Valentin Brings Sonny a Dangerous Offer, Michael Orders Dex Away from Joss, Willow Collapses & Chase is Officially Off the Force

General Hospital recap for Thursday, December 1, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Dex fills Michael in about Joss nursing him, Carly questions Joss’ latest choice, and Nina bickers with Willow about selfishness.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Chase dumped Brook Lynn, Holly faked her burning, and Selina drugged Victor.

Sasha and Nina bring boxes of decorations into the plaza. Sasha thanks her for putting her in charge of this and encourages her to go on her way.

Nina wishes her good luck and takes off.

Chase wanders over and asks if he wants to help decorate.

chase and sasha decorate for christmas general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

He’s eager to help and admits he needs something to focus on since he and Brook Lynn broke up.

If he wants to talk, she will listen. He won’t get into the convoluted details, but they basically have different priorities.

Sasha suspects Brook Lynn thought she knew what he needed better than he did.

She reminds him they did the same thing to Michael and Willow.

Maybe in her heart she did what she did for both of them? This all seems like karma.

Dante stops by the Quartermaine estate.

Brook Lynn hands him the letter she wrote for the civilian review board.

BLQ and dante talk at the Q mansion general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

“It’s too late,” he says, explaining the board is already meeting. She suggests they interrupt.

He says that won’t work.

They sit down and he asks why she didn’t write it before.

She admits she was being selfish and now it’s too late.

She wanted herself and her music to matter more to Chase than being a cop.

“Now it’s over. I lost him,” she says.

brook lynn tells dante chase dumped her general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

The cop tells her she was good for Chase and he was happy. She could have done some good if she would get out of her way.

Brook Lynn doesn’t know how she couldn’t see what would make him happy.

After he leaves, she reads the letter she wrote and sobs.

“There has to be a way out of this,” she decides.

She calls someone to say she made a mess and needs to fix it but can’t do it alone.

Dante stops by the plaza to see Sasha and Chase.

He says the review board met this morning and he doesn’t know the verdict yet.

Chase gets a text. The board turned down his appeal.

“I am not a copy anymore and never will be again,” he says.

chase tells dante he'll never be a cop again general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

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Michael brings Willow back to their place.

He doesn’t want to leave her alone.

She wants him to keep things normal.

michael helps willow take her shoes off general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

He tells her he intends to give her the world.

After helping her settle on the couch, he leaves.

She naps until Nina shows up and explains she chose this time because she knew Wiley wouldn’t be there.

Nina was hoping she might want to help a friend.

She asks her to help Sasha with decorating the plaza.

Willow says today is not a great day for that.

nina visits willow at home general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

Nina lays on how much Sasha needs her friends rallying around her.

Willow accuses her of spinning a narrative.

Frustrated, Nina complains that she’s not putting their differences aside to help a friend.

She doesn’t buy her goody-two-shoes routine and accuses her of being as selfish as they come.

nina thinks willow is selfish general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

Nina reminds her of all Sasha has lost while Willow has a perfect life, and she can’t be bothered to show any compassion.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Willow screams.

She accuses her of using Sasha to scheme her way into Wiley’s orbit.


Dex wakes up at his place after dreaming about kissing Joss.

dex wakes up on sofa in pain general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

Michael shows up with his phone and asks what happened.

Dex explains he dropped it after being shot helping Anna escape.

He explains that Joss helped to patch him up.

Michael gets it but doesn’t like it. Pacing, he tells him how concerning this is.

Dex is sure he didn’t say anything he shouldn’t have.

Michael worries that Joss is now mixed up with a crime he committed.

dex tells michael he kissed joss general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

It gets worse when Dex explains Carly knows he was shot.

Michael tells him he needs to find a way to keep Joss at arm’s length.

In Carly’s kitchen, she notices her daughter is distracted.

Joss announces she’s changing her major because she wants to become a doctor.

joss and carly talk pre-med course in kitchen general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

Her mom wonders what prompted this.

Her daughter says this is no big deal.

She hates feeling helpless and that’s how she felt when Dex was shot.

Joss never wants to be in that position again.

Her mom wonders if this is really about her feelings for Dex.

She points out all their interactions have been in intense situations and she may be confused.

Carly thinks she should be clear on her motivation. Joss isn’t planning to be Dex’s on-call doctor.

Her mom suggests she wants to become a doctor because that’s safer than admitting she has feelings for Dex.

Joss says the situation with him just made her realize she wanted a change.

Carly reminds her that Dex will likely have more violence in his life. She grew up in Sonny’s world and knows what that’s like.

Joss tells her she’s getting ahead of herself, but she admits she does have feelings for Dex, although she’s not defining it. However, she insists that’s not why she’s changing her life.

If Ava had died because she didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t put that down.

Hugging her, Carly tells her she’s proud she wants to be a doctor. She asks where Cam is in all this.

carly hugs joss in her kitchen general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

Joss says she loves him, but things aren’t what they used to be.

That’s not about Dex, it’s about her. They just aren’t connected anymore.

She can’t stand the thought of hurting him. Her mom says it will only make it harder if she waits longer.

Joss knows breaking up with her best friend will be brutal. She has to take a run to think.

Joss jogs over to Dex’s place.

Meanwhile, Carly drops by the gatehouse as Willow is screaming at Nina.

As soon as she opens the door, Willow collapses.


Valentin shows up at Sonny’s office with a business proposal.

“Like I would do business with you,” Sonny snipes.

valentin grey coat proposal for sonny general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

Corinthos won’t be allies with him and doesn’t know what Anna sees in him.

He does know his first loyalty is always to himself.

Valentin explains he is only there as an intermediary for a third party, The Pipeman Security Group.

They are interested in moving some classified military materials through the city without the authorities learning about it.

For every successful transfer, they will give him 10 million.

Valentin has worked for them in the past and this is a favor he’s doing for one in return.

He won’t explain more but tells Sonny it would be in his best interest to agree.

Sonny doesn’t like being threatened. Valentin insists he’s only the messenger.
Pipeman will be doing it whether he likes it or not.

Now that Sonny knows about it, if he won’t co-operate, they will get rid of him. He can make a boatload of money or some new enemies.

As soon as he leaves, Sonny calls Brick and asks him to get as much information as he can on the group.