As the PCPD Search Wyndemere, Drew Tells Carly that Willow Has Leukemia, and She Confesses Nina is Willow’s Birth Mother

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, January 10, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Joss and Dex have sex again, Nina and Sonny discover Willow is sick, and Spencer tells Esme they used to date.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Willow loses her bone marrow donor, Sonny discovers something in Britt’s papers, and Martin tells Esme to find an alibi.

Drew drops by Carly’s. She has the wine out but he’s defensive. He asks why she doesn’t want to find Willow’s step-mother.

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He’s sensed resistance the entire time he has been searching. She admits she doesn’t want her birth parents found.

Drew reminds her of the relationship she got with Bobbie after she went looking. Carly says that not all reunions go well and she wanted to spare Willow pain.

Drew says that was not her call to make. She makes excuses and insists Willow already has a family.

He snaps and says that Willow’s biological family can give her things that none of them can.

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She admits she obstructed his efforts considerably, including bribing Denise to give him a false story. She also hid the information on the commune leader.

He gets frustrated and explains that Willow has leukaemia.

Carly is shocked but it all makes sense. Drew explains she needs a bone marrow transplant. That’s why he stepped up the search.

“You don’t need to search. Nina is Willow’s birth mother,” she admits.

carly learns willow sick GH recap

In Nina’s penthouse, Sonny shows her the paperwork that says Willow is getting chemo. She thinks they probably shouldn’t be looking at this.

sonny nina talk willow GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sonny says Willow is family so he’s going to do all he can to find out what’s happening. Nina wants to do all she can to help.

They go through her medical report and wonder why she delayed treatment for so long. She guesses it was because Willow is pregnant.

Nina has no idea how she is getting through this and what it must be like to choose between your own health and that of your baby.

She realizes this is why she bumped into Terry with Michael and Willow. They must be keeping it quiet so Wiley won’t be upset.

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Nina wonders how much Michael has influenced these choices. Sonny says the family in-fighting needs to stop so they can pull together for Willow.

Wiley and Michael bring Willow dessert at home. She can’t think of anything better than family time. The kid looks forward to having a sister.

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Wiley starts suggesting names and then Michael takes him upstairs for his bedtime story.

Willow sits alone and cries. When Michael returns, she vents about barely being able to be a mother. He assures her Wiley will be okay.

She blames herself for everything so he holds her. Willow thinks he should be angry with her for gambling with their lives and losing.

willow michael hate GH recaps soapsspoilers

He knows she’s frustrated and so is he. They still have time to find a donor.

She points out there’s a lot less time and that’s because of her. At the moment she should have shared with him, she shut him out. Why doesn’t he hate her?

He could never hate her. He can understand why she did what she did and he’s good with that. He’ll never regret a day he’s spent with her or the place she has in Wiley’s life.

willow weep GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Even if Wiley grows up without her, her love will help sustain him. Michael will love her for the rest of his life. They kiss.

After he puts her to bed, Nina shows up to talk about her grandson.

Joss shows up at Dex’s, distraught and blaming herself for Britt’s death. He tells her she has survivor’s guilt and that can mess you up.

dex warns joss GH recaps soapsspoilers

She wonders if it could have made a difference if they’d stuck around. Are they partially responsible for her death?

Dex takes responsibility for their leaving. She reminds him she went willingly. She feels like she’s alive at Britt’s expense.

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He says that means she owes Britt to live the best life she can. They make out.

After they have sex on the couch, they agree they don’t want this to be a one-time thing.

dex and joss sex again on his sofa GH recaps

Whatever they feel for each other is strong. She gets a text from Sonny ordering her to his office.

As soon as she takes off, he calls Michael to say they have a problem.

Joss blows into Sonny’s office to tell him her life is none of his business.

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At General Hospital, Esme asks Liz if her lawyer is any good. He wants her to figure out where she’s been hiding.

esme asks guilty GH recaps soapsspoilers

She’s frustrated about not being able to remember anything. The nurse assures her she will remember eventually and she can trust her lawyer.

Spencer bumps into Laura and tells her he’s heartbroken that Britt is dead. If Esme is the hook, she needs to be held accountable.

spencer esme accountable GH recaps soapsspoilers

She tells him he isn’t responsible for anything Esme has done. Besides, it’s unlikely Esme is the hook. She reminds him they also need to think of her baby.

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Laura urges him not to confront his ex for the child’s sake.

Liz comes out and Spencer asks to see Esme. Laura okays the visit and he heads in.

Esme doesn’t recognize him. He claims he’s just the one who found her.

spencer esme hospital GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She mentions all the things she’s been accused of and how much she needs to find out where she was.

Sitting down, he tells her he knows her better than anyone else. She asks if he thinks she did all that crazy stuff.

He explains they went to boarding school together in France. They dated and he brought her there.

She asks if the baby is his. “Possibly,” he says.

Liz admits to Laura that she has no idea if Esme is faking her memory loss or not. The mayor says Kevin has the impression she’s not faking.

The nurse quips it may be best that Esme never remembers anything. Laura wonder why.

laura questions liz GH recaps soapsspoilers

Liz claims she just wishes she could forget the ways she’s messed up. Laura wonders if she’s thinking of what’s happening with Nikolas.

The nurse explains how complicated he is. Laura treasures her for how much she appreciates the prince. She’s worried that he’s backed himself in a very dark place.

Dante and Jordan arrive outside Wyndemere. He tells her about the Christmas ornament found among Esme’s things.

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Inside, Victor questions his nephew about the Christmas ornaments and clothes in the tower. He’s guessed that he’s been keeping Esme prisoner right under his nose.

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Nikolas believed she was the hook. Victor says Esme easily manipulated him and found a way to escape.

She has more qualities that he does. Victor is starting to think that protecting his nephew is more trouble than it’s worth.

victor cut losses GH recaps soapsspoilers

The cops show up to ask about Esme. Nikolas tells them to speak to his lawyer but his uncle invites them in.

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Dante explains that Esme was found near Spoon Island. They suspect has been hiding out there or in the house.

The prince claims he would have noticed if she was there. They say it’s a big house. He demands a warrant. Jordan says the DA already found enough evidence for one.

Victor tells them they are free to search and suggests Nikolas show them around so they don’t get lost.

As Jordan questions Victor, up in the towers, Dante starts searching as Nikolas explains the staff may have been staying.

They head back to the others after finding no sign of Esme. Jordan says they will bring a warrant if they have to come back and search again.

Once the cops are outside, Dante tells his boss that the tower smelled like it had been freshly cleaned and painted. He’s sure they are covering something up.

Back inside, Victor explains to his nephew that he had all the evidence placed in storage.

victor blackmail nikolas GH hrecaps

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