Sonny Learns Where Victor is, Obrecht Tells Victor That He Will Fail, and Willow is Crushed and Assumes She’s Doomed

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, April 11, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Obrecht is brought to the Haunted Star, Sonny and the cops share what they know, and Willow learns she may not get her donation.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Nina asked Sonny to do anything to find Liesl, Trina watched unseen as Spencer panicked when he realized Victor had kidnapped him and Ace.

At the gatehouse, Michael is about to help Willow up to bed when Drew and Carly show up. They explain that Liesl has disappeared.
She never re-appeared after entering the vanishing cabinet.

willow learns liesl missing

They speculate on what might have happened. Willow is sure that Nina and Maxie must be out of their minds with worry.

willow worries about liesl missing

Carly says that only Willow would be thinking of everyone else other than herself right now. They urge her not to stress and stay strong.

The police are looking and Sonny is involved too.

Giving her son a hug, Carly tells them she is there for anything they need.

Left alone, Michael tells Willow it’s okay if she’s not fine. He won’t judge whatever she feels.

willow worries about nina

Willow asks for some cocoa and whip cream. When he leaves to get it, she sits on the floor and stifles her cries.

willow sobs because she might die

Michael returns. She tells him how close she was.

Outside, Drew and Carly talk about how remarkable Willow is. They hold each other.

carly worries someone will see her kissing drew

At the Metro Court, Sonny calls his underlings and orders them to track down Liesl. Scott arrives and Nina informs him that her aunt has gone missing. She has a feeling they will have to find her on their own.

nina asks scott help find liesl

Scott is sure she didn’t ditch her family. She must be in trouble and assumes Victor is behind it.

The lawyer suggests Sonny get Brick to trace Liesl’s devices. He steps away to try calling her again. Sonny assures Nina he will find out what’s happening.

Scott returns to Nina and worries about Obrecht. He feels guilty. If he’d been with her, maybe he could have protected her.

scotty talks about liesl disappearance

They sit down and she complains about how much Willow and Sonny keep from her. She worries she may never get a chance to be a mother.

They tell themselves that things will be fine.

Laura stops by Esme’s room at General Hospital and tries to keep her calm. That’s hard for her when someone has her baby.

esme asks laura who took baby

Dante shows her surveillance footage and she IDs the kidnapper. Jordan assures her they will find the little boy.

When Laura tells Esme Nikolas didn’t do this, she asks who did. The mayor blames Victor. Even she’s surprised he would stoop this low.

She assures Esme the cops are already after him and will bring Ace home. Stroking her hand, she tells her how brave she was.

laura tells esme baby gone

Laura admits that she suspects Spencer is in as much danger as the baby is now. Esme is determined to get far away once she gets her baby back.

The mayor suggests she not make any hasty decisions after a head injury. All her fears and anxieties are heightened right now and she needs to take it easy.

esme asks if spencer kidnapped ace

Laura leaves to find her doctor.

Diane arrives at General Hospital and asks Robert about Anna. She explains that she didn’t want him to have to wait for news alone.

robert interrupted by diane phone call

She starts talking about travel to distract him. He explains how much he’d like to visit a little string of islands.

Suddenly, she gets a call from a client and has to dash. Jordan and Dante approach as she takes off.

The cops fill him in on Liesl going missing. They assume Victor is behind the recent crime wave.

dante jordan robert talk case

Robert thinks that Victor is getting sloppy and reckless.

Sonny meets with Diane and asks her to persuade the guy in custody to give them information about where Victor is.

He joins the cops and they pool all they know about the disappearances. Sonny says they need to stop Victor. Dante realizes that the whole Cassadine extended family is potentially in danger.

He calls Alexis and the others and they are fine. Laura joins them and explains that Spencer may also have been taken against his will.

Sonny says he’s already on it.

Laura returns to Esme and tells her the doctor wants to keep her in for observation. She can take her home tomorrow. The mayor tells her she can’t promise that she will be safe, but she does promise that Ace will return and Victor will be punished.

She gives Esme a hug.

At the PCPD, Robert tries questioning the guy who was arrested for trying to kill Lucy. When he offers him a deal, Diane interrupts and offers a better one.

Once the lawyers step out, Victor explains this guy was involved in kidnapping the baby. She asks him to let her handle this.

Reluctantly, he agrees to trust her.

After Diane talks to her client, she calls Sonny and informs him how Victor left town.


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On the Haunted Star, Victor tells Spencer that this is their new home. Spencer worries that a judge will never grant him custody now.

victor gloating about what's next

His uncle tells him not to worry about that. None of them are returning to Port Charles.

spencer won't go anywhere without Ace

Hiding, Trina listens as Spencer rants about being forced to leave behind his life when he had become really good.

trina spies on victor and spencer

Victor tells him to stop the futile escape attempts. He needs him to help fulfill his vision for the family. He sends his nephew off to a room.

A goon comes in and Victor complains about his family.

Spencer is locked into an estate room.

Meanwhile, kicking and screaming with a bag on her head, Liesl is led to Victor. He announces she is there to stay.

liesl on haunted star

She tells him he doesn’t seem able to take rejection and he says she’s still the most passionate woman he knows.

Liesl says most men would treat a woman to a night out, not abduct them. They bicker and Victor explains they are untrackable. When she lunges at him, Trina slips away.

Victor complains about how annoying Obrecht is being and tells her they don’t have to be antagonists. He flatly threatens her family.

victor threatens liesl's family

She tells him he has delusions of grandeur and all his attempts at greatness fail. This one will blow up in his face too.

Annoyed, he orders his goon to take her away.

Trina gets into Spencer’s room. He nearly clobbers her by accident. He’s thrilled to see her.


She tells him that Victor has Obrecht and they need to get out of there. He wants to but can’t abandon his baby brother.

She suggests he stay there while she finds a way to contact the outside world. He’s in awe of her braverey but asks her to be a coward for the moment.


They kiss and she leaves.

Spener and trina kissing haunted star

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