Sasha Lashes Out at Heather, Heather Offers Dante Her Confession, and Nina Vows to Make Drew and Carly Pay

General Hospital recap for Thursday, February 23, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sonny pleads Nina’s case to Michael, Willow backs out of telling Wiley the truth, and Cody opens up to Sam.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Mac killed Ryan, and Esme was horrified to learn Heather is her biological mother before she gave birth to a baby boy.

Cody stops by the PCPD to pay a fine. Heather is taken past him.

cody pays parking ticket sees heather GH recaps

Sasha shows up to see Heather and claims to be her lawyer.

When a cop goes off to get her from the cells, Sasha tells Cody that she will make “that murderous bitch” pay for what she did to her husband.

cody asks sasha what doing GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Dante and Sam return to their home, exhausted after taking the red eye. He thinks she looks great. She thinks he’s a little delirious.

sam and dante GH recaps

They make out and he suggests they drink champagne. They rehash what happened on Spoon Island and hope that Heather is on her way back to Darkham.

Dante is kicking himself a bit for not realizing she was the hook.

sam dante bad news GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

They jog up to the shower. This is soon interrupted when Cody arrives to tell them that Sasha is in trouble and he hopes they can help her.

He says she’s a nice lady and he doesn’t want her getting damaged.

Dante rushes off to the station. Sam asks Cody why he cares about Sasha. He doesn’t want her to be Heather’s next casualty.

After she makes them coffee, she reminds him of his suspicious behavior. But ever since Britt died, she’s seen a very different side to him.

Sam thinks she may have misjudged him. “You didn’t,” he says.

He admires that Dante has moved on and become a family man. He’s still looking for the big score. It worked for a minute.

She tells him the necklace he and Britt found is cursed. He wishes he could blame his failures on a curse but he deserves the blame. Greed always gets the best of him.

Sam says greed has made her make a lot of bad decisions. If she could figure out there are better things, he should be able to as well.

He leaves and looks at Mac’s number on his phone.

Back at the PCPD, Heather is brought into the interrogation room to meet with Sasha. She doesn’t remember hiring her as a lawyer and tells her she can forget days at a time.

Heather claims that Ryan was trying to hypnotize her and caused her to lose hours of time.

Dante interrupts. Sasha says that Heather was demonstrating how she plans to fake insanity to get away with the hook killings. Heather is not pleased as Sasha vents about how she exploits her mental illness to avoid harsh incarceration.

heather trying to fake out sasha GH recaps

“I’m going to be a witness for the prosecution and I’m going to take you down for good,” Sasha vows.

She recalls her last moments with Brando and explains she will make the jury feel the terrible injustice of his murder. She’ll also go on any other platform to crusade against the loopholes that have left her off easy.

Dante shows Sasha out. Heather tells the cop she’s ready to confess.

Joss wakes up in bed with Dex. They make out.

joss dex in bed GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

After sex, she wonders why they never did it in his bed before. He assumes the couch must have felt more casual to her.

He wants them to be more than casual but doesn’t want to ask for too much. Her feelings aren’t casual either. She’s never felt like this before and doesn’t want it to stop.

joss and dex kiss bed GH recaps

Later, she catches him making a call to sort out the Pikeman order. When he gets off the line, he’s startled as she asks him about it and why he could be arrested by the Feds.

He assures her that he’s not the one who will be arrested, Sonny is. He adds that he’s not working for the authorities. He went into the military after high school and then joined a contractor. They are the people who sent him to get the dirt on Sonny.

Thinking back to Michael’s orders, he refuses to tell her who his boss is.

He asks if she’s really willing to see Sonny go behind bars forever. If she wants, he will back out of this and Sonny will be in the clear.




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Sonny visits Brook Lynn at the Quartermaine estate. They chat about his new granddaughter.

They sit down and he explains there was a moment where he thought he was getting through to Michael, but that didn’t happen.

sonny ask blq favor GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He has a lot of years to make that happen, but Nina and Willow may only have a few weeks.

He knows that Nina’s not perfect, but all she wants is to be a mother. She’s never even held her grandmother and he wants to fix that.

brooklynn and sonny GH recaps

Nina arrives at General Hospital and catches Drew telling a nurse he needs to finish up the paperwork now that Willow is “gone.” She asks what that means.

nina appalled GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He explains that she just checked out and went home. Nina wonders why she isn’t there getting more treatment.

He says there is nothing more the doctors can do. She still thinks that he daughter should be there waiting for a donor.

He repeats there is nothing else she can do. Nina is sure that Carly influenced them leaving.

As she starts fuming about Carly exploiting this, she reminds him that Carly lied to him for months.

He reminds her that the fact that Willow wants nothing to do with her is her own fault. She squints and he lists all the ways she alienated her daughter.

drew blame self GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

When he says that Carly owed Willow the truth but didn’t owe Nina anything, she says he’s just as righteous as Carly and will be just as deserving of punishment.

Carly waits for Michael and Willow at their place and welcomes them home with the children. This is exactly where Willow wants to be.

As she talks to the kids, Michael tells his mom that he needs a miracle but it doesn’t seem to be coming.

Amelia goes to bed. Wiley asks his mom about why she’s so tired and if she will be able to play with him again. She still needs to take it easy.

The kid gives her a hug and Michael brings him to the Quartermaine house to help Olivia make pizza.

Alone with Carly, Willow cries about how hard this is. She’s not sure that being there is what’s best for her kids.

willow asks carly lies GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She doesn’t know how much longer she and Michael can keep lying to their child.

Carly knows that telling your child you are going to die is difficult. It’s okay if she didn’t want to do that her first day back.

Willow has been reading a lot of literature about this but doesn’t know how to tell her son she will be leaving him forever.

She convinced herself that she could wait, have a healthy baby and recover from leukemia. She put Amelia ahead of Wiley.

willow talks about dying GH recaps

Carly tells her she made her choice. She may be leaving Wiley but she’s leaving him with a sister. She needs to stop blaming herself.

Willow is afraid to leave them. Carly cradles her.

When Michael gets to the Quartermaine estate, he asks Sonny what he wants to talk to him about.

He guesses Sonny is there about Nina and tells him about moving Willow home.

sonny and michael talk about willow dying GH recaps

Sonny tells him that makes it even more important for them to reconcile. Michael still refuses to help with this. Willow can end her days as she sees fit.

Sonny is infuriated and declares they are done, storming out.

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