Esme Tells Heather She’s Dead to Her and Will Never See Her Baby, and Liz Gets Immunity, Telling the Cops About Helping Keep Esme Captive

General Hospital recap for Monday, February 27, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Trina tells Joss how supportive Spencer has been, Laura urges Spencer to do the wise thing, and Austin tells Ava not to let Ryan win.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Esme stated regaining her memory, Dex & Joss decided to take Sonny down, and Heather confessed to the cops.

In her office, Jordan talks to someone on the phone about Nikolas never reporting his attack. She requests a search warrant for the prince’s place.

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Curtis arrives. She thought he was headed for Tuscany. He informs her there will be no honeymoon.

The honeymoon and reception were great but then Trina showed up “hot as fish grease” and it turns out that she might be his daughter.

She offers to talk about this some time when she’s not busy. He just wants to know if she’s sorry for stirring the pot and leaving him in the dark.

GH recaps

Jordan begged Portia to come clean but she wouldn’t budge. She admits that she’s suspected this for two years. Portia kept brushing over her questions.

He wonders if she told Stella her suspicions to blow up his wedding. Jordan insists that if she wanted to interfere, she would have said something months ago.

jrdan defends self curtis GH recaps

She says no one set out to hurt him. He doesn’t know what to do. Trina doesn’t want to talk to him. Jordan asks if there’s even be a DNA test.

She gets a text and has to get back to work. Before she goes, she tells him to make sure Trina knows she can count on him.

At the PCPD, Liz calls Finn and tells him she’s worried the authorities will take back their offer of immunity if they find out what she did.

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She gets off the line as Scott arrives. He tells her this could all fall through if she doesn’t give the ADA what they want.

Molly arrives, having been assigned to this case. She hands Liz and Scott some paperwork to sign.

The interview starts and Liz explains that Esme was held captive by Nikolas.

molly liz deal GH recaps

She details how she discovered Esme at Wyndemere. She and the prince thought she was the hook killer. They kept her there to protect the baby and prevent more killings.

When the killings started again, she wanted Esme released. Nikolas refused but Esme escaped. It’s a miracle she survived.

The nurse has no idea where Nikolas is now. Molly thanks her. They’ll let her know if they need to speak to her again. The immunity stands.

molly dante deal GH recaps

Liz isn’t sure she deserves it. Molly exits.

Dante commends Liz for coming forward and owning her mistakes. He joins Molly and they fill Jordan in.

Molly has to recuse herself because Nikolas is he cousin. She suggests they search Spoon Island.

Meanwhile, Scott tells Liz she did a great job. She’s not feeling any better and is sure the book will be thrown at Nikolas.




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At General Hospital, Spencer asks Laura where his father is. She doesn’t think he should be shouldering this himself.

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He beats himself for letting Ryan use him as a weapon against his own father. When she repeats he’s not to blame, she snaps.

He was the one who opened the door to Esme. She thinks that would have happened anyway but he points out it did happen thanks to him.

Tearing up, he worries that his relationship with his father may be unsalvageable. He doesn’t even know if he really wanted revenge on Ava.

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Now Esme has lost her memory and he’ll never know what really happened.

His grandmother thinks he’s been trying to make amends and could become a great person some day. He needs to stop blaming and feeling sorry for himself.

She urges him to think before he acts. It takes time to do the wise thing. Right now, they need to think of the baby.

Laura tells him to take care of himself so he can take care of his brother. She repeats he’s not responsible for what happened. He still blames himself for Nikolas leaving.

A guard brings Heather into Esme’s room. They leave them alone. Heather is happy to hear it was a baby boy and tells her about Steven Lars.

esme tells heather she had a boy GH recaps

She tells her the baby can now move on to brighter things like meeting his grammy.

Esme says she will never see her. Heather tells her it’s okay not to feel like a natural mother. She urges her not to waste this time.

Heather claims she always kept an eye on her from afar. She explains how she plans to work the system so they can be together at Spring Ridge.

“I will be an excellent grandmother,” Heather promises.

Esme says that will never happen. This is the last time they will see each other and she will never get anywhere near her baby.

She calls in the guards and Heather insists she was only trying to protect her. “My father is dead and as far as I’m concerned, my mother is dead too,” Esme says.

When the guards drag Heather out, she spots Laura and blames her for all of this. She’s denying them the chance to be grammies together.

heather furious GH recaps

As Laura rails at Heather, Spencer sneaks into Esme’s room. He tells her he will look after her baby while she’s in prison.


Back in the corridor, Heather screams at Laura that she hasn’t seen the last of her and she better be careful.

heather freaks out on laura GH recaps

Ava stops by Austin’s room to see him. He’s feeling like a winner after surviving. They’re still breathing so they’re champs.

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She’s not feeling victorious. Ryan manipulated her into killing Nikolas. Austin thinks she’s giving him too much credit.

Ava goes on about how manipulated she was. He knows she’s been pushed to the edge. She vents about being gaslit and the price she’ll have to pay.

ava austin talk GH recaps

The doctor urges her not to let Ryan win. She tells him the cops are already asking questions. He tells her they can go back to Wyndemere to move the body when he gets out.

austin hospital bed GH recaps

Finn interrupts and tells him he will be fine once he heals up. He tells Ava he’s sorry to hear that Nikolas skipped town.

She asks after Liz and wonders where she is. He doesn’t know.

Once he’s gone, she shuts the door and tells Austin they are out of time. She says the entire PCPD is about to descend on Spoon Island looking for Nikolas.

Joss bursts into Trina’s dorm room and babbles about Heather being the hook killer and the nightmare being over. Trina is sure another one is starting.

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She explains that her dad might not be her dad. Portia has been lying to her for her whole existence.

“I’m so sorry,” says Joss. Trina insists that Taggert will always be her dad. She’s scared about what all this means for her family.

Taking her hands, Joss tells her that her mom did wrong but she loves her. She promises to have her back and they hug.

Trina explains she was with Spencer when she learned all this. She doesn’t know what she would have done if she wasn’t with him.

joss trina talk spencer GH recaps

Joss giggles when her friend tells her that she kisses Spencer. She’s happy she’s happy but hopes she’ll take things slow.

Trina only has so much room in her brain right now for romance.

When Joss leaves, Curtis shows up.

curtis angry with jordan GH recaps

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