Jordan, Anna, and Holly Decide to Risk Mass Death to Save Their Loved Ones, and Michael Accuses Ned of Calling the SEC

General Hospital recap for Friday, April 28, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Portia tells Scott more than she should, Curtis tells Laura they can end the Cassadine curse, and Carly is questioned by the SEC.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Michael and Willow exchanged their wedding vows before the SEC showed up to question Carly and Drew.

At General Hospital, Scott interrupts Portia as she worries about Trina. He thought she could use a little company since they are kind of in the same boat.

scott sympathy portia

She’s sure he’s worried about Liesl. He thinks she’s a tough cookie. It’s comforting that she’s so dangerous.

He’s sure she’s worried sick so he wonders why she’s there. Work is the only thing keeping her from losing her mind.

They sit down and he tells her it’s the helplessness he can’t stand. He feels like people have been keeping them in the dark. He suspects all of this ties back to Luke’s death. They are all collateral damage in the Spencer-Cassadine battle.

scott portia worry together

She agrees with him and is determined to keep Spencer out of her daughter’s life. Slipping up, she admits

At the PCPD, Jordan makes calls to Laura to figure out where everyone has disappeared to.

Dante tells Joss that her mom is in a little trouble. Joss spots Jordan and tells her her mom did nothing wrong.

jordan with a frantic joss at gcpd.

Jordan says the PCPD has other things to worry about. Besides, Carly has Diane. When Dante mentions Drew has disappeared, Jordan leaves to check on something.

In the interrogation room, two SEC agents tell Carly they have cause to believe she conspired with Drew Cain to raise Aurora’s stock price.

diane carly smug with lawyers

Carly claims she and Drew are just members of the same extended family.

The SEC prompt her to co-operate and ask after Drew. She tells them to go to hell and Diane dismisses them.

SEC grill Carly.

They lay out what they know about the collusion and threaten to keep her in for 24 hours. Diane demands a coffee break.

They walk out as Sonny arrives to join the others in their worries. Whispering, Carly tells Sonny where Drew has run off to. He steps off to make a call.

carly joss sonny talk drew

Diane chats with Dante, who doesn’t think Drew bolted.

The SEC agents suddenly announce Carly can go from now, They have located Drew and the investigation is ongoing.

It’s clear that Sonny had a distraction planted. He tells Carly they are still family and she doesn’t need to worry about this right now.

Diane tells Carly all her assets and those of Aurora are being frozen.

diane tips off carly assets

Dante thinks Joss should be thankful for Sonny’s help.

At the Quartermaine estate, Michael and Willow are glad they are married but worried about his mom. Sonny joins them to explain that Diane filled him in on the SEC accusations.

michael weighs legal problem

Willow points out that Michael was part of the financial dealings at Aurora and wonders if he will be charged too.

Sonny explains the SEC thinks that Michael was in the dark about the merger negotiations. Michael claims he was.

Sonny leaves to check on Carly.

Michael is sorry this happened on their wedding day. Willow tells him it’s not his fault. He says they can still celebrate and helps her up so she can head upstairs.

ned with millow.

Ned tells Michael he hates that things went down this way. “This is exactly what you wanted,” Michael accuses.

michael accuses ned of being happy carly got caught by SEC.

He reminds Ned that he confronts him and Drew about insider trading last year and assumes he tipped off the SEC.

This offends Ned, who accuses him of not knowing him at all. “I really don’t,” Michael says.

Ned thinks he’s close to saying things he can’t take back. Willow returns with BLQ as Michael rants. Ned storms out.

Carly calls in and she explains that Sonny stepped in to throw the SEC off. Willow points out that Sonny stepped up for him.

Ned complains to BLQ about Michael’s accusation but she thinks it sound in character for him.

ned complains blq

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In a warehouse, Brick corners Dex, who has a surveillance device in his hand. Sonny has been delayed so he came just in case he can’t make it.

brick corners dex

They discuss the guy who took a shot at Sonny and how he was untraceable. Sonny calls and asks Brick for a favor. While he’s distracted, Dex plants the surveillance camera.

dex cam

The Pikeman people arrive and then Sonny strolls in, eager to get the deal done.

Holly joins Anna in her room at General Hospital. She explains that Robert has contacted the WSB to look into going after Victor.

anna calls in favor

Anna worries they will need air-tight evidence to convince them Victor has a biological weapon. She’s called in a favor.

Andre Maddox arrives. Holly remembers that he was involved in one of Victor’s projects. He’s been trying to right that wrong.

Andre has the dossier about the weather machine from 40 years ago. He downloaded it for them.

andre brings dossier

Most of the dossier is redacted. Jordan bursts in and is startled to see him there.

The commissioner guesses something is up and the missing citizens have gone off on a rescue mission.

Anna explains they don’t have time to wait around for governments to handle this. They think Victor is trying to access a weapon of mass destruction.

They tell Jordan about the differences between the Cassadine brothers and how Victor seems committed to saving the world in his own evil way. The dossier shows that weather weapons were only one tactic.

holly fills jordan in

Holly points out the pathogen still hasn’t been found. She wants to call the WSB but Andre says they can’t.

Anna realizes that if the WSB was tipped off, they would likely bomb the island and kill all their friends.

jordan filled in on dossier

Anna is sure that Liesl will make things hard for Victor so they should have some time. Andre thinks that’s a risk.

Jordan doesn’t see the point in saving the world if they can’t save the people they care about.

When Jordan is left with Anna, she agrees to run interference with the WSB.

Scott arrives at the door and overhears them talking about Victor having a biological weapon.

Curtis, Laura, Valentin and Drew arrive in Greenland and remind themselves of why they are there.

drew curtis laura in greenland

Drew says it’s a small island and not more than an hour from the Haunted Star. Curtis reminds them all that they are there to rescue the hostages, not take down Victor.

As Drew and Valentin walk off to scout things out, Curtis asks Laura if this is reminding her of a more adventurous time.

greenland with curtis and laura

She’s trying to remember a time when the Cassadines weren’t cursing her life. Helena’s curses keep coming back to haunt her.

When he points out Helena is dead and she won, she laughs. He thinks they need to break the curse once and for all.

When Drew and Valentin return, they start moving and find footprints. They hear some guys walking around and hide behind some rocks.

Valentin’s phone starts ringing and the men hear them.

drew valentin rocks

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