Spencer Holds a Knife to Obrecht’s Throat After Victor Announces Plan to Kill Half the World with a Pathogen

General Hospital recap for Thursday, April 13, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sonny reaches out to Michael, Jordan asks Laura to let her in on her plan against Victor, and Michael agrees to marry Willow today.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Trina and Spencer plotted their escape, Cody got bail, and Anna woke up as Valentin vowed revenge.

At General Hospital, Portia worries to Curtis about not being able to reach her daughter. Jordan and Dante arrive and want to ask the doctor some questions.

curtis portia worry about trina

Jordan takes Portia and Curtis into an office and announces that Trina might be with Spencer and Victor.

Portia bursts into tears and declares this can’t be happening. Neither of them have seen Trina since the Ball. The cop thinks she got caught up in all the kidnappings.

jordan fills in curtis and portia

After Jordan exits, Portia cries about how scared her baby girl must be.

jordan tells portia trina may have been abducted

Curtis holds her and says it will be okay.

She keeps panicking and he tries to be reassuring, adding that Trina is tough and level-headed.

curtis comforts portia

He keeps reassuring her that Trina will come home even if he has to bring her back himself.

Sonny bumps into Laura and they talk about Anna before he admits he doesn’t have anything on Victor or Spencer. He tells her he will make Victor pay.

sonny tells laura victor will pay

Dante interrupts them and announces that Victor’s list of victims seems to be growing.

The cop says they are doing all they can to find him. This is what Laura thought would happen when Victor returned.

dante and snny talk about what to do

She gets a call and has to step away. Father and son discuss Willow’s situation. The man they got in custody isn’t talking to the cops but Sonny thinks he can make him talk.

The cop can’t allow that. Sonny doesn’t want to be in a position where someone he loves is dying and he can’t do anything about it.

He recalls what happened with his father and how he had to watch him slip away. No matter how ugly things are with Michael, he doesn’t wish this on him.

Dante reminds him of how much he cared for Mike. He did the same with Stone. Even if he couldn’t save them, he did them a world of good.

dante has his doubts

He tells him not to be sure that Michael will keep him away. In hard times, people re-evaluate.

Sonny says there was a moment where he thought they could fix things, but… Dante says that can change at any moment.

dante gives sonny advice

Laura bumps into Jordan and they discuss the hostage situation. Laura tells her not to hesitate to ask for anything.

jordan says there's something you can do

Jordan says there is something she can do. She wants into the loop on whatever she’s been planning to do to Victor.

In Anna’s room, Valentin notices she’s opened her eyes. Tearfully, he welcomes her back.

anna wakes up in hospital

The doctor comes in and checks her over. All looks well. Once she leaves, Valentin admits to Anna that he thought he’d lost her.

She reminds him he saved her. Sobbing, she tells him she saw all the faces of the people she loves after she was shot.

That made her fight. He’s stuck with her.

“I’ll hold you to that,” he says. She demands an update on Victor and Lucy. She crashed and the Ball and Victor escaped on the Haunted Star with the necklace.

valentin happy anna back

He tells her about the hostages and they try to figure out why he took them.

How can they stop him?

anna asks about the hostages

He tells her they need to stay back and recover. If he’s going to bring Victor down, he needs her but he won’t risk her to do it.

Not much scares him, but watching her nearly die terrified him. He makes her promise not to put herself at risk.


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At the gatehouse, Willow tells Michael she wants to get married today, tomorrow at the latest. Since the transplant has been postponed, she can’t wait.

willow asks michael to marry today

She wants them to be husband and wife for as long as possible. He will marry her whenever she wants.

When Amelia starts crying, Brook Lynn and Sasha take her upstairs.

Willow asks Michael if he thinks she’s giving up. “Are you?” he asks. He can understand how frustrated she must be.

She is and she’s afraid but she’s not giving up hope. They need to be realistic and she doesn’t want to gamble with what could be her final days.

If this is the end, she wants it filled with joy and love.

He knows their time may be limited but their wedding is an act of faith that they will have many years together. She likes the sound of that. They kiss.

michael and willow agree

When Sasha and Brook Lynn return, they ask her to send them the list to finish the wedding arrangements. When they are alone for a moment, Willow asks BLQ to check on how Michael is handling this.

Brook Lynn goes outside and finds Michael having a moment. He can’t do that in front of Willow.

blq comforts michael

She urges him to share with Willow. This is happening to both of them. She offers to help with anything he needs.

When she heads back in, Sonny calls. Michael reluctantly answers.

Sonny knows he must be torn up inside. He knows how it feels to have to be strong for everyone. If he ever needs him, he’ll be there for him.

micahel on phone with sonny

Michael gets off the phone, but says he hears him.

On the Haunted Star, Trina and Spencer tell each other they are just getting started. They try to figure out their next move.

trina and spencer haunted star

When they hear someone coming, she hides and he heads out.

spencer exits room

She sneaks out of the room.

Liesl is dragged into the dining room and Victor asks her to breakfast. She says it looks like a funeral. All they need is a body.

victor welcomes liesl to breakfast

He thought they could play nice and warns her he has guards everywhere. Spencer is brought in and Victor assures him he can see his brother after breakfast.

He’s sure they are both disconcerted but he assures Spencer that he only wants to protect the family legacy.

Obrecht wonders why she’s there. Victor announces they will be ushering in a new era or humanity when his plan comes to fruition.

liesl spencer victo breakfast

He tells them about the climate control device he made with his brother to save the environment. His brother’s greed was their undoing.

They developed another set of tools which were hidden in bunkers. The Ice Princess has the codes to where they are.

His plan has a lot of people willing to sacrifice to the cause. She wonders how many unwilling people may perish.

victor alludes to plan

Victor says the only way to reverse human annihilation is to take extreme measures. The population has doubled since his brother died.

They have a pathogen that will reduce the population to manageable levels.

Spencer starts protesting but his uncle says someone has to have the courage to make the hard choices and no one will stop him.

victor explains plan

Victor explains that Obrecht is there to make sure the family is properly inoculated. If she doesn’t comply, the consequences will be dire.

victor has plans for liesl

Grabbing a knife, Spencer leaps up and holds it to Liesl’s throat.

Meanwhile, Trina wanders around the hallways, waiting for Spencer to make a diversion.

trina walks hall

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