Holly and Felicia Are Shocked when Tracy Appears to Buy Ethan, Chase is Reinstated in the PCPD, and Gregory Has ALS

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, April 18, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Robert and Diane kiss, Willow talks Michael into inviting Sonny to their wedding, and Dante gives Chase his badge.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Holly and Felicia found Ethan as he was being auctioned for execution, Gregory collapsed, and the CCRB came to a decision on Chase’s case.

Robert and Diane have to pull over when his car starts smoking. He apologizes and they discuss cars until road side assistance text her to say they’ll be two hours.

robert and diane have to pull over

He claims he can fix it faster than that. She’d like to see that.

As he works on the engine, he asks why she works for Sonny. She says it’s for the astronomical money. But representing Spinelli for him made her feel appreciated and confused.

Representing Sonny has been interesting and she’s like a lot of the work she’s done “navigating” the legal system. Jason was a great help with that. But she knows where the line is and won’t cross it.

diane says a line she won't cross

Robert admires her and her strong personality. He thinks he has the engine fixed.

He gets her to put her finger on it while he starts it up. When he does, it shoots oil at her.

She changes into a jersey. He thinks she looks great and pulls her into a kiss.

robert diane kiss

At the gatehouse, Willow tells Michael they need to discuss Sonny.

willow asks michael mane amends

He explains that his father called and offered to talk but he had nothing to say to him. Willow won’t tell him what to feel but she thinks they should invite him to the wedding for the sake of his sisters. It would cement that they are all in this together.

He points out his father would like to bring Nina.

She’s sure even Nina would know she’s not welcome. But she can handle her.

willow tells michael who to invite

Willow tells him he’s the centerpiece of his family, the one who anchors them all. Donna and Avery need him more than ever.

He stares at the fire. She says if his sisters were older they could navigate this better.

Michael agrees that they need to set an example for them. That’s more important that anything going on between him and his dad.

She beams. He thanks her for reminding him of what matters.

Willow admits she’s jealous of his bond with his siblings and how natural it is. She makes him promise to foster that with their kids. He makes her make the same promise.

michael and willow by fire

She knows they have a scary thing looming over them, but she doesn’t want it to get in the way of what this marriage means.
They love each other and kiss.

At the CCRB, Chase, Dante, and Brook Lynn wait for the committee to announce their decision. They reinstate him.

chase at ccrb hearing

He shakes their hands on it and thanks Brook Lynn. Dante gives him a hug.

BLQ immediately runs.

Dante and Chase go to Perks. Dante admires him for persevering.

chase and dante at perks

Chase says he wasn’t passionate about being “famous adjacent.” It was just playing dress-up but being a cop is who he is.

His partner is grateful for hear that. He’s the best partner he could have had.

Reaching in his pocket, he pulls out a badge and welcomes him back to the force.

dante gives chase badge

Chase doesn’t know what to say. Moved, he clips the badge to his jacket.


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At General Hospital, Sonny assures Nina that they will find Liesl if she’s with Victor.

Valentin chimes in with an update. Trina stowed away and made contact with her mom.

valentin updates nina about boat

They thank him for the update and Sonny assures him he doesn’t hold him responsible for his father.

After the mobster takes off, she hugs Valentin. He’s glad to hear Sonny is treating her well.

They sit down and he asks her about how she’s adjusted to the news about Willow being her daughter. He apologizes for not reaching out to her.

valentin and nina discuss willow

She reminds him he was in hiding. They talk about how surreal it all is. She thinks things are getting a little bit better but there is still a deep gulf between them.

“What do you do when you don’t have much time left?” she wonders.

nina tells valentin it should be him

Nina says they have come a long way. His trying to pass Sasha off as her daughter was a mistake, but it came out of love.

His father is one of the cruelest men she’s ever met but he has an incredible capacity to love. They smile at each other.

nina gives valentin advice

Brook Lynn runs into Sonny in the hallway. She’s there to pick up Leo but she’s early.

blq bumps into sonny

He tells her how brave she was at the Ball with Linc.

She says brave is the last thing she is.

They sit down and she tells him about Chase being reinstated. He can tell she had something to do with that.

She admits she may have called in a favor.

blq tells sonny chase is back

The mobster says sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. As she gets up to go, she tells him Michael and Willow’s wedding is tomorrow.

After she jogs off, he looks down the hall at Valentin and Nina.

When Sonny approaches, Valentin walks away. Sonny tells Nina that he’s learned something about Willow.

After Gregory collapses in Alexis’ office, she wants to call an ambulance but he says no. She helps him into a chair and shoves water in his face.

alexis gives gregory water

He explains he gets severe muscle cramps. She thinks he needs to be checked out but he says they won’t tell him anything he doesn’t know.

This is why he stopped teaching. He was having episodes and couldn’t handle the thought of being publicly incapacitated.

When she asks if he’s in treatment, he explains he has ALS and there is nothing the doctors can do.

alexis concerned about gregory

She’s so sorry. He explains the degeneration is irreversible. There’s some supportive care and symptom management available. But eventually he’ll lose control of his movements. Then his sons will have to deal with looking after him.

alexis devastated by gregory's news

The least he can do for them now is not burden them with this until he has to.

On his way out, he tells her he has no illusions about the help he’ll need. He’ll ask for it when the time comes.

She wishes there was something she could do. He tells her she already has.

In Venezuela, Felicia and Holly are attending the virtual bidding for the privilege of killing Ethan.

felicia holly force smiles at auction

He sits and stares at his mother. Holly bids two million for him. The bids keep going up.

Leaping, Holly raises it to ten million. They win and force smiles. Felicia whispers, “Now what?”

Holly whispers to her to follow her lead and is then prompted to enter her account information for the transfer.

She fidgets uncomfortably. Ethan smirks.

Since Holly can’t pay immediately, Ethan goes to the next highest bidder, who immediately transfers the funds.

Ethan and Holly start to panic. Holly acts offended.

felicia holly ethan at auction

The winner marches in wearing a hat. When Holly grabs her, she knocks it off.

They gasp when they see it’s Tracy.

tracy bought ethan

They’re all seized. Ethan wriggles free, punches out the goons and they all run out.

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