As Ned is About to Expose Nina to Drew, He Trips, Bumps His Head, and Nearly Drowns Before Tracy Orders Chase to Arrest Drew for Assault

General Hospital recap for Thursday, June 8, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sonny tells Anna he feels bad for her, Carly asks Michael to hire Dex for another job, and Dex doesn’t want to quit his job.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Liz was promoted to Head Nurse, Drew wanted to take the fall, Carly destroyed the flashdrive, and Ned discovered Nina tipped off the SEC.

Valentin meets with Dante at the PCPD. The cop needs his help with Anna.

dante needs to talk about anna to valentin

This is off the record. Dante asks if the files about Anna that were released were real or doctored by Victor. He wants to clear her name.

After the Cassadine leaves, Sam shows up and kisses her boyfriend. She reminds him he was supposed to be home a few hours ago. He’s been worried about a friend.

Dante and sam kissing at GCPD

They talk about Anna. He thought the story must be fake but Valentin explained that it’s all true. He feels bad for her.

Sam points out he rebuilt his life after his time in the WSB. he had a lot of help doing that and ended up with a life with her. That’s not something he ever expected and he wouldn’t want it any other way. They kiss.

Anna meets with Sonny outside of her place. They step inside and she has a drink, assuming he’s there to call her a hypocrite.

sonny has face to face

That’s not why the mobster is there. When the new story about her broke, he just thought of all the headlines there have been about him. The ones about his wife and son’s deaths hurt the most.

He’s sorry for what’s happened to her. She appreciates that. The hardest part of this is that the story is true, even if it ignores the context it happened in.

anna thanks sonny for opening up

She’s spent most of her life trying to make up for her mistakes but they’ve come back to bite her.

Sonny has done a lot of things, including a few he regrets, but he doesn’t think his life should be limited to the worst things he’s done and tells her she’s a great mom and courageous. He’ll always consider her a friend.

That’s worth a lot to her.

After he leaves, Valentin arrives and asks why she hasn’t been taking his calls.

She doesn’t want to take any calls. He’s sorry his father did this to her.


She really hates Victor even more now that he’s dead. They both hope he’s in Hell.

Anna knows she did this to herself. He knows what she did. They were spies and they all did shady things.

Robert and Robin both know what she did. But she worries about what this could do to Emma and Noah. That’s why she’s turned her phone off.

She’s going to have to admit to her granddaughter that she was a traitor. Valentin is sure she will understand eventually that she was manipulated by Faison.

Crying, Anna worries about how she will look at her. Valentin holds her.

anna cries on valentin's shoulder

Michael meets with Carly in the stairwell at the hospital. She asks him how much he trusts Dex.

carly asks michael if he would risk his life

She tells him she smashed the flashdrive. He’s appalled. She explains she has a better use for Dex.

“I want you to hire Dex to do another job,” she says. Brick may be great but he can’t be the new Jason, Dex can. She wants him to protect Sonny and get Michael’s advice on how to do it.

michael confronted by carly

She thinks his father is vulnerable and is not up to dealing with Pikeman. All of their lives could be destroyed so she needs him to step up and protect Sonny.

He asks what happens if Dex isn’t interested. He’d be a spy and that could get him killed.

carly talks to michael in the stair well for privacy

She came up with this plan for Joss. She’s not sure but thinks they should give Dex the choice.

In Carly’s kitchen, Joss shows Dex the flashdrive her mom destroyed. He risked his life for that and her mom destroyed it to protect Sonny.

dex tells joss plan

He picks up the pieces to make sure they are all destroyed and commit to showing Sonny what a good soldier he is. That’s the only way they can survive.

Michael gave him a job and the job changed. That’s it. Now he’s in this and has no option to leave.

Joss suggests he just ask Sonny to let him go. Sonny can’t just kill him now that their relationship is public.

He doesn’t want out. He likes Port Charles. It’s starting to feel like home and he hasn’t had one of those since he was a kid.

dex says this is way out

She points out he doesn’t have to work for Sonny to stay but he doesn’t want to do anything else. It pays a lot more than any honest living.

Sonny has been giving him a lot more opportunities and he won’t walk away unless it costs him her.

Taking his hand, she says she won’t put conditions on their relationship. She hopes he remembers his life is important to her.

dex and joss talk future

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Chase and BLQ have dinner at Metro Court and he babbles about how he wants them to go camping.

chase asks blq why return to work

Camping is not for her. She’s a city girl and doesn’t want to prepare fish.

They joke about time at the Quartermaine house and she suggests they spend more time in the music scene. He wonders why she left it for Deception.

She claims she found a new passion: him.

Olivia interrupts and is eager to hear all about Chase’s new truck.

Drew meets with Tracy by the pool. He makes it clear he’s blackmailing her.

tracy listens to drew's idea

She doesn’t think he has anything on her. He knows she sent BLQ to work at Deception.

After she randomly chews out a hotel clerk, Drew lectures her for being mean. He wants her to force Ned to get the SEC to back off.

drew needs tracy help

Otherwise, he will expose BLQ for the criminal activity she pushed her into.

drew talks to tracy at pool

On the terrace, Ned confronts Nina after overhearing her conversation with Martin. He knows she went to the SEC on Carly.

ned confronts nina

Ned points out that she’s the obvious suspect once he stops being it. When Sonny learns what she did, they will be done and she needs to accept that.

She insists no one needs to know who was responsible. Ned has no intention of taking the fall for her.

A staff member comes out to say that Tracy closed down the pool area and is arguing with Drew. Ned runs off with Nina trailing after him.

nina learns tracy closed the pool

As Ned jogs to the pool, he yells there is something he has to tell Drew. Before he can, he slips, bangs his head, and falls into the pool.


Drew dives in and pulls him out. Tracy calls an ambulance as Drew tries to get Ned breathing.

The paramedics arrive and so do Olivia, Chase and BLQ. Nina takes off.

olivia learns ned had a fall

Tracy declares that Drew attacked Ned, nearly killing him, and orders Chase to arrest him.

tracy laughs at drew by the pool

Nina goes to Sonny’s office and thinks about him proposing to her. He shows up and asks what’s wrong.

nina thinks of her ring

She claims she just wanted to see him and reminds him of how he used to hate her for holding the truth of his identity from him.

He says they’ve all done things they regret but they can’t live in the past. She wants a future with him more than anything.

They hug. She looks worried.

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