Esme is Rushed to the Hospital, Britt is Attacked, Heather is the Hook, and Joss and Dex Have Sex

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, January 3, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Dex rescues Joss again, Dante doubts himself, Liz has a crises of conscience, and Carly and Drew celebrate together.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where the hook stalked Britt’s party and went after Joss, Esme started a fire and jumped off the parapet, and Michael proposed to Willow.

Dante and Sam are at Kelly’s having cocoa. He wanted to ring in the new year doing something else.

san with dante GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Dex wanders in and Dante asks him how the job working for his father is.

Dex asks things are fine. Dante knows how he got his bruises and asks if he wants to change his story.

Dex walks out.

Sam asks the cop if he is trying to build a case against his father. He says Joss wasn’t totally wrong about his father.

He’s struggling with knowing what he did to Dex. He can remember being an optimistic cop like Chase.

She assures him he is still a good cop; strong, fair, and compassionate.

He’s not sure what justice looks like when applied to his father.

Dante vents about his father’s persistent choice to be a mob boss and everyone hypocritically treating him as a leading citizen.

She thinks he’s the lesser of evils.

He thinks that applying the law to some and not others is the definition of injustice and a betrayal of his badge.

dante sam talk justice GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sam thinks he’s done his duty and loving his father doesn’t get in the way. That he’s so worried about this, just shows what a decent guy he is.

He thanks her for helping him see things clearly.

Britt heads to the pier and shivers with her bags. She gets a text saying her ride won’t arrive for ten minutes.

britt waits for her boat to leave Port Charles GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She sits and watches the fireworks. As she flashes back to saying goodbye to her mother, the boat pulls up.

The hook chases Joss around the pier. She trips.

joss attacked GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She fights her back and they chase each other around. After the hook knocks her down again, she’s about to strike when Britt knocks them over.

The hook goes for her, grabs her by the throat and is about to strike when Dex pops up and takes a shot.

britt attacked general hospital recap

The hook is grazed but runs off. Dex helps Joss up.

She starts thanking Britt, who points out they would be toast if not for Dex. She wishes he’d taken another shot at the hook.

dex saves joss again with britt general hospital recap

When she wants to call the cops, he says they need to take a second.

Moments later, the cops arrive and find Britt alone.

She tells them about seeing the hook and whacking them with her bag. She claims the woman they were attacking took off before she could see them.

Dex takes Joss back to his place. He gives her a scotch to calm down.

dex at home with joss after hook attack GH recap

She tells him she owes him for saving her life. He says she doesn’t owe him anything.

Joss thinks they should have stayed to give the cops a statement.

He points out they couldn’t have done anything to identify the hook. Besides, he shot them with the gun that Sonny gave him.

There is nothing they can tell the cops that would be useful. He grabbed the shellcasing and explains it either went into the hook or the water.

She’s not thrilled he’s thinking about protecting Sonny.

He says that what happens between them is personal, not business.

Joss says he’s always there when she almost dies. He was afraid he’d never get to kiss her again.

They kiss and then have sex on the couch.

dex and joss kissing GH recap SoapsSpoilers


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On the Haunted Star, Maxie congratulates herself on on how the party went. Obrecht is sure she cherished every moment.

Carly shows up and notices the party is over.

Carly late for britt's party GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Drew trails in a few minutes later. They are surprised he didn’t run into Carly on the way.

Drew is sorry he didn’t get the chance to tell Britt how much he admires her. He’s sure Liesl must be proud of the brave lady she raised.

drew at Britta's party GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Once he’s gone, the ladies discuss the children they had with horrible fathers.

Liesl thanks her for throwing the party. She never realized she longed for a birthday party as a child.

She wishes she’d made different choices as a mother. Now Nathan is gone and Britt is…

Maxie assures her she can see the love she shares with her daughter and that’s all that matters.

maxie with liesl GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Liesl admires what a good mother Maxie is. She thinks Nathan would be proud of her.

Nathan gave Maxie a feeling of security. She rushed to fill that void. If she ever finds the right man again, she will never forget about Nathan.

maxie loves nathan still general hospital recap

Obrecht knows and is grateful they are still in each other’s lives.

Maxie asks her to stop beating herself up about Britt and points out she turned out well.

Left alone, Obrecht sings “Happy Birthday” until Britt pops up.

britta returns to her mom GH recap SoapsSpoilers

She pours them a toast to drink to the New Year.

When Obrecht asks her to take off her coat, she notices the dress is torn and she’s bleeding.

Britt gets hooked and poisoned by heather GH recaps

Britt collapses.

Carly and Drew meet on the pier and kiss to celebrate the new year.

drew and carly sneak around and kiss GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

They remember when they met on the bridge last year. Talking together was so easy and real.

He finally saw that a positive future was possible by looking in her eyes.

She remembers that night as the first time she wasn’t choking on anger with Sonny. It was so good to laugh with him because she never thought she would be happy again.

She regained herself and he was a huge part of that.

A year ago, she couldn’t imagine they would be here now.

drew carly NYE GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

They kiss and then he announces he brought champagne.

There’s something she’d like more but for the moment, they toast and promise to meet somewhere private and warm really soon.

He toasts to them having many more New Year’s together.

Spencer and Trina are on the deck, congratulating themselves on making PDAs. They are sure people will soon think they are a couple.

sprina hug GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

They chat about Britt and how he used to think she would be the perfect step-mother. She really got him.

In a way, he’s glad they never made it down the altar because they would have inevitably broken up.

She thinks he always expects the worse and tells him there is still something good to hold onto.

When she says that, he almost believes it.

As they get close to kissing, they hear someone shivering.

trina and spencer almost kiss general hospital recap

It’s a soaking Esme.

She collapses and they notice she’s pregnant. He thinks she has hypothermia.

esme passed out general hospital recap

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Liz that Esme set a fire and disappeared, diving off the turret.

nik yells that esme jumped off the turrett GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He searched the shore but there is no sign of her. She’s done it before and survived.

Liz points out it wasn’t January and she wasn’t pregnant.

The nurse starts listing all the crimes they have committed.

He insists the crimes don’t matter because no one will ever know about them.

She starts beating herself up and says she can’t pretend none of this happened.

liz nikolas secret GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Spencer calls from the hospital to tell her Esme is back and being treated for hypothermia.

Maxie shows up at Kelly’s and sits down with Sam. She guesses that Dante got called off to work.

At General Hospital, Spencer and Trina wonder who the father of Esme’s baby is.

spencer tells trina baby is not his GH recap

Dante comes over and they tell him what happened.

Nikolas and Liz are there.

A doctor comes out to say that Esme will recover fine. The cop goes off to question her.

Spencer is sure his father is there with an alternative motive and asks what it is.

In Esme’s room, Dante looks at her stuff and notices she had a Christmas ornament.

He wakes her up and asks what happened.

esme in the hospital GH recap SoapsSpoilers

Back on the docks, the hook stumbles around and takes off their mask. It’s Heather.

heather is the hook serial killer GH recap SoapsSpoilers

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