Victor Plants a Bug on Lucy and She Accidentally Exposes Anna — & Carly’s Plan to Stop the Road Fails

General Hospital recap for Friday, October 14, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Maxie encourages Britt to give Cody a shot, Sam confronts Cody about blackmailing Spinelli, and Carly catches up with Bobbie.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Nikolas locked up pregnant Esme, Victor discovered Lucy betrayed him, and Anna learned Ashby is working with Victor. *GH did not air on Thursday.*

Maxie corners Britt at General Hospital. The doctor guesses this is private. Maxie wants her honest opinion about Cody.

britt not good enough GH

Britt hasn’t seen him in days and is happy about it. They had a couple of dates but he’s basically ghosted her.
Maxie guesses she doesn’t know what’s been happening in his life.

After she fills her in on Mac being Cody’s probable dad, Britt laughs. Maxie wonders why he’s so reluctant to commit to a DNA test to confirm it.

maxie in denim GH

Britt reminds her of what Peter is still doing to their lives. She still hasn’t opened the box he left her.

Maxie gets upset talking about him, but the doctor can see why Cody has a hard time accepting a new family.

She senses Britt actually likes him. Maxie kinda likes him but there is something sketchy about him too. She encourages Britt to talk to him and put her cards on the table.

Spinelli tells Sam how relieved he is that Diane will be okay. He then apologizes for dragging her into his possible legal woes.

sam with spin hospital general hospital abc soapsspoilers

She wishes she’d come to him when Cody initially threatened him. Spinelli worries that he’s made a master key to the internet with his app.

Sam assures him that he’s a genius and wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. He can’t tell anyone about this. She offers to speak to Cody about all this and figure out what he really wants.

Spinelli wanders off and into Britt and Maxie. Things are awkward and the doctor takes off. Maxie offers to make sure Britt knows he’s over her.

They chat about their kid and plans for the holidays and the weekend. She thinks he should try using his algorithm on himself. She just wants him to be happy.

Dante finds Cody at Kelly’s and complains about all the dead ends in his investigation.

dante gunning GH

The cop joins him and suggests he dodged a bullet with Britt. She’s self-centred and Cody at least is there for his friends.

When he asks what’s going on with Mac, he has to leave for work before he can get an explanation.

After the cop is gone, Sam shows up and tells Cody that blackmailing her friend was a huge mistake. He claims it was just an exchange of favors and Spinelli is the one doing something far more illegal.

sam talks blackmailing cody GH

She asks why it was so important that he get set up with Britt. He flashes back to Dante telling him she was Faison’s daughter.

He claims he was only leveraging what he could. He’s not stalking Britt but there’s something about her.

Cody appreciates her not telling Dante about this. Then again, if she did, she would have to expose Spinelli. She agrees to take him at his word but warns he will regret it if he hurts Spinelli.

Dante stops by General Hospital to get the Oz autopsy. She asks after Cody and wonders if he doesn’t think she’s good enough for his friend.

He reminds her they have a sketchy history. He’s sure Cody will figure that out for himself and hopes she doesn’t jerk his friend around.

Britt goes to Kelly’s to see Cody.

At the Metro Court, Victor insists to Johann that he will handle Lucy listening in on his call himself.

victor yells about lucy GH

Lucy is at the Deception office looking at the diamonds Victor gave her while chatting to Anna on the phone. She says she’s not about to let the Cassadine go, regardless of what Anna says.

Victor shows up with more diamonds. Once he slips the necklace on, he holds her shoulders and groans.

lucy thanks victor GH

Martin interrupts. Flustered Lucy makes excuses and brings up Brando’s funeral and how much of a friend Victor has been.

martin returns to lucy GH

Noticing her new jewelry, he guesses Victor is a very generous friend.

Lucy claims he’s only interested in her brains and a business idea. The lawyer asks the Cassadine to exit. She promises Martin this isn’t what it looks like.

He congratulates her on trading up. She explains that Anna pushed her into spying on Victor. He says Anna called him home last night.

“That little witch!” she says. She insists all she did was for their future. He has nothing to worry about where Victor is concerned.

They kiss and then she rushes out, declaring she will get Anna out of their way.

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At Anna’s, she tells Robert that Deputy Mayor Ashby has been working with Victor. When she admits she got the information from Lucy, he’s worried. She’s not good at taking orders.

anna robert lead GH

She thinks Ashby could be their way to get leverage on Victor.

As he paces, she tells him her plan. He concedes it might work but he wishes she wasn’t partnering with Valentin.

anna talks connection victor GH

Anna tells him he doesn’t have all the facts about him. She asks him to trust her. Scorpio always does and he wants Victor to pay for killing Luke.

They wonder how long Ashby could have been working with Victor. As they have tea, she wonders if he’s been missing having a partner… and not the professional kind.

Anna thinks he’s walled himself up in work and assumes he misses having a relationship. Robert admits he misses it sometimes and agrees to think about dating again once they take out Victor.

Victor returns to his suite at the Metro Court and he and Johann check on a bug he planted. He soon hears Lucy barging into Anna’s and confronting her about their plan.

vic eavesdrops gh

Carly is surprised when Bobbie shows up in Jacksonville.

They get a table and Carly tells her about everything that’s been happening. She’s up against a determined woman with a powerful grudge.

bobbie with carly florida GH

They talk about Virginia and how bumpy Carly’s switch between her mothers was.

Carly tells her about Payton trying to portray her as a bitter, spiteful woman. Bobbie tells her not to let her inflict her garbage on her.

Her daughter explains that Drew has been teaching her to let go of what happened and realize none of it was her fault.

She’s finally got closure and Drew being there has made all the difference.

Everything always seems clearer after she talks to him. Bobbie senses she’s lighter and has a sparkle in her eye.

Bobbie goes off to check in. Payton corners Carly. She informs her that the road will not be re-routed.