Lucy is Shot on the Pier, and Esme Warns Nikolas Her Father is Alive and Dangerous

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, October 18, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Cody and Britt go through Peter’s box, Victor lures Lucy onto a cruise, and Ava tells Scott she won’t divorce Nikolas.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Victor plotted to kill someone else after learning who Anna was working with and Cody agreed to a DNA test.

Outside of Kelly’s, Britt tells Cody it’s very generous of him to offer to help her sort through Peter’s things. She assures him he will have a lot to celebrate if Mac really is his dad.

britt talks secret GH

He’s lucky. Her family’s legacy will haunt her to her grave. Cody asks if she wants to unload her secret.

After pacing around, she explains she did open up to someone and then he died. The benefit of opening up was pretty short-lived.

He assures her he won’t be scared off by hearing about her family.

She wonders again why he’s so intrigued by her family relations. He gets fidgety.

cody talks dad GH

Cody suggests they are very similar. She doesn’t think you can separate yourself from the past.

They head to her room at the Metro Court. As she tidies up, they talk about what they want. He pulls her close.

britt cody find out GH

She backs off and tells him they better get back to business.

The doctor takes out the box from Peter and wonders if she should throw it out. He reminds her she won’t be able to full move on if she does that.

Sitting down, she opens it and finds random stuff like at ATM receipt, a stub from a parking garage, various keys. Cody notes one of them is for a safe deposit box.

As she wonders what could be in it, he tells her she doesn’t have to mess with what he left behind. She jokes it could contain a rubber snake. She wants to find out.

At the Metro Court, Lucy tells Victor it’s more appropriate that they meet in public. Scott walks by, scowling at them.

As they get a table, he tells her that he only has eyes for her. He flashes back to eavesdropping on her plotting with Anna.

victor seats lucy GH

She tells him how much she doesn’t want to hurt Martin. He wonders how the lawyer feels about all the new jewelry he’s been giving her.

She’s assured her beau that it’s all platonic. Victor starts making suggestions about places for them to go. He wants to take her on a cruise.

victor asks lucy cruise GH

Lucy says she will have to change if they are going out into the brisk weather. When he asks to meet her on pier 55, she reminds him someone was hooked there. He offers to send someone to bring her.

Ava joins Scott at the bar. She sees he’s staring at Victor and assures him Lucy can take care of herself. He’s more worried about her and suggests she cut ties with the Cassadines.

ava scott talk nikolas GH

She explains she’s staying with Nina and Nikolas is all alone. Scott says marriages are like vampires and you need to put a stake through their heart to end them.

Leaving the house put her in a weaker legal position. They need to file before the prince does. She tells him no one can know that Nikolas cheated on her.

It makes him mad as a hornet that she’s protecting the prince. He suggests they find someone who really deserves her. She doesn’t know what she wants.

When he spots Lucy walking off, he rushes over to ask what’s happening with Victor. She doesn’t need his help.

Victor places a call to tell someone Lucy is on the way.

He wanders over to Ava and Scott. The lawyer tells her to cut her losses with Nikolas while she can. Victor agrees with this idea and offers to make the divorce as painless as possible.

Ava claims they are not discussing divorce. Acting surprised, Victor tells her that his nephew has already made the first move.

She leaves in a fury.

victor talks about obrecht general hospital

Lucy goes to her room and changes.

ludy dresses up ignores call GH

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Valentin shows up at Anna’s and informs her that he won’t be able to help her. His father is getting rid of him. She suspects his father thinks he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

valentin warning GH

Valentin knows that his father’s offer to let him see Charlotte is likely a trap, but he misses his daughter.

He needs to do this alone. His father might not kill him, but he would kill her. It’s hard for him to leave her.

“I love you,” he says, kissing her. She’ll never forgive him if he doesn’t come back.

As soon as he’s gone, she calls someone to say Valentin is in trouble and needs their help. She tries calling Lucy and leaves a message ordering her to back down or face serious consequences.

anna calls help GH

Anna soon learns that Lucy has gone to the pier for a cruise and heads out.

Johann sneaks in and starts searching.


Johann finds Victor and informs him he took care of things at Anna’s and she’s on her way to the pier where she will be far away from Lucy.


At Wyndemere, Nikolas orders his workmen not to repair the north tower until the spring. It’s strictly off-limits for now.

niklas talks repairs GH

In the north tower, Esme talks to her baby about being trapped there together. She is determined to find a way out.

esme trapped GH

Nikolas shows up with food. She hates milk and starts reminding him of how they made this baby and talks about her needs.

He hasn’t forgotten all of her low-down dirty moves. She reminds him his wife attempted to kill her. As he heads for the door, she grabs a candelabra and goes for him.

He backs her off and stops himself from attacking her. Nikolas reminds her that the only people who want her are the PCPD. Their baby will get the finest nannies in the world, but she’s expendable.

nikolas yells at esme GH

He wonders if keeping her there will stop all the hook attacks. She protests that she’s innocent. Nikolas repeats that no one will miss her.
“That’s where you’re wrong. My father knows I’m alive,” she tells him.

That stops him in his tracks. He accuses her of lying. She says her daddy would not be happy with how he is treating her.

Nikolas reminds her that she claimed to be an orphan. Esme admits she played fast and loose with the facts. Her biological father is alive and a very powerful man.

The Cassadine doesn’t know how he can believe her, but she warns him this could get ugly. He repeats that it will be up to him whether she gets tossed off the tower or to the wolves once she’s had the baby.

After he walks out, she cries that she’s a prisoner stuck with Ava’s tacky taste in art. Getting inspired, she wires a painting to the door.


Downstairs, Ava shows up and confronts Nikolas for keeping secrets from her.


Valentin gets on the Cassadine yet, calling Anna to say he will be with her in spirit.


Lucy arrives on the pier. No one is there. She calls Victor to ask where the boat. When she turns, she recognizes someone and asks why they are there. They shoot her.

Lucy shot GH