Ava and Austin Are Shocked When the Cops Don’t Find Nikolas, While Mason Has Nikolas’ Body & Obrecht is a Donor Match for Willow

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, March 1, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sonny and Dex discuss cooking, Willow needs to sleep while trying to plan her wedding, and Finn promises to stick by Liz.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Liesl confronted Liz, Dante took a crowbar to the padlocked room in the tack room, much to Ava’s horror and Trina refused DNA testing.

Dex stops by Sonny’s office. He’s been poking around in the kitchen and found the boss’ recipe cards.

dex information GH recaps

He tried his hand at one and thinks it turned out okay. Sonny agrees to try some.

Dex brings him a plate. Sonny says it’s good but needs something. He wanders off to the kitchen and then returns with parsley.

Trying it again, he says it’s right and asks him to join him. As they eat, they talk about how Gloria taught Sonny to cook.

sonny and dex dine together General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

She’d let anyone come over. She taught him what a strong, happily married wife looked like. The recipes are hers and celery was her secret ingredient.

They discuss cooking. Dex got turned onto it since the food in the army was so bad.

Cooking is also relaxing. Sonny feels the same way.

sonny update on pikeman GH recaps

One of Sonny’s goons walks in. The boss explains he has an update on Pikeman.

They head into the office, sure to exclude Dex from the meeting.

At Wyndemere, Dante and a cop struggle to pry open the storage closet where Austin and Ava stored Nikolas’ body.

ava and austin watch door GH recaps

The Jerome and the doctor watch, horrified. The cops get the door open and look in with their flashlights. “Looks like we got a lead on Nikolas Cassadine,” Dante says.

They find a watch with his initials on it. Ava says she gave it to him.

dante finds nikolas watch with bennett General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Dante says the watch stopped on February 13 at 8 PM. He bags it and orders CS to sweep the area. Ava nods.

They head back into the house and try to piece together what Nikolas did before leaving. Ava says that he claimed he was done with Port Charles and then he was gone.

As she walks them out, Dante tells Ava he doesn’t think she’s told him everything. He’s sure she’s rattled after what happened with Ryan.

The cop wouldn’t blame her if she needed to get some help. He’s glad she got out of this unscathed. The upside is the darkness is dead and buried.

Once the detective is gone, Austin asks Ava where Nikolas has gone. She’s sure that his heart wasn’t beating.

Mason has Nikolas in a secret hiding place on life support. He calls someone to tell them that he has the prince alive as they ordered.

nikolas cassadine on lilfe support General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers



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At General Hospital, Liesl slaps Liz across the face. Finn tells her that was out of line and Nina and Scott try to keep Obrecht back.

liesl disgusted GH recaps

Liesl blames the nurse for her daughter’s death. “You reap what you sew,” she warns.

Once Nina takes her away, Scott apologizes to Liz. She says it’s alright. Scott loves them both and doesn’t want this rift. He leaves to check on his girlfriend.

Down the hall, Liesl rants to Nina, who reminds her that Heather is to blame for this. Obrecht wants “the enabler” to be punished. She sneers when she sees Scott.

He wishes she had processed things before she confronted Liz. TJ interrupts to say that Dr Randolph gave him permission to go over some results with her.

They head for his office.

TJ explains that Obrecht is a confirmed match for Willow. Nina is overjoyed and starts hugging her aunt. Liesl stares.

obrecht is a match for willow surgery General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

TJ explains the various tests she needs to take so they can rule out any possible complications. He’s optimistic that this will work.

“How lucky are we?” Nina gasps. She thanks TJ and he leaves to set up some tests.

Obrecht tells Nina she would do anything for her and their family.

Nina runs off and Scott tells Liesl that Britt would be proud of her helping Willow.

“Don’t you dare talk to me about my daughter. As far as I’m concerned Britta’s blood is on your hands now,” she says. She won’t forgive him for helping Liz.

liesl lashes out at scotty General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

He justifies what he did and tells her there was no way to save Britt.

Obrecht won’t listen and orders him to leave her alone.

obrecht says scotty's on her shit list GH recaps

Back down the hall, Liz beats herself up for Heather remaining on the loose. Finn warns her that Liesl is a little crazy. He decides she needs space and should leave her alone.

liz finn GH recaps

“I don’t need space from you,” she says. He wants to support her but only if it’s what she wants.

She does need his support right now. She messed up. He thinks getting Scott to make a deal was the right move. Liz still feels bad for Liesl.

He insists that Nikolas is to blame. She warns there will be a ripple effect and he will be caught in the crossfire if he stands by her.

The doctor tells her that not everyone will react the way Obrecht has. She worries about him becoming collateral damage.

Finn says it’s his turn to stick beside her after what she did for him in the Peter situation.

The nurse tells him she needs to face this on her own and walks off.

Michael gives Willow a hug at their place. She needs it for what’s coming next. Carly and Joss file in. Michael leaves the ladies alone to discuss the future.

willow invited some people over General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Willow tells them they need to start moving on wedding plans. They assure her everything she wants is possible.

willow favor GH recaps

What Willow wants is more than flower arrangements. She doesn’t want her running out of time to be the focus. She wants to celebrate the life they have.

They talk about food and Joss being a bride’s maid while Carly in the matron of honor.

Carly reminds her that she kept the truth from her about her mother. Willow says that’s all in the past and she is like a mother to her.

Carly tears up and they thank each other. When Willow gets up to get her tablet, she nearly falls over. They help her sit and she insists on continuing to plan.

carly and joss at willow's General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Michael suggests she take a quick nap and pick this up after.

As he leads her upstairs, Joss tells her mom this isn’t okay. She’s sure her brother is dying inside and wants to help.

Carly tells her that being there and giving support is all she can do. They’ll get through this.

Michael comes back downstairs and tells them Willow doesn’t want to spend her time resting. Joss knows how her brother feels, not that she and Oscar had kids.

Cindy the hospice nurse arrives and goes upstairs to see Willow.

Carly gives her son a hug and tells him how sorry she is.

michael carly failure GH recaps

They assure him that his final days with Willow will be filled with love. He gets an idea.

Nina calls. He won’t answer but she keeps calling. Eventually, he picks up.

Nina begs him not to hang up. He’ll want to hear what she has to say.

Back at Michael’s, Willow comes down the stairs and he informs her that she has a match.

They hug and sob.

willow happy she has a match General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

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