Holly and Felicia Find Ethan as He’s Being Auctioned for Execution, Gregory Collapses, and the CCRB Come to a Decision on Chase’s Case

General Hospital recap for Monday, April 17, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Gregory offers Alexis his help, Willow asks Carly to make peace between Sonny and Michael, and Robert and Diane argue about their compromises.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Victor punished Spencer for his betrayal while Trina called her mom and the cops tried to track the Haunted Star.

Joss and Carly show up at the gatehouse. Michael and Willow tell them they need them now more than ever.

carly joss arrive at gatehouse

They explain they need help with the wedding. They’ve decided not to wait until after the transplant and want to do it tomorrow.

Carly is shocked but she and her daughter are enthusiastic about helping.

michael and willow ask carly favor

Willow asks for a word alone with Carly. Once the other two have left, Willow tells her how hard this situation is for Michael. She wants her children to have what she never did.

She wants them to have a big family. As long as Michael’s siblings are falling out with him over Sonny, she worries that could cause distance in the family. She wants Carly to make peace.

carly offers help willow

Willow doesn’t want Michael pressured but she also doesn’t want a divided family. They know that Michael drew a line in the sand over Carly, but she needs to be the one to build a bridge.

Carly promises to do her best.

Outside, Joss tells Michael that Sonny knows about her and Dex. He wasn’t happy about it or mad.

joss and michael talk sonny

They talk about Sonny doing all he can to help find Obrecht. Michael admits that when he called him, he almost sounded like his dad again.

She gives him a hug.

They return to the others. Carly hugs her son and says she’s promised to make the wedding all they both want it to be.

carly michael joss wedding plans

Once they exit, Willow tells him they are almost ready to go for the wedding.

At General Hospital, Sonny tells Robert that Anna is a survivor. Robert asks if he’s giving with one hand and taking with the other.

sonny tells robert anna a survivor

He contents him for sending Diane to circumvent the law. Sonny points out that Diane got the information they need to go after Victor.

Robert is unimpressed and leaves as Nina arrives.

robert confronts sonny about diane

She starts worrying about Willow and says they have to find her aunt as quickly as possible. She asks him not to keep her out of the loop.

She’s sure he’s doing whatever it takes.

nina asks sonny keep her in loop

He warns that she can’t unknow this. Sitting, he explains how he got information from one of Victor’s enforcers thanks to a deal Diane worked out.

sonny fills nina in on deal

Nina assures him that this hasn’t made her love him any less. He tells her to focus on the positive and do what she can to protect her daughter.

She tells him she trusts him. It’s not necessary for him to shield her. She loves and trusts him. They kiss.

sonny nina trust each other

Robert walks the halls with cups of tea and bumps into Diane. He makes a few jabs about Sonny. She tells him she’s an attorney with principles, not a consigliere.

robert and diane argue

They sit down and he complains about her being compromised by working with Sonny. She points out how many legally dubious things he does.

He claims it’s not the same. She says they don’t deal with saints but with “complicated” people.

robert and diane argue about being compromised

They discuss how he keeps delaying dinner with her. He suggests tonight. She says a lady likes advanced warning and then giggles.


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Gregory arrives at The Invader office and asks Alexis for a last favor.

gregory asks alexis favor

He brings up what’s happening on the Haunted Star and how her family is in the middle of it. She already has reporters on it.

Gregory offers his help juggling her emotions.

gregory and alexis discuss haunted star

Sitting down, she didn’t think she would ever see him again. He considered keeping his distance but decided to put everything aside because he wanted to help her.

“So you get to help me and I don’t get to help you?” she asks. He fumbles through an explanation and admits he’s missed her. He hopes she feels the same way.

She does and asks him to sit down to get to work. Before she lets him see a draft, she prompts him to tell her his story.

alexis and gregory talk story

He says it was wrong of him to dump his condition on her. She’s glad he shared. He thinks they need to put it aside and leave it private.

She’s known he’s as stubborn as her since they met. She’ll go along with this as long as he tells her if he’s getting worse.

He suddenly collapses.

Chase is startled when Brook Lynn shows up at his hearing and starts adjusting his tie. She tells him anyone would be lucky to get him back.

blq surprises chase at hearing

The committee files in and he tells BLQ he’d like her to stay. The meeting begins.

chase at hearing

Blaze shows up and announces she wants to speak up for him. She tells the committee that his true calling is as a police officer. He stood up for her and made her feel protected against her creepy manager.

blaze speaks at chase's hearing

After she sits down, they thank her and mull over Chase’s questionable choices. They wonder if he is better suited to music.

Brook Lynn leaps up to announce that no one knows where his heart is better than she does.

blq speaks for chase at hearing

She says that he cares too much. He’s not just a cop, he’s a human being. He puts his heart and soul into everything and never quits on anyone. They need someone like that enforcing the law.

When Chase is asked to speak, he says what an honor it was to serve the people of Port Charles. He will abide by whatever decision they make.

chase speaks at hearing

The committee leaves to discuss their decision.

Chase thanks Blaze. She was happy to help, gives him a hug and leaves. BLQ asks how he’s doing. He says he’ll be okay no matter what because of her.

chase tells blq how important she is

Chase thanks her for speaking out. They hold hands. The committee returns.

The CCRB have made their decision.

Off the coast of Venezuela, Felicia is staying in a hotel. Holly surprises her in her room in a maid’s disguise.

holly surprises felicia

Felicia says she looks amazing for someone who was supposed to be burned up. Holly thinks she looks great too.

The topic turns to the Ice Princess. Victor likely knows she pulled a fast one on him. Before going after him, they need to find her son and who killed Luke.

holly and felicia discuss victor

They rehash what they know. Holly knows that Ethan is somewhere on this island.

They’re eager to start the search and Felicia starts holding up dresses for her to choose.

felicia has dresses for holly

Holly and Felicia go to a club that Victor belongs to. The auctioneer informs them they are not allowed.

holly felicia in club

When they try to bribe him, he informs them they’ve made a serious mistake and a couple of goons file in. The ladies claim they do business with Victor and hand him another bribe.

He gives in and lets them stay. Holly is sure they are already closer to Ethan.

holly felicia talk their way into meeting

They all sit down for a virtual auction.

ethan up for bidding

Once it is started, a man is a hood is brought in.

man in hood at auction

The hood is taken off. It’s Ethan (played by James Ryan). They are bidding on the privilege of ending his life.

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