Mason Orders Ava to Spy on Sonny, Spencer Realizes the Evidence is Fake but Keeps It, and Carly and Michael Fight Over Turning on Sonny

General Hospital recap for Monday, June 5, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Dex and Joss talk love, Michael tells Carly that Dex works for him, and Portia asks Zeke to talk to Trina.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Jordan told Curtis she won’t wait for him, Carly refused to use Michael’s evidence against Sonny, and Trina and Spencer got proof against Esme.

BLQ and Chase are eating ice cream while wading in the pool at the Metro Court.

blq chase orb

Glowing balls float by and they talk about his day in “detective land.” He needs another beer.

Tracy shows up and orders the cop to fetch her a Singapore sling.

Once the cop is gone, Tracy starts lecturing her for being there instead of at work.

tracy interrupts chase blq

She reminds her granddaughter that she wants information about The Deceptor and complains about how useless she is.

tracy rders fr blq

Jordan walks over to the bar and orders a margarita.

She thinks back to tell Curtis she needs to finally let go of him.

jordan at bar

Chase joins her to order a drink and notices she has something on her mind.

She claims she’s just decompressing.

When he returns to BLQ and Tracy with her drink, Tracy orders him to get her some pate.

At Dex’s, he tells Joss how special she is and that he loves her. They kiss.

She yanks off his shirt and leaps into his arms before they step into the bedroom for sex.

joss dex sex

After sex, he repeats he loves her and didn’t tell her that because he needed a response.

joss dex in bed

She says that telling someone she loves them makes her nervous.

She’s done it twice and it didn’t last. Not that she regrets it.

joss dex talk love

Once they get dressed, she repeats she would leave town with him if she had no other option. Neither of them wants that.

They recall how much they have been through.

She doesn’t want anything to come between them.

“Dex, I love you,” she says.

They kiss and say they will figure things out together.

joss dex love

At Carly’s, Michael explains to his mom that Willow told him to destroy the flash drive of evidence incriminating Sonny.

She agrees it should be destroyed.

michael doesn't want to destroy evidence

Her son points out the footage could keep her out of prison.

She’s sure this would land Dex in prison and Joss would be devastated.

Grudgingly, Michael says Dex would come out of this okay.

She quickly figures out that Dex is working for him and shakes her head.

carly confused by michael

Her son explains that Dex was hired by a security company and Joss knows about everything.

Joss wants her to use the footage. Carly refuses.

Michael urges her to save her family. It will fall apart without her.

Carly says he’s not playing fair. He tells her it’s true and urges her to give the evidence to the Feds.

She points out that if Sonny goes to prison, his organization will collapse and there will be a mob war. That will make them all targets.

Her son is unconvinced and thinks this is the only way she can save herself.

She doesn’t think destroying Sonny will heal them.

He leaves her the flash drive and tells her it’s her choice.

michael wants to use evidnce

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At the bank, Trina tells Spencer that she never thought she’d be grateful for his uncle, but he gave them all the evidence they could need to separate Esme from Ace.

spencer trina bank info

He offers to take care of this with the cops himself. She wonders why he’s asking shady.

Spencer thinks they need to downplay where the evidence came from.

The cops might not appreciate evidence they failed to find that was discovered by Victor.

Having Victor involved could be used to discredit the evidence and Esme could walk.

She doesn’t buy any of that and demands to know what he’s keeping from her.

trina spencer argue about evidence

Trina gives him an ultimatum. He admits he’d be shocked if this evidence wasn’t falsified.

His uncle was planning to kill Esme. Spencer talked him out of that and his uncle offered to find “new evidence.”

That’s why he has to bring it to the cops.

spencer says evidence likely fake

She tells him he can’t bring it to anyone. This isn’t the way. It’s wrong and illegal and could land him in prison.

He agrees and will destroy the evidence.

They chat about her adjusting to having two dads and she admits it’s starting to feel like everything will work out.

After she leaves to see Taggert, he holds the evidence and thinks. Placing it back in the box, he says, “Just in case.”

In Austin’s office at General Hospital, Mason tells Ava that he wants her family connections.

She insists that she doesn’t have any and suggests he talk to Olivia in Pentonville.

ava not impressed by mason

Mason is more interested in her connection to Sonny. She insists she knows nothing about his business but he thinks she’s in a good position to find out.

Mason needs her to perform a small task and take some orders.

The Jerome refuses to take orders from anybody and hasn’t seen any reason to really feel threatened.

mason asks ava to work for him

Mason points out Austin knows how dangerous their boss is. Austin backs this up.

Ava refuses to blow what she has with Sonny.

Austin tries calming her and asks her to hear his cousin out.

ava flustered by demands

Mason knows what they are asking is a tall order but they have faith in her and want he to gain his trust and bring back anything she learns about a company named Pikeman.

He reminds them that he knows where Nikolas is and the PCPD and Laura would be happy to hear from him. On his way out, he reminds them that getting rid of him won’t solve anything.

Once Mason is gone, Austin urges her to take this seriously.

He snaps when she asks him to tell her who the boss is. He says she already knows too much and walks out. Her mouth hangs open.

austin tries talking ava around

Portia is startled when her little brother Zeke pops up.

She’s been avoiding him since she messed up her life. They joke around and she thanks him for coming to tease her.

zeke surprises portia

They chat about how things are with Trina. The distance is hard on her and she starts venting about Spencer.

The doctor admits she pushed them closer together.

She hopes that Zeke can talk some sense into her.

She’s thrilled when he agrees to that.

portia tells zeke about spencer

Portia is happy to learn his has a client in the state so he’ll be sticking around.

She has to get back to work and they agree to lunch with Trina tomorrow.

They hug.

Zeke heads to the Metro Court roof and sits beside Jordan even though she tells him she won’t be good company.

zeke sits with jordan

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