Victor Accuses Ashby of Betraying Him, Anna Assumes the Plan is About to Explode, and Esme Shows up at Cam’s Party

General Hospital recap for Monday, March 27, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Cam catches Esme trying to leave with the baby, Marshall gives Spencer a warning, and Anna and Valentin wonder what’s next for them.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Laura threatened Victor who wouldn’t back down, Cam put Dex on notice, and Laura decided to trust Esme who wanted to run.

Spencer stops by the Ashford house to pick up Trina. She wants to rush out with him but Marshall thinks he should come in for a chat.

marshall gets spencer and trina together on general hospital

She goes to her room to take care of something. Spencer knows that her family aren’t happy with their friendship. Marshall points out they are more than friends.

Spencer tells him he hates himself for how he has hurt Trina and he can’t blame people for thinking he doesn’t deserve her. He’s honest about who he is and wants to be a better man.

spencer tells marshall he's trying to be better

Marshall can see he’s trying and tells him to stop beating himself up. He won’t pretend he’s not concerned. It’s good he wants to do better.

But that means he needs to change for himself, not for other people.

He warns that he better see Trina’s faith in him rewarded.

Once Trina returns, Marshall steps out and Spencer tells her that he gave her some perspective on them with his wisdom.

spencer is put on notice

Marshall reminded him that he needs to keep an eye on what’s most important in his life. She tells him he deserves to be happy. He says she makes him happy.

They want each other in their lives. They kiss. Marshall returns and clears his throat, reminding them they have a party to decorate for.

On her way out, Trina thanks Marshall for what he said to Spencer.

Esme packs up the baby and is about to leave Laura’s when Cam shows up. It takes her a while to figure out who he is.

cam stops esme from taking off

He tells her that she ruined his life. She lets him into tell her more about how horrible she was. She’s sorry and hope he’s okay.

Cam is angry and she gets it. He assumes she was trying to run off with the baby. They start arguing about Spencer and the he explains why they went to the DA to have the charges against her dropped for the time being.

She says this is the first time anyone has been honest with her since she got back.

esme and cam talk about spencer

After she changes the baby, she talks about how tired and scared she is. He repeats that people don’t trust her for good reason.

Cam tells her he knew someone else was a town pariah but he found a way to gain acceptance and love: his stepfather, her half-brother, Franco.

He fills her in on Franco dying. He worked hard to rebuild his life too.

Cam warns that leaving will just prove to everyone that she hasn’t changed. He has to go. She promises she and the baby will be fine.

Maxie tracks down Joss outside of Kelly’s and asks her to perform at the Ball. Joss says that’s really Cam’s thing and she wouldn’t want to do it without him.

Maxie suggests she perform with Trina. Dex shows up and Maxie asks for an introduction. She immediately asks if he dances and he learns that Joss sings.

maxie meets Dex General Hospital recaps

Maxie heads inside to get coffee and Joss reminds Dex they were supposed to keep their distance. He wanted to see how she was holding up. Cam was pretty intense earlier.


Maxie returns and asks if they will be talent and offers them tickets. They both claim they are going solo.

Once Joss is gone, Maxie pressures him again to perform and tells him anything can happen at the Ball. He smiles.

maxie talks to dex

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At Charlie’s, Liz gets ready for Cameron’s goodbye party. Laura joins her and they talk about how hard it is to let go.

liz tells laura she was ashamed

Liz knows what a great opportunity this will be for her son but she wishes he was staying where she could keep an eye on him. Laura brings up Nikolas.

She wishes that Liz had told her what was going on with him. They rehash it and Liz says she didn’t want to make anyone else an accomplice to the mess. Plus, she was ashamed.

Taking her hand, Laura tells her how proud she is of her. She wishes she knew what to do with Nikolas. He keeps messing up and running away.

They’ve been left to deal with the consequences of what he’s done. Liz points out there were almost no consequences for her.

laura doesn't know what to do about nikolas

In hindsight, she can’t understand what a huge mistake she was making. The mayor tells her not to concern herself with what people will say.

Liz worries that Epiphany has been silent to her because of this. Laura gives her a hug and tells her the only thing that happens is how she moves forward.

liz hugs laura

“The people who love you still love you,” Laura says.

Joss arrives with pretzels for Cam. She tells Liz she’s sorry she hurt her son.

joss and liz close moment

Liz thinks that they will be able to remain friends.

When Spencer arrives, he’s not happy to hear that Esme was left alone with the baby.

Esme, the baby and Cam walk in. Everyon stares.


At the safe house, Valentin urges Anna not to assume the worst yet. She’s not in love with relying on Ashby and they need to stay ready for any complication.

valentin and anna snuggle and talk about what they'll do when they're free

He says they may have to improvise. If everything goes to plan tonight, they can go home.

She wants to jet off to see Robin and Emma. He wants to take a road trip with Charlotte and then dive back into ELQ.

She realizes that when they go home, they may not spend so much time together.

anna realizes she and valentin may see less of each other

Anna says Victor has been in their way up until now. If he is no longer an issue, things will look different. Maybe in a few months, he’ll be bored.

Valentin tells her that whenever they are together, she is his greatest adventure and the only one he needs.

In his suite at the Metro Court, Ashby watches Victor examining the necklace to find the code. She wants to get back to City Hall but he asks her to wait.

eileen thinks about how victor will crack the code

He says she deserves some answers. After writing down the code, he hands her the necklace and says she can have it.

She’s confused about what this has been all about. “Saving the world,” he says.

He explains that code unlocks something. He and his brothers worked together to engineer something that would fix the world’s problems. Luke and Laura ruined that.

victor offers ashby the necklace

Victor says that once he cracks the code his brother wrote on the diamond, he will have access to what he needs. He already has the decryption key.

Now he can save the world and insure a place for himself in it. He can insure his family, but some other people are going to have to pay the price.

He types the code into his computer and it gives him some co-ordinates. Immediately, he says it can’t be right and she must have betrayed him.

victor talks about what's to come

This means either the code or the key are wrong and have been tampered with. She insists there is no chance Laura or anyone could have messed with things.

Victor wonders if his brother planned this to take the secret to the grave and throws the decryptor onto the floor. Anna calls her and Ashby pretends she’s the DA and asks for more time.

Anna assumes she’s about to blow up the operation.

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