Valentin Says Goodbye to Victor After His Corpse is Recovered, Spencer is Reunited with Trina, Sonny Tells Diane They Have to Discredit the Source for the SEC’s Charges

General Hospital recap for Monday, May 8, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Carly tells Dante about Sonny helping her, Sam fills Nina in about the wedding, and Willow asks Michael to delete the evidence against Sonny.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Laura stopped the weather machine, Holly got the antidote to Anna and Valentin, and the Haunted Star was blown up with Victor and Spencer aboard.

Diane stops by Sonny’s office and he asks her to find out what the SEC has against Carly. She can’t disclose that to a third party.

sonny asks diane about sec

He’s not entitled to spousal privilege any more. He thinks it’s too late to be a stickler to rules.

Diane was born a stickler. That’s why she’s good at what she does. Besides, why does he care? His last divorce was acrimonious.

He points out that he and Carly still share Donna. He won’t let her mother go to prison.

She points out that Carly going to prison would give him sole custody and he could share her with Nina.

sonny prods diane for info

He loves Nina and is thrilled she has a relationship with Donna but they are not raising her together. Diane agrees to discuss the case in the hypothetical.

She believes the case is strong and Carly will likely lose. Sonny says it can’t go to trial. They can still make this go away.

She’s surprised he thinks he has contacts who can drop a federal case. He thinks they can discredit the source.

diane laughs at Sonny

The lawyer points out the evidence could stand anyway. It can be corroborated despite the source.

Sonny doesn’t see why the SEC cares about Carly, but he can see why they could go after a CEO like Drew.

diane and sonny think drew's involvement is paramount

They wonder if the SEC will offer Carly a deal if she turns on Drew.

Carly approaches Dante at General Hospital and asks him what he knows about the SEC investigation. She fills him in on his dad getting her out.

carly asks dante about sec

What he did confirmed for her that he is still the man he’s always been.

She won’t be okay with a lot of his choices, and they are pretty far apart, but she wasn’t surprised that he helped her.

carly asks dante a question

It’s comforting for her to know that she can still rely on Sonny.

Again, she asks him what he knows about the SEC case. He doesn’t know much but it looks like they have a case.

He’d be happy to help her with any legal thing he can do.

dante and carly discussion at gh

Nina corners Sam and chokes up as she asks her to tell her about Willow’s wedding.

nina asks sam about wedding

They talk about the flowers and dresses. Sam says Willow was a vision and elegant. The kids were cute and the vows were heartfelt. It was real and hopeful.

sam tells nina about wedding

Sam tells her it was perfect until the SEC showed up. Whoever tipped them off has heartless timing. At least the ceremony was over.

She tells Nina how close Carly and Willow have become. Nina can see Carly has become the mother Willow never had.

nina asks sam how the wedding was

Nina begins railing about Carly and what she’s done to Willow. Sam reminds her that Willow accepts her just as she is.

Tearing up, Nina says she’s made a lot of mistakes but she’s still Willow’s mother. Sam says knowing that sometimes makes things worse.

She tells Nina how hard it was when she learned that Alexis was her mother. It took a lot of time for them to form a bond.

Nina doesn’t think that she and Willow have time. Sam says Carly can help her with that. Maybe she should reach out to her?

Sam walks off and meets with Dante. They hug and he explains he was helping Carly out with something.

Carly and Nina bump into each other at the elevator.

Willow wakes up in bed. Michael is smiling about her and tells her Drew and Liesl are on their way back. She will live.

willow wants michael to delete footage

She’s grateful that he never gave up hope. Their miracle is on the way.

He says she’s the miracle. Now they can spend the rest of their lives together. They can even go to Paris.

She tries to picture that and he tells her they will live it. They kiss.

As he starts planning their trip, she asks if he’s turned over the incriminating evidence he has on his father. She wants him to delete it.

He points out his father is dealing arms. She says his going to prison will hurt people’s feelings.

willow worries that michaeal will tear his family apart

Michael points out everyone in his father’s orbit is in danger because of him. Even if his little sisters are safe, they will eventually find out he’s a criminal and become complicit in his crimes.

Willow points out that if he turns his father in, his sisters will lose him too. They will turn away from him and that can’t happen.

michael ponders willow warning

He repeats that he’s doing this to protect his siblings. She repeats that he will alienate them. Willow urges him not to make his sisters choose.

She’s not asking him to forgive his father or make peace, just to keep the family whole. That’s more important than justice.

The nurse arrives and announces it’s time to prep her for the transplant.


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Joss stops by Dex’s place. After a hug, she sits down and tells him about Spencer going missing after the Haunted Star exploded.

joss hugs dex

She could hear how terrified her friend is. She’s always fought with Spencer, but couldn’t help liking him. He could be fun and entertaining.

It’s hard for her to wrap her head around the funny kid she grew up with being gone.

joss worries to dex

Joss tells him how Trina saw anther version of Spencer and believed in him. She’ll be devastated if he’s gone.

“Why do I get to be the lucky one?” she asks. Joss tells him she fell for him. Once Michael turns Sonny in, things will be okay and able to figure out what they mean to each other in the real world.

joss and dex snuggle as she talks about spencer

At the WSB holding facility, Trina holds Ace, eager for news on Spencer.

valentin fills trina in

Valentin arrives and tells her there is no sign of him yet. He tells her how Liesl saved her life. The WSB are now searching the wreckage of the Star.

There’s a plane waiting to take them home. She won’t leave without Spencer.

A WSB agent comes in and announces a body has been recovered.

wsb agent announces body recovered

They are brought to a body bag. When it’s unzipped, Victor is inside.

victor body bag

Trina is relieved. She tells Ace that his brother is a pain but he’s worth it. She flashes back through her relationship with Spencer.

Meanwhile, Valentin is left with his father’s corpse and wonders what to say. He’s grateful he stayed away from him for almost his entire life. Now he has the family name and will make sure it’s one future generations can be proud of.

valentin says goodbye to victor, his father

He’s grateful this is the last time he has to say goodbye to him.

Returning to Trina, he tells her it’s time to go. She refuses but he tells her that there’s no chance he’s alive.

She remains confident he’s alive. Valentin tells her there is nothing they can do now. It’s time to go home.

As they head for the plane, Spencer stumbles out from behind some rocks. Trina jumps into his arms and kisses him.

spencer and trina kiss and reunite

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