consequences.

After he sends Obrecht off to her cabin, Victor complains about how hurt he is that his nephew can’t see that he’s doing this for the family.

Spencer insists that he needs him now that Valentin and Nikolas are out of the picture. Victor says he has an heir and a spare. It’s not too late for the baby to be properly educated.

victor disappointed in spencer

“Over my dead body,” Spencer says. Victor can arrange that.

He’s too sentimental to kill him, but he will have to keep him a prisoner. That means no food.

At General Hospital, Curtis tells Portia he can’t sit around knowing the danger facing his daughter. “Your daughter,” he corrects himself.

portia not okay

She tells him he is part of her family and they are lucky to have him on their side.

As he walks out, he asks if she’ll be okay. She refuses to fall apart but isn’t okay.

Left alone, she tries to work but can’t concentrate and starts sobbing.

portia looks at trina picture

Trina suddenly calls and fills her in on where she is.

Down the hall, Laura explains to Jordan that she couldn’t fill her in on the plot against Victor because she was protecting fugitives.

laura fills jordan in

Jordan can understand but things have changed and she needs to be in the loop.

The mayor explains Felicia is tracking someone down who might be able to help.

Curtis interrupts and asks to be included. Laura steps away to take a call and Jordan tells Curtis that Victor is dangerous.

She assures him if there is something he can do, she’ll let him know. He needs to sit tight.

curtis says they won't see him coming

He refuses to do that while Trina is in trouble and threatens to turn to other people for help.

“Like Sonny Corinthos and Selina Wu?” she asks.

jordan and curtis discuss trina situation

Laura returns and Portia jogs over to them with the phone. Trina has no idea where they are and Victor doesn’t know she’s there.

Jordan calls IT to try and pinpoint her whereabouts.

portia plays trina phone to others

They get Trina to read the numbers on the radar and tell her they will find her.

Trina tells her mom she loves her and gets off the line, grabbing a walkie-talkie.

Taking her hands, Laura tells Portia that Trina can handle this. She just prays this nightmare will be over soon.

laura reassures portia

Back on the Haunted Star, Trina pokes her head around the corner and gives Spencer the thumbs up as he’s taken to his room.

Two goons go into the communications room and notice a walkie-talkie is missing.

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