Lucy Surprises Maxie When She Comes Out of Hiding, Carly Bumps Into Valentin, and Sonny Tells Nina she Needs to Stay Away From Him

General Hospital recap for Monday, March 20, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sonny tells Nina she has to stay away, Dex and Joss ponder his next move, and Spencer asks Victor for help.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Robert dropped the charges against Esme, Ashby fed Victor information, and Nina worried to Phyllis about her Future with Sonny.

At the safe house, Anna notices that Lucy is gone.

Valentin thought she was taking a bath but she’s nowhere to be found.

valentin worries victor will learn they're alive

They find footprints in the snow. Valentin thinks they should leave the country but Anna refuses.

He’s sure that Victor will come after them once he discovers that Lucy is alive. She tries to calm him and promises to find Lucy and bring her back.

He reminds her they are professionals and they need to bail. Valentin says she’s screwed up with Lucy and can’t cope with it.

She refuses to accept that and storms out. He throws a table.

valentin yelling at anna

Disguised Lucy drops by the Metro Court. She sneaks around and eavesdrops on Bobbie and Maxie laughing about their plans for the Ball.

lucy eavesdrops on maxie and bobbie

As they talk about how much Lucy exaggerated her hardwork to sound heroic, Lucy grimaces and scowls.

Maxie suggests they divvy up the MC duties. They wonder what would happen if they let Obrecht MC.

bobbie talks to maxie about lucy losing control

Once Bobbie goes off to powder her nose, a waiter informs Maxie that an alarm is going off at Deception so she takes off to check it out.

Spencer corners Victor at the bar. Seeing him renews Victor’s hope in the family’s future.

spencer asks victor for help with his brother

Spencer says his little brother is in danger and he needs his help to save him. He explains that Esme is determined to keep the baby, even in prison.

Victor is sure he can use his connections to work something out.

Bobbie interrupts, wanting a word with Victor about her brother’s death. She may have no proof he was involved but is sure he did it and will pay.

Bobbie tells Spencer that she’s sure Laura knows Victor is guilty. He tells her to leave the boy alone. Bobbie asks Spencer how he can sit with the man who killed his namesake.

bobbie confronts victor

Spencer says she’s entitled to her beliefs. She exits. He tells Victor he will have his full loyalty if he helps him get his baby brother.

Maxie arrives at Deception and checks the alarm before calling security to say everything is fine. Lucy grabs her from behind and Maxie automatically elbows her.

lucy hunched over at metro court

As Lucy wheezes, Maxie realizes who she is. She’s not entirely surprised and gets her some water before asking where she’s been.

Lucy explains she’s come back to save the Ball and tells her she clearly doesn’t know what she’s taken on. It requires her special touch.

maxie shocked to see lucy

Lucy needs to stay in hiding but Maxie can be her eyes and ears.

Maxie wants to know why she’s been hiding.

lucy and maxie discuss the Ball

Anna bursts in. Maxie wants an explanation.

Anna doesn’t have time for that and orders Lucy back to the house.


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At the Quartermaine estate, Willow tells Michael about the dress she’s planning to order for their wedding.

She’s looking forward to a long life together.

willow talks weddings with Michael GH recaps

He wants that too and promises it will happen.

Drew strolls in and Willow asks to speak to him alone.

When Michael exits, he bumps into Brook Lynn, who senses something is wrong.

He explains complications with the bone marrow transplant.

Willow decided to delay the wedding until after it happens.

He worries Willow may be too weak for it to work.

Michael talks to BLQ

Pacing, he tells her they are playing a waiting game. She’s sure it’s torture.

He feels like they are burying their heads in the sand and have no idea how this will play out. She hugs him and tells him how strong he has been for everyone.

She wonders if with all this uncertainty, Willow may be more open to reconciling with Nina. He’s thought the same thing.

But if these are her last days, she shouldn’t have to spend them trying to make Nina happy.

He leaves to run an errand.

Meanwhile, Drew offers Willow whatever she needs. She asks him to give her away at her wedding. The only father she ever knew is dead.

willow asks drew to walk her down aisle

He’d be honored. She tells him how much Michael deserves a nice wedding. He thinks that’s generous but asks what she wants.

Drew says she should live her wedding and life as fully as possible. That’s what she has planned. She tells him he’s been the “best funcle” to her kids and a great support to Michael.

Hugging her, he tells her she can count on him.

Once he leaves, BLQ joins Willow and they chat about the wedding plans. Willow really wants to take her time so they can enjoy themselves.

She asks BLQ how Michael is handling things. She’s sure it’s hard for him to remain positive.

blq and willow talk chase

Willow says she’s getting whiplash from all the back and forth about her possible death.

BLQ urges her not to lose sight of the life-saving option on the table.

Willow points out how ironic it was that she married Chase when she thought he was dying.

She regrets hurting him. He’s so deserving of love and she’s sure BLQ still loves him.

At Dex’s, he admits to Joss that he looks at Sonny differently now that he’s saved him.

Joss and Dex talk about sonny and the newest shooting

Putting away his gone, he explains that just because he’s grateful to the guy doesn’t mean that Sonny is innocent. He feels like he owes him though.

She warns that if he warns Sonny, he could be signing his own death warrant.

Sitting down, he explains how he ended up being hired for this job. He liked the idea of working undercover and it was all going well until now.

She gets it. She owes Sonny for saving him too. Joss reminds him that the other option is for him to disappear.

Dex doesn't want Sonny to go to prison with evidence he procured

He says she can go with him. She can’t leave her family.

They kiss and then have sex on the couch. He explains that he’s going to stay and get evidence on Sonny to hand to his boss.

She wishes she knew who his boss was and he assures her they have good intentions.

Michael knocks on the door and announces himself.

Nina arrives at Sonny’s penthouse and sees Carly is there with him. He explains that Carly dropped Donna by but she’s not staying.

Donna is called out and hugs Nina, who gives her a tiara. Donna wants to play. Her father promises they will have a sleepover soon but she needs to go home tonight.

donna in her cute tiara with nina, sonny and carly at Sonny's place

Carly takes the kid away. Nina can see how hard this is on Sonny and asks what just happened.

He explains to Nina that there was an attempt on his life. He needs to make it clear that his family is not a target. That means neither his children nor can she visit him.

Sonny says this is just a precaution. She understands him doing this for his kids, but not for her. Nina can accept the danger.

He isn’t willing to accept the danger for her. Sonny reminds her of one of his wives and his son being killed by a car bomb. That’s not something he can go through again.

He loves her and couldn’t handle something happening to her.

sonny tells nina about losing a wife

She agrees to take some distance and asks him to promise they have a future.

They kiss and she leaves.

Valentin goes out to the footbridge and thinks of his fight with Anna. Carly spots him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” she asks.

carly catches valentin on the bridge who she thought was dead

Of all the dead people she’s known, he’s the last one she would want to see again.

He explains that he’s faked his death as part of a plan to get proof that Victor killed Luke.

Drew joins them and demands to know what the plan to take down Victor is.

Drew demands valentin tell him the plan to take victorr down

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