Trina Has a Meltdown as Portia Admits Curtis Could Be Her Father, and Ryan Attacks Mac Before Going After Ava as Dante Learns Ryan’s Esme’s Dad

General Hospital recap for Thursday, February 16, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Felicia turns to Ava for help, Dante and Sam question Maggie and learn who Esme’s father is, and Curtis looks for answers.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Dante stopped Maggie from escaping, Trina demanded answers from Portia, and Heather and Ryan stabbed a guard as they smuggled Esme out.

In England, Dante corners Maggie before she can leave the pub. He asks for answers about Esme.


She repeats that she can’t help. When he insists, she offers him a pint. Stepping behind the bar, she picks up a cricket bat.

He catches her before she can clobber him. Sam bursts in and says they need to talk.

They assume she is afraid of someone and introduce themselves.

After they vaguely explain what’s been happening, they ask if she will help them exonerate Esme.

She agrees to help. She was just afraid that Esme’s father sent them.

They ask who that is. With some prodding, she admits it’s Ryan Chamberlain.

At Spring Ridge, Heather stifles Esme’s screams after Ryan shoves a shiv in a guard.

heather promises help esme GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

He asks for a hand getting rid of the body. Heather says they don’t have time.

As Ryan changes into the guard’s clothes, Heather calms Esme and tells her they need to do what Ryan says.

When he returns, he wishes Esme would remember how tough and tenacious she is.

esme and heather escaping General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

“You’re my daughter,” he tells her. She squeals. Heather leads her away.

At the Metro Court, Nina and Sonny discuss Willow. He gets a business call.

He steps away to answer the call. It’s about Pikeman. He asks Brick to get more information.

sonny pikeman call GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Terry, Yuri, and Drew discuss the ceremony.

Drew spots Joss wandering around and they chat about being alone for the ceremony.

joss drew talk carly GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Mac tells Felicia he has to call their date night short and head back to work. As she eats cheesecake, he notes that she’s been slipping out for secret missions.

felicia eats chocolate General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

She can’t give him the details, but he urges her to be careful.

They discuss the hook investigation but it’s all dead ends so far. Heather has been stalling them and it’s time for her to head back to Darkham.

Felicia isn’t thrilled that he’s transporting Heather again given what happened last time. They still haven’t given up the idea that Ryan is involved in the killings.

Felicia has another idea for how they can get information. He doesn’t want her getting involved. Even if Ryan isn’t physically attacking people, he may be pulling the strings.

Once he leaves, she calls Anna to say she will be late getting back to the house.

Felicia calls anna GH recaps

Portia thanks Liz for her speech. The nurse and Finn wander off. The bride tells Curtis she needs to check on her daughter.

Terry and Liz chat about dancing and then the doctor observes she seems to be on better terms with Finn.

liz terry feelings for finn GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Liz says they are trying to stay friends for Violet’s sake, but Terry thinks there’s more.

Liz admits that part of her will always love him, but she can’t see them getting back together.

Over at the bar, Yuri asks Finn why he’s not with Liz. The doctor claims it’s complicated.

Finn and Liz decide they aren’t ready to go home.

Portia corners Trina, who caught the bouquet. She senses her daughter has something on her mind. Curtis joins them.

trina confronts portia GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Trina accuses her mom of hiding something important from her. Curtis is sure this is just a misunderstanding. Marcus steps in and Trina snaps he doesn’t know what’s going on.

curtis worries about trina General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Portia insists on talking to her daughter alone. They leave for their room with Portia promising to tell Curtis everything later.

Curtis, Marshall, and Taggert wonder what is going on.

They ask Spencer where he went with Trina and what that has to do with her being angry at her mom.

spencer asked why trina is upset GH recaps

Spencer says it’s not his place, but they insist. He admits they went to see Stella.

The Cassadine explains that Stella lied about being sick. He can’t say any more and walks off.

Curtis tries calling his aunt but she’s not picking up. None of this makes sense to them.

When Spencer bumps into Joss, she asks if he upset Trina. He didn’t do anything this time.




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Upstairs, Trina tells her mom that she went to see Stella. It turns out, she wasn’t sick. She just refused to attend the wedding because of a secret that Portia was keeping.

trina angry knows curtis father GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Trina asks what she has been keeping from her.

Sitting her down, Portia explains that she was lonely when Taggert was always off at work. That’s when she and Curtis had an affair.

Her daughter guesses there’s more to it than that.

Portia tells her she was determined to make things work with Taggert. He put a lot more effort in and she thought everything would work out.

That’s when she found out she was pregnant. Trina instantly figures out that Curtis is her father.

“I don’t know,” Portia claims. It’s possible.

She justifies her choice to never find out and says that Taggert is her father in every way that counts.

Her daughter is outraged. Portia apologizes and tells her how much she loves her.

Trina doesn’t know how she can say that when she kept this from her for her entire life.

It kills her how much she hurt Taggert. She can’t even look at her right now. She doesn’t know she is any more.

She opens the door in tears. Taggert and Curtis are standing there.

Mac is driving down the road when he spots some women. He pulls over to check on them and is shocked to see it’s Heather and Esme.

He yanks out his gun and orders them to the ground.

mac finds esme and heather escaped GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Ryan knocks him out. “Now that felt good!” he declares.

mac out cold GH recaps

Before he can finish him off, Heather, orders Ryan into the car so they can start the road trip. He reminds her they have another stop.

Ava returns to Wyndemere and gets a text from Austin. She flashes back to him catching her hiding Nikolas’ body.

ava annoyed GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

When the doctor arrives, she tells him it’s time to bury the past. He senses she seems a little overwhelmed.

She tells him that she can handle situations like this, but it takes two to bury a body in the Pine Barrens.

Austin gets that but he’s concerned about how she’s coping. She admits that she may never be alright.

The one thing that scares her is the thought of losing a child again. When Nikolas threatened to take Avery, she panicked.

Before they can get the body, someone shows up. It’s Felicia.

Ava tries to get rid of her but it’s about Ryan. She tells her about the earring of one of his victims being found on a hook victim.

Ava doesn’t see how this is possible. Felicia thinks they can get to him if they work together.

The Jerome agrees to help but can’t do it tonight. When Felicia opens the door, Ryan is standing there.

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